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Hourly for Babysitter in Western Burbs

A friend of mine from work is going to have her daughter come over and help babysit my 2 kids ages 1 and almost 4. I have no idea how much to pay her b/c it has been years since I babysat. Please advise!

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We live in Lockport and have 4 children ranging in age from 2 yrs. old to 11. We have 2 regular sitters and they both charge us $10.00 per hour. Many times we will give "extra". Both girls are in high school, with baby-sitting experience. I know the one girl also babysits for our neighbor who has 2 kids and she pays her considerably less, like $2.00 or so per hour!

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I teach 8th grade in Downers Grove and I constantly ask my students what they get for babysitting. It seems as though the consensus is somewhere in the $7-$10 an hour range and more if there are more than a couple kids.

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It depends on how old the sitter is and how much experience she has. If she's in middle school/junior high, I usually pay $5. If she's over 16 (and can get a regular part time job at min. wage) then I'd give her $7. If she's older and has actual nanny experience, I would go with something like $10-$12.

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Hi, I pay $7/hr. for my 4 yr old's sitter. $20 minimum and I tip extra for gas money if she drives her anywhere. The rule of thumb used to be 1/2 as much for a second child (but it's been awhile for me on that one too). So for two kids I would pay 10.50/hr......But I live in Plainfield and so Downers area likely will be more. Also, if it's for evening, I tip extra if we're home after 11pm and she successfully gotten her to bed.

I would definitely ask your friend's daughter what her rate is, perhaps she's babysat for someone recently and will be expecting the same amount. If she's had any experience babysitting she won't hesitate to tell you exactly what her rate is :-) (young business woman in the making)!

I have a 10-yr-old next door who sometimes comes over to 'just hang out' and play with my daughter while I'm home, and she's thrilled to get two dollars plus snacks for a whole afternoon, so it depends.

I'll be interested to hear what others are paying, hopefully I'm not way-off because my sitter is wonderful!



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I'll be so interested to hear what other people are paying...I keep wondering if we pay too much.

Wheaton College students usually begin at $10/hr (for one child), but they aren't too demanding about pushing for more than that.

Young girls (11-13yrs) who come over to act as "Mother's Helper" (you are home, but in other areas of the house) usually get around $5/hr around here.

I don't have experience with teenage babysitters. But I've heard that if you are leaving the house, the babysitter gets closer to $10/hr.

HOWEVER, the young girls (10-12) love being with babies! Since she is a friends of the family, are you sure she expects to be paid? Sometimes, these girls just want the opportunity to come play with babies. Just feed her lunch!

(I remember getting paid $1/hr -- for taking care of 2 kids!)

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D., I had this same concern when my daughter and I relocated to Illinois. And let's face it, if you are anything like me and would prefer to do the shopping and oil change without worrying about your kids getting restless while maintaining your sanity; baby sitting can be expensive.

I actually couldn't find any teenagers because the referrals were highly involved in after school activities. So I started networking with other single or SAHM's and began trading baby sitting services, which has worked out perfectly. One single mother that my daughter likes loves to go out in the city so I will watch her son over night so she is free to go out and we don't have to worry about her waking us up to pick him up. We can call each other for any need, hair and medical appointments, etc.

And when I need to go shopping, my daughter is excited to go play at her house. If you don't know any other mothers (married or divorced/single), try joining a professional women's group near you at meetup.com to start building relationships with another mother/family, you and your kids will trust and can exchange playdates for FREE. This avenue will allow you to arrange fun activities for them at no cost to you and the kids are having fun.

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