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Hospital Experiences: American Fork Versus Timpanogos Regional

So I'm 3 months pregnant and am under the care of the Mt Timp Women's Health Center nurse midwives, who I really like. I've got the choice to deliver at either AF Hospital or the Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem. I'm in Provo, so Orem is closer, but I've heard a lot more about AF. The nurses prefer AF because it's closer, so I think they're biased a little (and I don't blame them!). So, if you've delivered at either (or both!) would you give me a review. Obviously at this point I'm assuming a normal, vaginal birth. I tend toward more natural birthing, but haven't done a whole lot of research on that.

Thanks, all!

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I delivered my first at American Fork and had a great experience. I would have delivered my second but my doctor only delivered at IMC. (I also had a good experience there.)

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I've delivered 3 babies at American Fork and had a great experience each time. My sister delivered at Timp and really seemed to like it as well. You might consider taking a tour of each hospital to get a better feel for them and help in your decision. You also might want to consider where the midwives feel more comfortable as well. If they are less stressed and feel comfortable they will do a better job.

Hi J.!

I have been going to MTWHC since I was still in my early teens and then used the CNM when I started having my kiddos (3) and LOVE them all!! I picked Timp Regional because I REFUSE to go to AF Hospital. My Mom was almost killed there twice by 2 different nurses during 2 different stays...although not in the "Womens center". I live in Lehi and ALWAYS go to Timp Regional for ANY kind of hospital visit. I LOVE their birthing rooms and recovery rooms. The nurses are amazing!! I always tell everyone to go there.

I hope you will grow to love both the CNM at MTWHC and which ever hospital you choose. =) Good luck with your pregnancy!!

I delivered my first at American Fork and had a great experience. I would have delivered my second but my doctor only delivered at IMC. (I also had a good experience there.)

I had both my girls are AF and loved it there! Now that I've moved to Logan and pregnant again, I'm hoping that this hospital is just as great. I haven't heard much about Timpanogos, but the advice on taking a tour is great. Good Luck!

I heard that AF was awesome but insurance made me go to Timp. Turned out awesome. I delivered way early (surprise!), before anyone was really prepared, but it was a fantastic experience. Timp is a great hospital, just not quite as well-known as AF.

Also, my baby ended up being in the NICU for 3 1/2 weeks, but despite the stress from that, the staff was amazing. And it made a HUGE difference that the hospital was close (I'm in Orem). The closer the better! With two good hospitals to choose from, I'd go with the closer one. Good luck!

I was in the same boat, and I also was using the midwives from Mt. imp Women's Health Center. Take a tour of both hospitals. Make a list of whats important to you and see how each hospital does with that list. I was a little skeptical of Af at first because i thought I wanted to be in one room for the entire thing. I ended up choosing American Fork because it was the closest (5minutes away) and our baby was due in January and in case of a snowstorm we wanted to be close to the hospital. I went to the hospital on a bright sunny day after a snowstorm:)
I loved my experience at AF (well not the birth but thats another complicated story:) But the nurses and staff were amazing through everything. I felt comfortable with them and i ended up loving that we got to recover in a different room. the rooms are nice. I felt that the nurses were very accommodating, like when we didn't want our daughter to leave the room even to get weighed, they brought the scale in. I had nurses make me special ice packs and warm blankets. They were just awesome.
Good luck with everything. It's an adventure., Congrats too!
I would just suggest that as time goes by you and your husband create a birth plan. Have plan A which would be ideally how everything would go but make plans B,C, D etc, in case. Like what do we want to have happen if certain interventions become necessary. Read about your options. You can't plan for everything but try to plan for as much as you can think of so you don't have to try and make a decision mid-labor!

I think the general consensus amongst the local doulas is that American Fork is the better choice. Especially if you want to try going without medication. Oh and hire a doula, she can answer all these questions for you and guide you through the rest of your journey!!!

I delivered at Timp recently. I loved it. The nursing staff was great and everyone was really nice. The room was nice and big. Before I delivered at UVRMC and that was nice but this was better.

I delivered my last son in AF hospital and I had to have an emergency C section. It was one of the wonderful nurses at AF that found the problem. My little guy could have been born with major problems or even dead but I am so glad that the nurse caught it. Since I had to have the C section I stayed in the hospital for three days and the beds were very uncomfortable. Not a big deal. I have never been hospitalized at Timp but I have had tests run there and it seemed fine. I know a lady that works in the nursery and I also know another one who works in the mommy and me program and they are both very nice. I would just suggest that you take a tour of each.

My second baby was born at Timp and I liked it just fine. I had no problems with the hospital or staff. We had the option between AF and Provo for our 3rd baby and the main reason we went with Provo was distance (we are in Provo). Consider how it may be for your husband if he has to travel back and forth between the hospital, home, work, or school, on little to no sleep with possibility of bad weather. There is always something we forget to bring to the hospital and my husband has to make at least one trip back home. :)
I hope you have a great experience no matter what you choose!

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