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Hobo Spiders

My house has been invaded by hobo spiders. I have killed at least 12 in the last 2 weeks. I am terrified of spiders and I am terrified they will bite my baby or my hubby or me. I need to know how to get rid of them without using any dangerous chemicals. Help!!

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I want to thank everyone for the responses. I have a lot of ideas on how to deal with this problem. I have put traps everywhere and I think I am going to have the outside sprayed so at least they won't come into the house for a while. I have already caught a few in the traps. These spiders just freak me out so bad. My cats don't seem to be able to keep up with the extermination. I guess they are getting old or I have more of a problem than I thought. Again thank you everyone.

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I have two words for you Ortho Home defense. you can buy it at walmart, homedepot, and even the grocery store. I had them in an apartment i lived in just as bad. they are ugly and scary. If i was you you need to vacum the cornors, and the base boards. And when you get the Ortho Home defense spray all the entry ways, and windows and cracks. I just spray every where. And the good thing about that stuff is once its dry and it drys pretty quick its safe around kids and pets. Good luck. And be strong.

I have been told spiders don't like menthol smells... try like a humdifier with vicks or get some menthol oil and put around the inside perimeter of the house. Just a thought!

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I have these same things...help me too

Don't hesitate to call an exterminator - they can advise you -- good luck!!

If you are in the salt lake valley, call bug busters. For a hone about 3000 sq. feet, they charge $92 each time they spray and guarantee you wont have a live spider for at least 3 months and if you do, they come back for free. So worth it!!! The stuff they use is totally safe even around little babies that are crawling on the floor. The guy that sprayed had a newborn and said he felt totally safe spraying the walls around the babies room with it as it isn't harsh or poison. Good luck.

This has been one of the worst years I have seen for spiders in Idaho. My husband uses Home Defense Max to treat the problem. You spray it around the perimeter of your house, and you can even spray it indoors. Once the spray has dried(only a couple minutes)it is safe for pets and kids. What is does is creates an invisible barrier to safeguard your home. You can literally watch a spider cross the line (say it's right at your garage door) then turn around and start to die. It has made a huge difference at our house, and I feel much better knowing that they can't get into our house. I am very creeped out by spiders, especially Hobos. You can get Home Defense Max at Lowe's or Home Depot. It's made by ORTHO. My husband and I both swear by it. We find dead spiders outside our front door, back door and garage door all the time.

so i read that if you boil tobacco leaves and lemon juice and then put the water in a spray bottle and spray windows and doors it's a natural spider spray. we use beeline and they "supposedly" use a chemical not harmful for pets or children, you don't even have to leave while they're using it, they say they go to daycares, etc, so places where lots of kiddos are. . . good luck. we HATE spiders and i really didn't want to spray but we had a few incidences and couldn't stand it any longer so i feel your pain!!!

Are you familiar with the electro charged pest control? All you do is plug it in and it lets of elector pulsing that the spiders and other critters hate. I'm not sure of the name but I know if you google it you can fide more info. In the mean time try using essential oils I believe it is peppermint that dentures them. Good luck!

You can have the outside of your house sprayed and that works really well. That is putting chemicals around your house but at least it's outside. The fall is their breeding time, they are really active right now so that is why you are seeing so many. The one thing good about hobo spiders is that they are grounded spiders which means they can't climb very well. They can't climb walls and the only way they could get in you or your kids bed is if there is a blanket hanging off the side for them to climb up on. So just keep stuff like that off the floor. You shouldn't have to worry about finding one in your babies crib. But I would get your house sprayed, you will continue to see them until it starts to get really cold.

You can get some tempo at any agriculture supply store, IFA, some Lowe's and some Home Depots. It is usually sold in large quantities and because of that it is not the cheapest things, so check to see if they sell it in small quantities. But it is extremely safe for the home and to have around kids. But you should wait for it to dry after you spray, which isn't very long and even then it is safe. My father-in-law is a chemical distributor and this is what we use for everything and it works great!

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