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Infant Homemade Baby Food - Forest Grove, OR

Hi I was wondering if anyone has any good homemade baby food recipes. I have twin 7 month old girls and I am going to go broke if I have to continue to buy the baby food in jars!! :) Thank you

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Thank you everybody so much for all of your ideas!!! I have tried a couple of different vegetables. My girls are not so sure about it. I think that because they have had the jar food it might take some time for them to get used to the homemade!! But thanks again for all of the ideas, and advice. I really appreciate it!!!

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ONe of my favorite inexpensive breakfast foods that my 10 month old son LOVES and has eaten for 3 months is tofu cereal.
2 Tablespoons of Soft Tofu (Put the entire block of tofu in a new, preferably glass container and cover it with cold water. Change the water everyday)
1 Tbsp hot or cold water (or breast milk)
2 tbsp oatmeal cereal
1 tsp Sorghum Molasses
*Mix in a cup and serve.
It's has tons of iron and protein, it's vegetarian and a great start to babies day

I used a cook book and system called "Fresh Baby." Here is their site, but I think you can get it at Target too.

I highly recommend the book Super Baby Food, by Ruth Yaron. It has all the info you need, plus some great money-saving tips, nutritional facts, recipies, and cleaning tips, too! I found it very helpful when I made my own babyfood for my daughter. It is time consuming, but I found one of the best tips in the book...spend an afternoon making big batches of baby food then freeze in ice cube trays. Once frozen, pop them into a freezer bag and there you have perfectly sized portions of babyfood. All you do is heat in the micro for a few seconds, and it's ready! I made batches about once a month, and the babyfood was delicious! I made sweet potatos, greenbeans, peas, squash, pears, and more. Try it! It does take some work, but I think it's well worth it!

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The book Super Baby Food really helped me! Buy a copy or check your local library. I never bought one jar of baby food! You can get a food processor, but there are also many foods you can mash with a fork to start with. Avocados are easy to mash and have a good fat that babies need and the taste is bland enough so it's a good first food. (You do NOT have to feed them rice cereal! You can go with a bland fruit or veggie like sweet potatos.)

So with an avocado, cut in half and remove the pit. You'd want to do a few at a time. Then scoop it into a bowl and mash with a fork. Get out a cookie sheet and lay down some wax paper. Drop the avocado in big spoonfuls onto the sheet and freeze. It really only takes a couple of hours. Then bend paper to remove droppings (they look funny!) and drop them all in a ziplock bag and store in freezer. Label with Date Prepared - check the book. You want to use up most frozen foods in 3 or 4 months I believe. Probably not an issue with twins!

When it's time to eat, just take out a couple of droppings and put them in a dish to thaw in the microwave (it doesn't take long to thaw, make sure it doesn't get hot!) or leave a few in a covered dish the fridge the night before. I used the small tupperware/rubbermaid style cups with lids to feed from! Ditch those baby bowls that don't have lids! It helps when you're making it if you know about what your kid will eat in 1 serving, but you can do smaller amounts and thaw more than 1 at a time. Since you have twins (assuming they both eat the same foods) you could thaw 2 or 3 or 4 each meal time.

When you get a food processor, you can make batches of any food and freeze in a similar way. In the beginning, there aren't really "recipes" you just mash up a veggie. It goes like this... Soften some sweet potatoes in the microwave and remove peels. Use a spoon to scoop flesh into the processor and turn it on. Blend until smooth for younger babies, then as they get older they can handle a little bit of texture and you don't have to blend as long. From there, spoon it into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen, you guessed it, transfer to ziplock bags and label. You'll probably want to thaw 1 cube for each baby, or more depending on how much yours will eat.

You will get the hang of it! Read the book though, it has great info of what babies need at each stage and some hit the stages earlier or later than the average kid, so you don't always have to go by the book. I started my son on solids around 7 mos and he was not big on eating until nearly 12 mos. Preferred the boob. We did not force it since he didn't seem ready (and mealtime was pretty frustrating) and preferred to feed himself with cheerios at 8 mos. So we found finger foods and he got happier about eating. Anyway, my point was that while the author started feeding her babies at 4-6mos, we were at 7-9mos looking at the 4-6mos chart and so on. Do whatever works!

And good luck!!!

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You can make baby food out of most anything. Use your blender of food processor. Add a tad bit of liquid, such as formula, milk, water, or liquid that is the container of veggies or fruit. Whatever you are eating, you can make baby food out of. The medical proffession will probably not agree with my advice but I can bet your babies will like this version of baby food better than the store bought stuff. I know my kids did & my Granddaughter (11 months) loves it. As long as it agrees with their system, I would do it. That's what my Mom fed me & I'm still alive & kicking.

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I found the best website when I was making my son's baby food. It's http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/. They have tons of recipes, tips, advice, etc, and most of the stuff is really easy. There are also tons of books, I'd checked out a few from the library, but I found that website to actually be more helpful. Some of the books got WAY too involved in recipes--like moms have that much time.
A good tip: Make a big batch of pureed food, put it in ice cube trays and freeze it; the ice cube size is a perfect serving.
Good luck and have fun!

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Get the book called Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. I loved it with my daughter and can't wait to use it with my son! (the author had twin boys so she knows where you are comming from!!)

I am a nutritionist and HIGHLY reccomend ths book to anyone with kids...

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I understand the spending for twins, mine are now 4 1/2yrs old.
When they were at the age of yours, I would buy large cans of the mixed fruit, peaches, pears etc... drain all of the syrup off and rinse the fruit, I than would put it in the blender with 1/2 packet of Vanilla Pudding and blend this together. It would last a couple of days, and was very yummy. I also would buy frozen vegetables, cook them and than cool them, put the vegies and half of the water they cooked in into the blender and use the puree to make these as smooth as possible. I would put whole Butter in them to make them yummy as well as it helps get more protein in them.
Good luck, just get that blender going, and suddenly it is amazing what you start inventing.

hi M., when my children were younger i got a food processer and just blended what ever we were having for dinner for them...totally saved on money and they were included in dinner time...plain steamed carrots or sweet potatoes were their favorites...blend it before you season anything, and you could even throw in a little chicken or mix things together...be creative and try it, if it tastes ok to you it will be good for them...good luck...

I used to make my sons baby food, in large batches then freeze them into ice cube trays so all I had to do was take out a couple of cubes and defrost. My son's favorite was cook a couple of sweet potatoes, mix in some breast milk or formula to the consistency you want and freeze. You can also add in rice cereal so you don't have to mix it later. You can boil almost any fruit or veggie and mix with milk/formula. Hope this helps!

Ah the sound of the almighty cash register is killing your budget. No problem no recipes needed either. Buy a small food processor or blender. I did this with my kids and it worked perfectly. MY peds doctor said as long as the food is bland enough for baby and you watch out for allergies this works great. Feed your baby what you make for the family within reason. Follow the same food introduction process as you would with babyfood in a jar. Always double check with the doc for any concerns but I loved that I could feed baby what we were eating and the cost of the processor verses jars is no contest. This really pays off and is just as healthy. Enjoy B.

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