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Home Appraiser Coming Tomorrow, Help!

We have a home appraiser coming tomorrow to do an appraisal on our home. We are trying to qualify for a home loan to build a fence around our yard. My questions is, what can we do to make our house look better and appraise higher? Does anyone have any suggestions and know some secrets to the trade. Thank you for your time and responses!

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do you really have to get a loan to build a fence? I mean, a home equity loan is essentially a 2nd mortgage. Not to jump on a soapbox, but you'll save money in the long run if you can save for several month to pay for the fence in cash. Than again, I'm all about being debt free. Anyway, probably not totally helpful, but I thought I'd toss the idea out there.

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As someone once a realtor, appraisers aren't like realtors or prospective buyers. They don't care if your house is messy, if laundry is left out, HOWEVER they will be looking at square footage, looking at conditions of your home inside and out,condition of foundation, cracks, the bathrooms, is the caulking done will, are fixtures in good shape, is the yard well taken care of, that stuff.

They are comparing your house to the ones in your area that have sold or been appraised. They take it with comparable sq ft, number of bathrooms, number of bedrooms and any updates you have done and even checking off for things that need updating.

So you cannot do anything over night to make it worth more in the aprrasising dept.If you have a nice home, in a good area, well maintained (not talking about cleaning) then you should just know it will be fine. You can go online to things like realtor.com and get a comparable for your neighborhood to see what they are selling for too.

Can I suggest realizing fencing your yard may not be deemed as an improvemet though. If you want to put money into your home make sure it ups the value. If the fence is in poor shape then of course replacing it is a positive, but something you can do yourself inexpensively and with some help of family or friends. Adding to your mtg isn't a good thing to do unless you are upping the value of your home.
Adding a deck or things like that can add value, ask your appraiser tomorrow what value adding a fence will do for your home. I highly recommend waiting, saving for it and doing it yourself to put a fence in and not paying interest rate loan or adding to the liabilty to your mortgage if you don't have a increase in value. You always want to be able to get back out what you invest in your home if possible. Just my experience talking, hee hee.

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do you really have to get a loan to build a fence? I mean, a home equity loan is essentially a 2nd mortgage. Not to jump on a soapbox, but you'll save money in the long run if you can save for several month to pay for the fence in cash. Than again, I'm all about being debt free. Anyway, probably not totally helpful, but I thought I'd toss the idea out there.

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Hi C.,
From watching the professionals do it on HGTV, I've learned the most important thing for you to do is get rid of the clutter, wash windows...basically staging your home but by doing it yourself. I hope this helps.

Best Wishes,

We just recently had the same thing done in order to get a home equity loan. In all honesty, short of adding a room or another porch or changing your heating system etc.., there's not much that will make a difference. When it comes to an appraiser looking at the value of your home for an improvement project, they are going to look at the very most basic things....square footage, roof, heat, crawl space, decks, gas vs. electric, etc...in other words, don't get yourself all worked up over it. It would be different if you were getting it appraised for resale, because then they look at each and every tiny detail. Don't worry. I'm sure it'll come through for you great!

Yeah, home appraisers don't look at how you've decorated. You may want your kitchen to be mostly cleaned up so he can see the type of counters and cabinets, sink, appliances, etc. They'll look at flooring and improvements you've made. They are taking a guess as to how much you can sell your house for, and those are the things that make a difference.
My appraisers hardly even came in the house. They measured outside for square footage and lot size, then came in and asked me about the flooring and counters. That was it!
Good luck!

Sorry to to tell you there really isn't anything especially that you can do. Appraisers look at the market value of the home upgrades like new electrical, hot water heater, lighting etc. Then they look at the basics of the home. That is why there are things called drive by appraisels they technically don't even have to go inside the house. So unless you are planning some major upgrades like adding a bathroom it is not going to adjust it.

May I add one more piece of advice? Have you looked into saving up for it? Break the price down into a day. For example if the fence costs $5,000 you could save up for it by saving $13 a day. Do you go out to eat, buy soda or snacks, Look at your budget and see what items you could sacrafice. what else could you do to make a few extra dollars. Just be careful on getting loans on your home because if something happens it is the home that goes away.

Hi C.. I am a Residential Planner and also just went through this same situation. The most important thing is to clean. Remove excess clutter from both inside and outside the house. Also put together a list of any upgrades you have made, this way you don't forget to mention anything and it eases the appraisors work load. Also take a look around your house and see if there are any furnishings or decorations that need rearranging. Remove any extra appliances from the counters and really wipe them down. They will be taking pictures so take some yourself, look at them and see what needs a quick fix. One last thing make sure both the front and back yard are mowed and clutter free, they take pictures of this as well. We did all of the above steps and ended up appraising 40K more than the bank thought we would. Good luck and if you need any further assistance please contact me at ____@____.com

If the fence is the only thing that you are needing then I am with Deb on not upping your house payment. We just put in a fence ourselves. It cost us $600 compared to the thousands that a professional wanted. It was approximately 80 feet of fencing. You can buy the pre-made 6x8 foot sections but they were special oder and we couldn't wait any longer, not to mention that we had some existing fence posts that we were trying to use. We had to put in 5 fence posts on our own. We are NOT handy but we did it and it is really secure and looks great. There was a lot of math involved...I think that was the hard part, how much of what to get. We went to Home Depot and we even rented a truck for $20 to get everything there at once. It can be done!!!! Let me know if you want any fence building advice since we just went though this! Good luck!!!

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