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Horrible Diaper Rash with Teething

Has anyone experienced terrible diaper rash when their baby was teething? My almost nine month old has a blistered bottom even though I change very often, allow her bottom to air out, and use copious amounts of desitin and butt paste. It seems to only appear when she is having teething pain.

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Thanks to everyone for their advice. I had to take my daughter to the pediatrician for a terrible upper resp. infection thanks to sick kids at daycare. The pediatrician said it was due to teething. Now that the tooth has finally cut through, the rash is gone. Leaving the diaper open and soaking in the tub seemed to work the best. Thanks again!!!!

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My son is the same way but I just alternate what diapers I use to see if he has different reactions to different brands. I also use Aquaphor Eucerin Jelly on his butt, it helps a lot. His rashes get so bad they bleed, but the stuff I use seems to work really well. Its just spendy. Good Luck!

What i did for the diaper rash do to teething and if b/c of juice and this does work put on cloth diapers till the rash goes away and if anything just do it till it goes away but i like cloth better than i do diapers so this is how i did it but i used cloth diapers and gerber EZ-covers and now i can't find them in stores but you can go on line and find other brands like at babiesrus.com and just look and they have some good ones. I hope this helps out.
IF anything i am a mom of 5 and i am a stay at home mom and my hubby is miltary. plus i am a mom of a set of twins. also i am 24.

all of my children have bad skin. when i took them to my doctor for the same thing, I was told to use bag balm. you can buy it in any farm or vet store. i know it sounds off the wall but moms have been using it for ages. it works great. it is really good for kid with sensitive skin

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she might have a yeast infection. if regular diaper rash ointments aren't working, try an otc yeast cream. baby gold bond medicated powder will help clear up the raw spots.

My son had what i thought was a diaper rash that wouldnt go away, i showed it to ped and found out it was a yeast infection, i used an anitfungal cream, over the counter, and it cleared up pretty fast. kristina

I so know where you are coming from!!!! For a long time now, my daughter has had horrible rashes on her bottom....Trust me, I change them often too. I did narrow a lot of hers down to an allergy to strawberries. But what are you to do because she loves them!!!! Anything that has strawberry in it breaks her out!!!! You can just smell it when she has a bowel movement that is so acidic. I am still battling this with her and she is now 25 months. I know when she was younger she couldn't eat the banana strawberry baby food or the peaches!!! It would always make her have the sick bowel movement!!!! She still to this day cannot drink orange juice or even eat an orange.

I thought that I have tried everything with her!!! But, I have never heard of the mylanta.....trust me I will be getting some when I go to the store!!! Anything to help!!! It gets so bad that she screams, locks her legs together, and hardly will even let me clean her off!!!! The Butt Paste has been the best that I have found!! But still does not take care of it fast enough!!! Really think about the foods......anything acidic will have a effect!!!! GOOD LUCK!!! And please keep me in mind and let me know if you discover something else....LET ME KNOW!!!!! PM ME!!!!

Ok my daughter had it so bad that even some of the pastes would sting. Then my doctor told me I could try to sit her in some warm water with baking soda in it. It drew the pain, redness and dried it up almost over night! Then also I ordered some stuff called Dyprotex. It comes in individual lil tubs with a sponge applicator. It didn't sting and it is the best stuff when it is severe. You use this little sponge applicator to dab it on. You dont use your hands to put it on because this stuff does not come off easy. It is the best stuff to clear and protect I found. My doctor gave me some perscription ointment, and it didn't help it much at all. I did try the Mylanta, but you have to let it sit for a while a pour off the liquid part on top and use the thicker white stuff that sits on the bottom. I still prefer the baking soda and Dyprotex.

When I breastfed my daughter, she had diaper rash so bad that she was bleeding. We were told by a nurse to soak her butt in baking soda (it doesn't burn) and then pat her dry and use athlete foot cream (we used the generic at walmart) and I couldn't believe how good it worked. She usually cleared up over night. As for teething, we used "teething tablets" they disolve in the mouth and are herbal so there is not risk of overdose.

Hi J.,

I know exactly what you mean about the rash. It is horrible what those little ones go through while teething. My doctor recommended an over the counter product called "Triple Paste". I had to buy it at CVS but it was a miracle cure and she had it something awful!
If all else fails you may look into having that on hand to give it a try too! I hope it gets better...

Both my older daughter and twins would get terrible diaper rash when they were teething as well. First we used aquaphorine/maylox mixture but didn't work well. Then our doctor told us to use 1 part antibotic cream 1 part 2% hydrocortisone cream and 1 part lamsil cream(yes foot cream) mix it together and put it on the babies bottom in the morning and night. It worked wonders it cleared up in a day. I would destin in between changings. I swore by it. You can use the generic brands it doesn't matter just use all three equal part. Try it and I don't think you regret it.
Oh by the way we only used pamper bay dry for all three kids. We never had an issue with diaper.

Hi J.!

Don't beat yourself up about it, it's very common for babies to get diaper rashed while teething. :) My son is not prone to diaper rashes, but he has been teething lately and we had a couple spring up. Usually butt paste or "triple paste" clears it up. If it has bumps like a yeast rash, try tinactin (sp) for athlete's foot. I'm going to write down some of these other remedies for my own information! :) Good luck.

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