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Holiday Gifts for Caregivers

Hi moms! I'm wondering if anyone has any great holiday gift ideas for caregivers. My 2 daughters attend a daycare at the same facility and between the two of them, they have seven caregivers. In the past, I have always given them gift certificates to the movies, but I do not think my budget can handle it this year. These people are the sweetest and give my kids oodles of love. I don't want to skimp on them b/c they deserve so much appreciation. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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I watch 4 little ones and one of my moms makes cookies,fudge and candies on a pretty little plate and a little candle because she can see I love candles. I love the snacks, and really am greatful to be remembered. I dont think it is what you give them but that you show them they are thought of and appreciated.

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I watch 4 little ones and one of my moms makes cookies,fudge and candies on a pretty little plate and a little candle because she can see I love candles. I love the snacks, and really am greatful to be remembered. I dont think it is what you give them but that you show them they are thought of and appreciated.

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Homemade gifts, to me, really say you care. Cookie plates are nice, as others have suggested. What about having your kids put their hand prints on some nice paper, write a special message to each caregiver, and put it in a nice frame. You can get pretty frames at dollar stores, and you could look up little snippets of poetry online, if you can't think of your own words. (I'm never good at "special sentiments", heh.) Another gift I've done in the past is potpourri sachets. You need 2 lace doilies per gift. Sew a bag out of muslin or cheesecloth, just smaller than the doily, and fill it with a nice scent of potpourri. Sew the bag closed, then sandwich it between the doilies. Thread ribbon in and out of the holes in the doilies, and tie a bow, or leave enough ribbon that they could hang.
If you can find a good sale, fleece no-sew blankets would be nice too. Just cut, fringe or tie, and you're done. A yard makes a good-sized lap blanket, perfect for snuggling on the couch.
Just let your imagination go, and you can make something really nice. Feel free to pick my brain more if you need to, heh.

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Something along the movie idea line: when I was growing up, my mom always went to Blockbuster and bought one of those popcorn tubs and put the popcorn, a candy, and a gift certificate for a movie rental in there. It would cost around 8 dollars a piece.

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i have read the other idas and they are really good. but think about this $5 a person times 7 people is $35. Try buying a $3 bag of epsom salts spray with a little purfume mix in a little food coloring and - viola! you have homemade bath salts! I usually do some yard saling in the summer to pick up little jars and bottles to put them in. i reccomend you keep them in an airtight container or they lose their scent. you can also look online I found really cheap recipes for bath fizzies and bubble bath too.

ither buy a box of candy for everybody or go to dollar store and buy some cheap stuff. it is not how much you spent...it is how you give it.

I have been a daycare provider for 19 years and some of my favorite things have been, a plate of cookies or candy to share with my family, hand lotion, bubble bath and candles (which I love to burn during the day). I especially love the hand lotion because I wash my hands 100 times a day and they get very dry. You can get that for $3.00 or under. One gave me a very nice smelling foam hand wash from Bed bath and beyond which I also loved but it is more costly. Even a cute coffee mug (you could get at the $1 store)with assorted hot choc. and a few hershey kisses in it was great. Good Luck

You can try Oriental Trading Company. I'm sure they are online. this is a great place to buy multiple gifts needed for co-workers or teachers at reasonable prices. Remember it is the thought that counts. Your heart is in the right place and they will know it no matter what you give them. Here is the site. www.orientaltrading.com

If you know any of the parents that have kids there you might talk to a couple about pitching in together. It could save you money and you could get better gifts.

Ah... my favorite time of the year... we all go BROKE! :) Here's what I do...
I make homemade fudge, two steps, very yummy if you want the recipe, just ask! I put the fudge in these little clear cellophane bags that have holidays decorations on them. Then I attach a tag about how sweet they are and how much I appreciate all they do for my child. I also include some beauty items and assemble them all in basket or bag to make it look pretty. I saw someone else mentioned Avon, since I am not a fan of that line, I wouldn't recommend it, but you could do something simple along those lines, just not another home business. You don't want it to look like you are selling for a company or friend, for me, store bought on those items is better for the holidays. Of course that's just MY opinion! :) My total cost of each gift bag is right around $5, which is not too bad and it looks like a lot more! If you live in St. Louis I might be able to help you further.... write me back and I'll tell you, no, it's not something I sell or anyone I know does, I just get discounted products because I'm licensed. Sometimes they have really cheap gift sets that you can get for really cheap!
Good luck and let me know if you want my yummy, CHEAP, EASY fudge recipe!

Hi C.!! My children are making gifts this year. We are going to get coffee mugs and get pretzel sticks and roll them in chocolate. After you do that you can roll them in peanuts, crushed candy canes, fruity pebble cereal, etc... Then we will put them in the mug and wrap it up in plastic. Just an idea. Hope it helps.


The best gift I ever gave to a care giver was a lavender foot soother spa kit. It had booties filled with lavender that you microwaved and put on your feet. The gal I gave them to said she had to fight with her daughters to keep them for herself. Anything that soothes sore feet is appreciated by someone who is standing all day. Also consider gift cards from Blockbuster with a bag of popcorn or a book store gift card with some tea or hot coco. Gift cards are great, because they can be inexpensive but thoughtful at the same time.

I always make assorted holiday cookies, muffins and fudge and put them in a basket that I have picked up at a garage sale or thrift shop. We give them to our neighbors and kids' teachers and they always appreciate homemade goodies, plus its easy on the budget. S.

Check with the daycare to see if they do something structured for the teachers. I've purchased gifts for caregivers before and after Thanksgiving have gotten a note in her 'cubbie' saying each parent needs to 'donate' $10 for the gifts to be given to the teachers. If they do something like that, then all teachers get a gift card of the same value as all the others, and all you had to do was donate what your budget allowed.

Good Luck!

potporia is always a nice gift your kids can make.

Get some lace from thefabric store. Cut into large squares have kids stitch up the sides with yarn or ribbon, wind it through the top so it will pull together like a drawstring.

slice thin then bake at 275; oranges, apples, lemons, cool then add to bag with cloves, cinnimon sticks, dried pepermint, lavender or any other spices you want.

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