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Homemade Coupon Sorter/Holder?

I just received a whole bunch of coupons, and a majority of them are for stuff we buy regularly. I would like to know of a good way to sort them so they are easier to locate. I really really don't want to go buy anything, any ideas would be appreciated!

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Envelopes and a shoe box. That's how my mom always did it. I just bought one of those expandable sorter thingies that looks like a wallet. They are only about 3 dollars at walmart

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I currently am using an accordian style coupon sorter - but am planning to by a book like a baseball card collection book, like someone else already mentioned. I find withe the accordina style sorter, all too often I find coupons in there that are expired, but would have been very beneficial. Even with the categories on the accordian sorter, it takes so much time and effort to pull out the category and flip through all the coupons - without dropping some or all of them while juggling the kids!
I'd like to get a collectors book, and make sections for items such as meat/cheese, baby items, etc. Also plan to put the coupons for the same item all in one pocket - with the one expiring the soonest in the front. I think this will really help to find the coupons I need quick and easy, and not forget about useful ones until it is too late.
Glad to see that someone mentioned that they sell the whole book at Wal-mart - I'll be getting one soon!

Envelopes and a shoe box. That's how my mom always did it. I just bought one of those expandable sorter thingies that looks like a wallet. They are only about 3 dollars at walmart

check out couponswithstyle.com - it's AMAZING!!!

The envelopes and accordian folders from the $1 aisle are also what I would suggest. I only keep coupons for things that I would normally buy. I file my coupons by catagory and then by expiration date, with the ones expiring soonest in front. Another tip if you shop regularly at one grocery store is to arrange your catagories by store layout. For example the first aisle in my store is peanut butter, salad dressings, ketchup etc. When I turn to go down the next aisle it's baking supplies, canned fruits, vegetables and soups. Before I go shopping I pull all the coupons for what's on my list and put them in store aisle order. When I see something that we use regularly on sale it's easy to quickly check my catagories to see if I have a coupon for that item. I also pull all the coupons that will expire before my next shopping trip, so if any of those items are on sale I can pick those up too.

as of right now I use envelopes and file the coupons by their expiration date. it isn't the best way though I don't think...I too am curious to see what is out there. I saw a lady at walmart the other day with a huge binder like the interior design ones--it was full of pages of coupons--I can't begin to imagine how that works...my sister keeps them filed by which mailer the come out of and only clips them when she is going to do her shopping trip she uses clear protector sheets.
I personally want something easy to use and small enough to fit in my purse without making it too crazy--I'll be checking back on this one myself...

I've been "couponing" for a little while now and I got a Collectors Album (one used for people to put baseball cards in) at Wal Mart for $20. I then divided it into categories with dividers like baking supplies, canned fruits and veggies, etc.. Then I put the coupons in the card slots where I can see the item, savings and expiration. It makes it really easy to see what I've got while in the aisle at the store because it's in a page format. I've tried the envelopes and I'm so clumsy I drop them everywhere. This way has really helped me sort it out. It's so much easier shopping with the kids this way too. Although I had to humble myself a bit to carry this big notebook into the grocery store it's paid off and I started noticing all the other people who have them too. Good Luck. Here's a good website to check out. savvyshopperdeals.com

Depending on how many you have, there are several good options for sorting coupons for $1 or less. First, you'll want to sort them by category (canned/packaged, frozen, paper products, etc.), checking expiration dates as you go. Then you can file them into something like...
1. Envelopes by category, then put all the envelopes in a larger envelope
2. Small shoe box, if you have more than a 2-inch-deep pile; make cardboard or cardstock category dividers and label
3. A cardstock-weight coupon file, available at any dollar store or Target's dollar section sometimes
4. A translucent plastic file that's slightly larger, also often for $1 (my fave), to which you add the category labels (about the size of a letter size envelope and expands to about 2-3 inches thick if needed)

Also, you'll want to weed out things you don't want or shouldn't buy, such as junk food if you are trying to lose weight. Good luck! Couponing is fun!

I use envelopes. My collection of coupons isn't that large yet so I just have them in a couple envelopes and sort through as needed. My mom has envelopes for different categories (dairy, meat, hygiene, etc). It works out pretty well to have them categorized like that; easy to find when in the store.

The grocery guru (he's a local guy who does weekly spots on the local news about great deals and coupons etc) suggests getting a 3-ring binder. Instead of clipping coupons right away, punch holes in the entire thing and put it in the binder. Write the date on the front of it with a marker and put new ones in the front. Take out ones that are more that 4 weeks old (from the back, so you'll be puting one in the front and taking one out of the back every week).

When you're ready to go shopping, make a list and then go through and find coupons for what you need to get. Most of us buy EXTRA because we have a coupon (that's why manufacturers do coupons!!) which saves us nothing. Plus, this way you're not constantly juggling coupons and finding that yours is expired. You can get a 3-ring for really cheap at Wal-Mart.

In the past I've used envelopes, but I now use a coupon sorter. The cheap kind you can get at any store. I have a section for each of the main areas of the grocery store, as well as a section for coupons I'm not going to use and coupons I am using. Then when I get to checkout I only have to look one place. The not used ones are for the expired or I don't need it and a sale would be a better price, etc. I'll be looking to see what others recommend, too. Good question.

Take envelopes and fold the flap back and stick it to the front of the next envelope and so on until you have an accordian type folder. Then you can add to it or replace it with minimal cost.

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