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Hi Moms! My 2yr old son has started vomiting about 10am this morning and vomited quite a bit. It's 3pm in the afternoon and he's vomited 2 more times and slept a lot. I feel sooo sad that he feels this awful, do any of you know of any natural remedies or something that I can give him that will help ease his nausea? Thank you in advance!

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Hi again Moms! Thank you all for your suggestions! After I posted Dereon woke up from a nap and still wasn't feeling good, so I bundled him up and went to the store to get some Pedialyte, chicken noodle soup and crackers. (I hadn't had an responses at this time, so did what I thought would help.) Upon giving him the Pedialyte, he seemed to become more alert and active...a good sign to me he must be feeling well. So, I heated up the chicken noodle soup and immediately he was hungry and ate the entire can! I also fed him some crackers and he was back to his normal little self! What a relief! It must have been a "bug" that he caught! In the future I will definitely try out your suggestions! Merry Christmas ladies!!!

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My pediatrician suggested giving my daughter heavy syrup from a can of peaches. She said its like giving my daughter Emetrol. I was to give it to her a tsp at a time.

Anything peppermint will soothe his stomach. Let him suck on a candy cane or dip a toothpick in some peppermint oil and let him suck on it. You can also buy or make peppermint tea with mint leaves or dissolve some peppermint into some water to drink.

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You're main concern is going to be whether he's hydrated. This happened to my daughter last year -- any time we'd star trying to offer fluids, she'd vomit again. Because the doc (and me!) were concerned about dehydration, she prescribed a phenegran gel. You just rub it on their wrists and it relieves nausea. Worked wonderfully and we only needed to use 1 of the little pre-measured tubes of medicine to stop the vomiting. I'd see if the pharmacy could just fill a partial prescription. I think it was originally about a dozen little tubes, and the pharmacist had the forethought to ask if we wanted to just pick up a few tubes and come back the next day if we needed more.

Anything peppermint will soothe his stomach. Let him suck on a candy cane or dip a toothpick in some peppermint oil and let him suck on it. You can also buy or make peppermint tea with mint leaves or dissolve some peppermint into some water to drink.

Hi J.,
sorry you are going through this. We are going through it right now. What we do is give our children, 8 and 5 yr olds something called "charcoal" from the healt food store. Your body is obviously trying to get the foreign substance out. What the charcoal does is absorbs the foreign material and he will poop it out and no more vomiting right away. It stops the vomiting almost immediately. I have to open the casule and pour it in some gatorade so they can drink it. Works everytime. hope that helps.

If your child is vomiting, it is most likely he has either some kind of virus or food poisoning. If that's the case, there's not much I know of that you can give him to stop the vomiting-his body is trying to get rid of the stuff that's making him sick. The main thing is to keep him hydrated. Give him Gatorade in a sippy cup, or something that we do that our kids like is to get the powder gatorade and make it just a bit stronger than the directions call for, and pour it into popsicle molds. It's comforting(my kids always want popsicles when they're sick-even the big ones!)and keeps them hydrated. Also, try giving him some peppermint tea with honey-I think one year old is the time when honey's safe for kids to have. That's good for tummy problems and is gentle on the body. You might also check into whether it's safe to give him activated charcoal-they sell it in capsules at health food stores. Also, apple cider vinegar-put a teaspoon in a small amout of water or juice(1/4 cup)and see if he'll drink that. It's pretty gross but works well for stomach issues.

Hope whatever your son has passes quickly!

My pediatrician suggested giving my daughter heavy syrup from a can of peaches. She said its like giving my daughter Emetrol. I was to give it to her a tsp at a time.

I would take your 2 yr old to the doctor immediately.

I have used fennel tea in the past. The last time I needed it and could not find it locally I bought fennel seed in the spice aisle and steeped it in a tea ball. It worked like a charm.

ginger is always what people have recommended to me. i slice up some fresh ginger and put it in hot water to drink.

It is Christmas time, and this little remedy is perfect for this time of year. If you have a stomach ache, or are feeling nauseated, suck on a peppermint, like a candy cane.

I suggest taking him to the doctor, just to make sure it isn't something serious, and to make sure he isn't dehydrated, but give him a candy cane to suck on, for some reason that helps settle a sour stomach and makes em feel better.

This works every time, but you have to convince them to eat it. Burnt toast - black on the outside and dry all the way through. Cut off the crusts and let them eat. DO NOT let them drink any water. The charcoal on the outside (the black on the toast) will settle the stomach and the bread will soak up any acid and mess that is making them throw up. Let them rinse their mouth out but not swallow the water. If they can keep that down an hour (two is best) then start with some ginger ale.

Its never failed me and now at the first sign of getting a stomach ache mine ask for black toast.

Siping camomile tea will help. He may not care too much for the taste...It doesn't have a great deal of taste to it by kid's standards, but it can be extremely helpful for vomiting and diarrhea, especially for keeping hydrated.

If it wasn't for his age, I would suggest using honey in the tea, but I think he's still too young for honey?

Good luck.


Bananas!! I had a friend whose young daughter couldn't keep anything down and was to the point of taking her to the hospital because they were afraid she was dehydrated. I told her to try to get her daughter to eat a banana or at least some of it. She did (half) and it helped. She was able to keep food and fluids down after that. Bananas help settle the stomach. I have used it several times with my 3 boys...when they start to get an upset stomach I give them bananas. It hasn't let me down so far.

Good Luck & God Bless

I second the peppermint idea! It works like a charm. If he has a virus or food poisoning, he still might throw up but the peppermint will help his little tummy feel better in between. Good luck! I hope he finds some relief soon.

I second the Emetrol. I have used it before when I was having nausea and diarrhea at the same time (that was fun!) It took care of the nausea in one dose. It's basically sugar and Coca-Cola syrup.

I told my mom about it; and she said that when she was pregnant in the 1950's, the doctor prescribed Coke syrup for nausea.

You can save some cash by giving him some flat Coke to drink. However, if he's not better by now, he should be taken to the doctor or the ER. Children that young can get dehydrated very quick and suffer grave consequences.

A way to check hydration is to gently pinch a bit of skin on the fleshy part of the child's body. If it is flexible and you actually can pinch some skin, there's probably not a problem. If you can't, he's probably starting to become dehydrated.

Several years ago, my daughter who was 20-something had a vomiting episode that came on quickly and intensely. I had her at the doctor first thing and we subsequently ended up spending half a day in the ER so that she could be given a bag of IV fluids to rehydrate her.

My son got the same thing the day we were to leave on our vaction just about 3 weeks ago. I took him to the doctor because I didn't know what else to do. He is a a couple months younger. Since the doctor knew our situation with us leaving and all she perscribed some medicine that helped with the nausea and the throwing up. It worked for us and was gone in about 3 days or so. We had to drive between 6-8 hours for three days. So I would definately do what the other moms have said and take him to a docter. Hope he feels better soon.

dose him with benadryl by weight - should be about 1/2 tsp. Then cold ginger ale and crackers.

Pharmacologically, Benadryl is Phengran's close cousin.


You can by Emetrol to help for his nausea. It is a cherry flavor. I would defintley by him some Gereber Ligui lites. They taste so much better than the pedialyte. I know Ginger also helps with nausea but good luck getting a 2 yr old to go near that. Good luck I hopr he feels better.

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