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Hello Everyone! My husband and I have recently decided to have a homebirth with our second child, due in August. We are very excited about our decision and I am anxious to hear from other families that have experienced home birth. I live in an area where I don't know anyone that has chosen to give birth this way. I'm not really even telling other moms that I'm around because I don't want them to look at me like I have a third eye. Plus, I think that most people don't fully understand how safe homebirth actually is. Anyway, I've done lots of reading/research, we've hired a wonderful midwife, I have a back up doctor, and I just recently watched "the Business of Being Born" (which totally confirmed that we are making the right decision). I just want to hear from other moms who have done this and their experience. Also, any suggestions for preparation of the birth are totally welcomed... Thanks in advance,

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I think it's great that you are birthing this way. My mom had three at home with a midwife and loved it

Great decision! Go for it! I just had my second son via VBAC, so I was not confident enough to stay at home, but next time, I will.

Hi there!

I didn't have a home birth but I did labor at home. My husband and I used the Bradley Method. It was truley wonderful to lay in my own bed with my husband beside me guiding me through my contractions. I did this with my second daughter. I unfortunately didn't get to with my first. I labored at the hospital and it was not a great experience. Anyway, I labored at home and when I thought it was close we went to the hospital. I literally had my daughter minutes after arriving. I am pregnant again and we plan on doing it the same way. I think that it is wonderful that you are doing a home birth! Good luck to you and please look into the Bradley Method.

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Hi K.,

I'm a Momma of six beautiful children. The first was born with midwives at a birthing center; the rest were born at home. Our last two were unassisted (I only recommend this for experienced, calm mommas, though, and ALWAYS with a back-up plan. If you've had babies before and labor was stressful for you, I would never suggest an unassisted birth).

Home birthing is wonderful. I've never had a hospital birth experience, but I've been in attendance at the births of hospital-born babies. It's just not for me!

My advice: Pick the room you'd like to give birth in well in advance (be it bedroom, livingroom--even kitchen). Take advantage of your nesting phase and clean it well. Also using the nesting for your benefit, launder everything you anticipate using--sheets, blankets, towels, washcloths. Put them in large plastic bags or totes and seal them. Voila! They're ready for birthing. Make sure the room can be a comfortable temperature (your child is due in August, so prepare some fans or air conditioning).

Remove anything fragile from the area. You'd be surprised how many elbows one person can have when they're in the middle of labor.

Talk to your older child in advance about what is going to happen (if s/he will be present). Explain everything calmly, and how Mommy may make some funny or scary noises, but that's okay.

Preferably choose a room near a bathroom. Keep that bathroom clean. Make sure there's nothing in the way between the birthing room and the bathroom: no stray clothes, toys, books, nothing you could trip over.

Cook some meals now and freeze them for the days leading up to and after your baby is born. Make sure they're easily re-heatable meals (even spaghetti can be turned into a casserole that can just be popped into the oven). Make sure you have some easy to digest foods on hand for during labor (yogurt, applesauce, mashed potatoes, etc).

Lastly...Make sure your camera is ready (memory sticks cleared, battery charged). You won't want to miss pictures of this blessed event!!

You sound like you're on the right path. Best of luck to you, your husband, your already-born child and your soon-to-join-you little one! :)

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YAY!!!! I currently have 6 children, and #6 was born in the same bed she was made. I had an unassisted family homebirth (no dr or midwife). I am in a wonderful group of women on yahoo where I learn a LOT. I am expecting #7 and am doing self prenatal care and plan for another family birth at home. Come and check out the group.... ____@____.com
There are lots of birth stories in this group too.
Another place to look into with lots of info is http://www.unhinderedliving.com/childbirth.html
I can also send you a home birth kit list that I use, although if you have a midwife, she probably has a list and birthkit she wants you to purchase....Good luck and you are making a WONDERFUL decision!!!

Mom of:
Rebeka 10/91 (hospital/MW)
Aimee 6/93 (hospital/unassisted)
Scott 2/96 (hospital/Dr)
Anamarie 11/02 (hospital/MW)
Heather 12/04 (hospital/MW)
Mikayla 5/07 (unassisted home birth)
As a Former Fetus, I OPPOSE Abortion

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How exciting! Home births can be so wonderful! I have done it both ways. My 1st, I was planning to be at home in a pool that my hubby set up for me w/ a midwife but it didn't work out that way. I was in the bathroom floor asking my husband to catch the baby when he came out:o)

The 2nd I planned to be at home but ended up going to the hospital instead. I had bad luck with midwives. I would have loved to have had a water birth at home, but it just didn't work out. Labouring is water is VERY nice!!
I do recommend Olathe hospital, they were very understanding that I wanted everything NATURAL!

If you need a chiroprator (makes pregnancy and delivery much easier) Dr. Clarke in Olathe had 4 of his 5 children at home. He is wonderful and has helped my family alot! He is close to 135th and Mur-len.

Yes, I had to deal with the looks and comments ect. I had to change pediatrician b/c of it. I started going to Midwest family care with Dr Darrin Davis and Randy Eaton. Randy is wonderful with my boys and is very understanding that I do not any shots for my children They listen to my concerns when I bring my boys in and are very kind.

Please fill free to write with any questions about anything!

I am very excited for you and your husband!

Congratulations on making the right decision on having a homebirth. I was a natural birth educator for five years teaching the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth. The best advice I can give you is make sure your nutrition is great...not just good, but great. Mother Nature takes care of Mom first and the baby second. So, if you are just eating a good diet, you may feel good but that's no guarantee that the fetus is getting all the nutrition it needs. Secondly, make sure your body is in good condition by exercising everyday. The three best exercises for childbirth are squatting, pelvic rocks, and pubococcegeal squeezes.
As for the diet, check out the following sites:

It is a lovely idea IF there are NO problems!!! My sister-in-law almost hemorraged to death before they got her to the hospital - her mid-wife had no idea what to do! Or what if the baby had difficulties and being near the proper equipment could save the baby's life? Again, I had a cousin who did home birth and the baby needed oxygen. Because she didn't get it in time, she is brain-damaged. I don't wish to sound negative and scare you, but these are TWO cases in my immediate family that point to NOT doing home birth. In my opinion, it is simply not worth the risk to you or your unborn child.

It is so exciting and encouraging to see that there are other home birth moms around! I also recommend Birthing From Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz. My son was born in the kitchen in a kiddie pool of water in November 07. I felt much more confident and control at home. I did not have to worry that the hospital would do something we had not authorized or make me uncomfortable because of their rules and regulations. I was able to pull my son up from the water and was the first human touch he ever felt! That was awesome! You will be blessed!

Don't make the "success" of your pregnancy totally dependent on how the birth happens. If you have a home birth, good for you, if it works out differently that can be O.K. too. Just don't set yourself up for disappointment. If you and your baby are healthy you have reached a good goal.

Nelda C

About me:We had 5 children. All are grown except our 2yr. who died 3 days after her birthday.

Good for you! You sound like you know what you're doing and you have a doctor on standby in the event something goes wrong (apparently many people who responded didn't read that bit). But when you take out all the unnecessary interventions your risks of something going wrong are so minimal it is laughable how worked up people are getting about homebirth. Congrats! You'll do GREAT!

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