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Home Schooling and Making a Living

I'd really like to homeschool my 5 year old daughter rather than send her to a public school.. and I'm a teacher but would rather not have to work in public schools either. I'm looking into the option of homeschooling and am trying to figure out how to do it while making a living. I could offer tutoring to other children and get a part time job; but then what do I do with my daughter while I work? Any great advice/ideas/suggestions? I live in Austin

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There are a handful of homeschooling moms on www.dfwareamoms.com. You should try out that website. I really like what they have to share.


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As a mom who would love the benefits of homeschooling my child but honestly can not do it myself, I have been wondering if there was anyone else who could/would do it. I wouldn't mind going on field trips or helping in any way. I am just not a teacher and my son it so much like me he frustrates me. lol It would NOT be a good thing for me to do it (I have to be honest with myself, right?!).
He just turned four, so technically in Texas he can't do Kindergarten till Fall of 2009, but I think there is DEFINITELY a market for this.
I was just thinking about it last night.
Would it be daily? Would it be only mornings? How would it work if you homeschooled someone else's child?
Get a game plan together.
You are welcome to email me at ____@____.com or send me a message through Mamasource.


There are a handful of homeschooling moms on www.dfwareamoms.com. You should try out that website. I really like what they have to share.


I have a friend who is about to start a homeschool coop, where she and a few other moms are trading off on different days. You might consider something like this and work on the days that your child is being homeschooled by one of the other moms in your coop.

How you would find such a coop, I don't know. But my friend formed hers through contacts she met at a church mom's group.

Good luck.

We started homeschooling our daughter this year, and we are fortunate that my husband can stay at home to homeschool.

In your case, however, I think you have a wonderful gift to offer to a small group of children by starting either a homeschool coop or a small private school run out of your home! I know of several women in the Spring TX area that have gone this route to earn some exta money and because their friends who have to work out of the home wanted a home-school experience for their children. One woman I know has been doing this for over 20 years!

My suggestion - start a school in your home. Your daughter will have some other children to be around, and you'll have the ultimate say on who stays and who doesn't based on any criteria that you desire.

Make sure that you have researched your homeschool method thoroughly before you let the word out that you are starting a homeschool coop or school, so that people are clear on your methods and your philosophy (for example, if you are running a secular school, folks who want a Christian curriculum will have to look elsewhere, and vice versa).

What a wonderful gift you have to offer! Good luck to you!


You might check in with the Home Educator's Resource store about teaching classes for them. They have stores located in Duncanville and Lewisville, and both stores offer classes each semester. I don't know if they're taught by people with degrees in education, or just parents who want to make more money. My son takes a robot Lego class in the Lewisville store on Saturdays. Their website is homeeducatorsresource.com. Hope this helps!


Well you could always put ads out there to see if anyone is looking for a homeschool program for their own child but don't actual want to home school them their selves. Sort of like a preschool/elem school in your home. That way you could be home with your daughter teaching her and then making some money while teaching others. Just a thought!!

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