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Housing in Grafenwoehr Area

We are moving to Grafenwoehr in early May and I was wondering if anyone could let me know how the housing is there. We were debating whether to live on or off post, that is if living off post is even an option right now. I've been told that housing quarters for senior enlisted families were just remodeled. I wouldn't mind living on post if the housing units were updated and spacious. And if we did live off post, which surrounding town/area would be best? I've never been to that area so any insight would be wonderful!!!

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Hello S.,
My name is A. and I live in Graf housing. I have not seen the senior enlisted housing but I live in the new Netzaberg housing area. THe houses are nice and there a different floor plans. I have a 4 story including the basement. In the basement there is a huge laundry room I have a large dog kennel in there and could easily fit a piec of exercise equipment in it. There is a tiny room nest to it I use for storage and then anothe across the hall that is my husbands man room. On the main floor there is a small but nice kitchen, an entryway with a 1/4 bath, the dining room and living room combo, on the second floor is 3 bedrooms, two are not bad sizes, one is small but works great for an office, and a huge bathroom with dual sinks and a seperate shower and tub.The third floor is the master suite it is good size but odd shaped with all of the angeled ceilings. The bath is small with only one sink and a shower but it works out for us. There is also an attic above the masters. The yards vary ours is small but we have the playground right out the gate so that is a bonus, however there are homes with large yards. I hope this helps any questions please feel free to ask.

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My cousin lives in Grafenwoehr, She said her housing is awesome. She told me that they have European and American plugs and huge closets! I'm in The Netherlands and I wish I had ONE closet LOL She said you can tell they were just remodeled I'm not sure if off base housing is an option but she just got there so I'm not sure she would know either. I hope I was of at least some help :)

Hi S., my name is S. and me my husband and my 7 years old just moved to Graf from Hanau GE. We are leaving in a brand new housing called Nezamberg and we love it! Soon we are going to have a shoppette, a gas station and elementary school in here too. I don't know much about off post housing but you can always call the housing office in here and they will let you know about everything. Do you know that sometimes you can sign for housing up to two months prior to PCS? You may want to look into that too. Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi S.-

I've lived here in Graf for 6 years and I love it. If you get the choice live off post. My husband is senior enlisted but off post housing I'm told it's no matter. It's great to be around the german's and it's quiet. I know that Netzaberg has opened but to me its way too big and too many people. I like living in a small neighborhood with German's around me. My house is like the one's in Netzaberg except I have 3 floors. On post housing there is only 1 floor. To me the off post houses are bigger. The basement is really big and could be a good play area for your baby when he get's bigger. There is plenty of storage.
The town's around Graf are all nice and have many things to offer. There is Kemenath, Kaltenbrunn, Hutten, Weiden, Pressath, Eschenbach to name a few for you to look up on the web. Hope this help and early welcome to Graf.
Take care and any thing else you need to know let me know.

You will most likely get housing in the new Netzaberg housing development. The houses are brand new, spacious, have fenced in yards, and are very nice. I live in a 3 bedroom right now. The houses are considered built to lease, and are off-post, but have immediate access on post.
We lived off post in private rental for a year before moving here. We did not like it. But that was our experience. I know that others have had wonderful experiences. I've heard it both ways from all people. I am not sure about the current status on living off post in private rental. I know for awhile it was closed, and they were not longer doing new private rentals.
I think it is worth living in the government provided living quarters... but again, its just my personal opinion.

hi, this is jenn, i live in vilseck (off post in sorghof) and work in graf, at the clinic. the newest off post housing is Netzaburg. its wide open. and so new that the cement is still drying so ASK FOR IT!! its amazing. its 3 levels, 21 different floor plans or something crazy like that. fenced yard, garage, VERY spacious! so i recommend that. you can't live on post in graf at all so off post is the only way to go. its gov. housing but off post. so don't worry about having to pay the euro. there are other areas too, like schwarzenbach and Kaltenbrunn, Do NOT let them put you in kaltenbrunn. lots of mold problems and they are older. but thats a somewhat nice area and away from post a bit. netzaburg is right outside of post and there is only one way on and one way off and thats through post til they open up the road to eschenbach the connecting town. its not so bad here anymore, we have a brand new as of Sept 07, PX, Commissary, Gym, Dining facility, and a few new schools on the way. they are under construction now. so we are building up fast. its nice. not too much to do, but we are close to a lot of other cities. if you need my email for any other info, let me know!!

I have been living here over 4 years and Grafenwoehr has great housing. They just opened up the Netzaberg community which is on post but not right where everything else is but still close. That is your best bet or Hutten is close to post and has nice housing. If they offer you Weiden it is further away but also nice. If you don't have school age children it may not be as big a deal to be on post. The only small housing is right on post, but from what I hear it is still nicer than other posts here in Germany. I live in Weiden and love it but we are a 20 minute drive away.

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