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Homemade Infant Biscuits & a Healthy Brand of Yogurt?

Was considering making my 9 mos. old son home made biscuits as a snack/for teething. All of the products I've seen in the grocery store have sugar and other ingredients in them that don't seem necessary (most of the ingredients in them I have no idea what they are!) I know they need to dissolve easily. Anyone had any experience making biscuits? Also, the pediatrician said to start on yogurt in a month or so. Been checking the labels of various brands, such as Yo Baby and I see many have sugar in them. Pectin is another ingredient - not sure if that is bad/good. Anyone know of some healthy brands out there that are wholesome/organic?

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strauss is great and brown cow too. make sure it is whole milk. you can always make your own too. about the teething bis. i am not a fan. kids choke on them so easliy. they suck on them and then a big piece breaks where they were sucking and it either goes down the the throat and lodges or sticks to the roof of the mouth. i have witnessed both. a hard piece of bread (like sourdough) works better if you want to give your son something to knaw on while teething. good luck :)

I've always just given my kids organic whole milk plain yogurt and mixed in a little fruit. Now as older kids the flavored kinds are dessert to them. Also, the wholesomebabyfood.com website has some recipes for teething biscuits.

I feed my daughter plain whole milk yogurt and mix home made fruit puree into it (her favorite is peach.) Pectin comes from apples and is used to make yogurt and jellies thick. It's also great for treating sore throats, so you don't have to worry about that ingredient if you go with store bought.

As for the biscuits, I know there are some recipies in the book "super baby food". I haven't tried them but I've used a lot of other stuff from that book and it's been realy helpful.

Just buy plain organic full fat (or cream on top - like Brown Cow) yogurt and sweeten naturally with a little fruit. I mash some banana and add some to it. Or try pureeing a mango and adding some to it. Very sweet and yummy. They don't know sweet yet, so it can be a lot less sweet than we would like it. I don't use YoBbay because of the sugar either. I buy Brown Cow because it's the only one I can find with full fat. On occasion I add a little bit of organic jam to sweeten - but it's a LOT less sweet than the other store bought stuff. Pectin is just a natural thickener. Not a big deal. It's in jams to thicken. The PLAIN yogurts don't have it, usually.

Hi J.!

Have you ever considered buying a yogurt maker and making your own yogurt? Easy, delicious and you know exactly what goes into it. Anyway, just a thought.

Regarding the biter biscuits I agree with one of the other moms that they can be a choking hazard. My Dr. suggested a stale bagel. Worked great!

Have a great day!

Yes! The best yogurt in the world, is made in your back yard! Strauss Dairy is located in West Marin, I have hiked on the land and talked directly to these happy, healthy, organic cows. They are a hearty lot and the family-owned company makes awesom yogurt and ICE CREAM to die for. It's a little expensive, but if you don't eat a huge amount it's worth making it a priority, especially for your little one. Biscuits should be a breeze, it's hard to mess them up unless you burn them. I'm sure you can find a good recipe online but I would recommend using at least some whole grain for better nutrients.

Pectin is just fine. It comes from apples and actually helps slow the insulin release by the body and give it some texture. YoBaby is just fine. Sugars are everywhere. The kind in Yobaby is evaporated cane juice and is not like the refined C&H sugar. I have started using Yobaby sparingly since my son is only 9 months at this point. HOwever, he loves it, but only the vanilla. Then again he's not a big fruit eater.

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