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Homeschooling a 3 Year Old

Any advice on starting a cuuriculum for my 3 year old. I'm a SAHM and our budget is slim, right now I can't afford to get him into half day preschool. The least expensive I've found is $95 a week. So I've been seriously thinking of homeschooling him. What advice, websites and curriculum can be beneficial and easy to teach. Thanks moms

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wait until he's at least 4 or 5.
at 3 he is still learning by play. they learn A LOT by plat at this age.

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I agree with the others read, play, work on colors, shapes, alphabet and maybe some easy sight words. At that age he does not need much more than that.

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I don't think you really need a curriculum for a 3 year old.

Play Doh, read to child, go to park. Play, Play, Play.

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Don't "homeschool" him. Play with him. Have a daily schedule that he can count on. It doesn't mean that you have to do the same thing every day, but it also means there is STRUCTURE. Kids need structure, and they have that at preschool. It prepares them for the structure in kindergarten.

Take him on nature hikes. Talk, talk, talk to him. Read, read, read to him. All the talking and reading amps up his vocabulary. Take him to the library in the morning after breakfast, before lunch. If they have circle time there, take him to that. What they learn in preschool is how to sit in a circle, moving from one activity to another.

Children this age learn by playing. You don't teach colors, numbers and alphabet by drilling. You teach by making it available in all that you do. Going to the grocery store? Point out the veggies, their colors, what they taste like, where they are grown. Talk about the farm and the farmer. Picking out milk? Talk about the cow. (And make sure he has had a nap before going to the store so he doesn't have a meltdown!)

No homeschooling a 3 year old - really and truly. Play, play, play. Read, read, read.


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For a 3 yo: play, read, go to the park, get together with other moms and kids. Play! You don't need curriculum. Go to the library and load up on books. Reading books, arts and crafts books, games, outdoor play ideas. Talk to the librarian. Go to story time. Meet people. Socialize. Be active.

There is a time for academics but now is not the time. Believe me, I was an over achieving homeschool mom for many years and all that busywork was counter productive. Your child is 3. Go have fun.

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Aw, delightful 3! Right now, read to him in short bits, play with him, expose him to good music, let him sort shapes, colors, etc., learn puzzles (simple ones), play with games, etc.

At 3, do not fall into some curriculum trap. They don't need it. Time with you, learning naturally is the absolute best, especially for boys! Please, please, don't chain him to a desk or table at this age. I mean that figuratively, of course. Boys need to *do* more than they need to sit still. Hand-eye coordination is very important to work on. Spacial concepts might be fun for him. Playing with cars and trucks and blocks as he has interest. Building, destroying. Playing in sand. Getting dirty. I fear we have robbed boys of this time to be little boys. Could this be a factor into the need to drug them so much in school? (Ridalin) I don't know. Maybe. Please, I beg you, let him be a little boy. It is how you can best serve him in his development.

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I'm a big teach them to enjoy life and love learning kind of person :p. Field trips...museums...books books books...libraries often have free activities...I try to get my little ones outside as often as possible and find teaching "moments"...write letters with a stick in the mud...point out a bee flying from flower to flower...talk about what the bee does...make a weather chart with pictures...observe animals and plants in an area and talk about how they interact...draw pictures...laminate small maps for place mats...include non-fiction books and poetry in your reading...even if you don't 'read' the non-fiction stuff...and just talk about pictures. Provide lots of oppurtunities for him to problem solve. Involve him when you cook and bake. Whatever you do...just make it fun...don't stress about it...he'll pick up on it. Unfortunately, we have far too many kids that are good at schoolwork, but lack imagination and the ability to really 'play'. Just my two cents! Have fun :)

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A 3 year old doesn't need a curiculum or formal learning. Let him be a kid. Learn by having fun.

Try the following with a supply of colored blocks ..
stack them and count them as you stack, helps motor skills
sort them by color, helps to learn colors and sorting skills
take a few blocks and lay them out in a pattern, red-green-blue-green, have him try to repeat the pattern

Go to the playground - teach him concepts like, go OVER the bridge, climb UP the stairs, go DOWN the slide, etc

Play Candy Land - helps to learn colors and take turns

Play dominos - helps with matching skills

Have him cut out shapes from construction paper - circle, square, triangle - teaches shapes and using sissors developes fine motor skills

READ READ READ - all different kinds of books with a large variety of subjects. Take him to the library. See if the library has a story time for toddlers and preschoolers. Talk about what you read.
You can start teaching him letters. Choose a letter each week, start with the letters in his name. Make sure it's very visable in several areas of the house. Talk about the letter and the sound it makes. If you see the letter while you're out and about or reading a book, point it out. Remember children this age learn by repetition.

He also needs socialization with kids his age. So he should be enrolled or part of some group. Even having a friend, or cousin over once or twice a week is fine.

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Why start a structured curriculum so early? He's just 3 and he;ll be 17 ready to graduate from high school before you know it. Slow down and cherish these times that absolutely fly by.

His little brain is a sponge right now and learning is fun. He learns with day to day activities with you.... working in the kitchen, doing chores, going shopping, etc. All of these practice colors, counting, and basics.

Get him involved in activities with other children as well. He needs that social activity with peers his own age. If you can't afford a group activity, have playdates with children from your neighborhood, church, or where ever you meet people.

Don't rush him. He's only 3 once.

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Formal curriculum should not start until at least 4, if not 5! Kids need play. All the research shows that if you provide kids with a rich play environment, they get everything they need, plus more!

Kids learn. End of story. You do not need a curriculum. Go find some play friends!

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