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Horrible Headaches During Pregnancy. Any Suggestions on What to Do?

I have these horrible headaches and I do not know what to do. It's not my blood pressure, I drink plenty of water, I get a lot of rest and relaxation...so I do not understand where this is coming from and why it won't go away.

It will last for days and I get them every three weeks or so. This one in particular I have had since Saturday evening. Can someone please give me suggestions as to what to do? My doctor told me that I can take Motrin (I'm not in my last trimester) but it's getting to the point that they do not work. So with that being said I am not opposed to taking medication. Any suggestions (even without any medicine) would be so much help. Thank you.

I wanted to add...I drank a small cup of coffee yesterday and it went away! I just don't want to make a habit of it. I'm trying to research some preventive measures I can take so it just doesn't start :-)

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Well, thank goodness the headaches have stopped. The only thing that worked was letting time progress. It was probably the stage I was in my pregnancy that brought on the headaches. That's for your answers!

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Check the type of lighting sources you are in. I got terrible headaches with both of my pregnancies (which is actually not that uncommon) and would lose my vision periodically with my second. After a complete workup that revealed no problems, my doctor suggested that I not work in flourescent lighting - so I got soft-light desk lamps for work and turned off the overhead lights (he actually advised using a visor but realistically I could not do that at work...in a suit!). For me it was definitely triggered at least partially by light and I tried to use only natural or very soft light whenever possible. This made a big difference and I never had problems losing my vision after that (which is a type of migraine), although I would sometimes get a headache (but not as bad).
Also, did you drink or ingest lots of caffeine prior to being pregnant? You might be going through caffeine withdrawal. If you are, you should talk to your doctor about putting some caffeine back in your diet safely. Even if you never took caffeine before, this may help you. But check with your doctor because there is lots of controversy with caffeine and pregnancy.

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I had the same problem when I was pregnant with my daugher. It was hormonal. Want to know what worked. Magnesium. I took magnesium supplements which is suggested for women with PMS. It helps to keep your hormone levels at a more stable amount limiting the headaches. I had them every 4 weeks like when I would get my period. I would take the magnesium for a couple days before I would be expecting the headache and it worked. My midwife o.k.'ed me taking the pills, but talk to your doctor about it before hand.

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I suffered migraines throughout both of my pregnancies. They were awful and would last days at a time. Like you, I did not take meds. I found taking warm baths with a non-scented candle burning (my only light in the room) would help. I also highly recommend the cool packs designed for headaches. You just peel off the backing and put it on your head. Not exactly a great fashion statement, but it does offer relief. The migraines eventually settled down into very mild headaches...something I could certainly deal with more than the migraines.
Hope this helps. Oh - and my migraines went away once my children were born.

I also got terrible migrane headaches with my pregnancy, my doctor had me drink a cup of coffee with one Tylenol and it would go away. But to be safe my doctor had me see a neurologist, and he said it was hormones.

i got them horribly at the beginning of each pregnancy, really only for around 3 weeks. tylenol worked for me. hope you feel better quick :)

You may be dehydrated. I get headaches (pregnant or not) and most of the time it's b/c I didn't drink enough during the day.

First of all stop taking the Motrin! I can't believe your OB said it was ok, because it's not! Then I would suggest you have at least one caffienated drink a day. Most likely it's withdrawal from that causing the headaches. Good luck. I used to get back headaches from the morning sickness with my first pregnancy. That was just from the pressure of getting sick.

Sounds like the caffeine helps so take some (Coke, coffee, chocolate - whatever you enjoy most) in the morning or whenever you have a headache. A little caffeine won't hurt - I used to drink 1/2 a can of Coke at work everyday to perk me up in the late morning. The sugar and caffeine would be like a fix! Also, try a soft ice pack. Those always help.

I had the same problem with my second pregnancy. I noticed the headaches came like my period would have had I not been pregnant. My doctor told me to take two extra strength tylenol and drink a 20 oz. bottle of Coke. She said that most of the medication that really hels heaaches contains caffeine, so try the coke. It worked every time and it was not harmful to the baby!! Good Luck!!

Hi, T.

I had migraines with both of my kids as well as after having them. Everything Amy said is right. I just wanted to add to be careful with what you eat. I learned that when I ate chocolate the migraines would be even worst. As well I loved to drink Pepsi and when I stop drinking the caffeine I would cry from the pain. So just try to see if something your eating my be causing it.

I had a TERRIBLE headache with my last pregnancy. It was the worse headache I've ever experienced. It was this constant pounding on the top of my head. It was so bad, I couldn't sleep. I had to stay home from work for two days. And, when I got rid of it, it lingered, slightly, for another week. I had my doctor prescribe me Tylonel with caffiene because that helps to take away migraine headaches. I get migraines, and this one wasn't a migraine, but that medication helped a bunch!

Good luck, and I'm sorry to hear about your headache. I hope it's cleared itself up by now!

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