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Hobby Lobby Controversy

What are your thoughts on the Hobby Lobby issue (healthcare)?

Hobby Lobby is hardly a religious institution. I could see churches being exempt, but Hobby Lobby? Oh--the morning after pill prohibits ovulation, not implantation, so "abortion pill" is a misnomer.

Hobby Lobby might have short checkout lines!

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Here is one article from NPR:

This is Hobby Lobby's health care coverage for their employees. You know, like your employer (or husbands employers ) health care coverage? It's not about taxpayers paying for anyone's anything. It's about apples-to-apples health care coverage for all employees.
Soooo...if you work for a book store owned by a Jehovah's witness, you'd be OK with them denying coverage for a life saving transfusion for your child? Or if you work for a manufacturer owned by a Jew, you'd be OK working OT on Christmas? Same thing.

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If Hobby Lobby chooses to not to follow the mandate then the government should choose to enforce that fine.

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I guess I'll be adding them to my list of companies i dont shop at because they infringe on freedom.

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Well I don't believe employers should be able to dictate what health care decisions their employees should make. I don't see it as any different than if Hobby Lobby decides they don't believe in chemotherapy or fertility treatment or mental health or whatever wackiness they believe in. If they feel that strongly, let them pay the fine. I will shop elsewhere happily.

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The ethical questions surrounding this issue are so cut and dry...

1. Birth control is used by 98% of U.S. woman for various reasons at some point in their life time.
2. Many birth control medicines also treat illness, and are often the ONLY or the BEST drug that will do what it does.
3. Being on birth control and preventing pregnancy is sometimes a measure to save a woman's life, if getting pregnant will put her life in danger.
4. Just because it's offered, doesn't mean you have to use it. The use of it is on the conscience of those that actually use it, not those who provide insurance for it. I don't want to pay for your lap-band surgery or IVF, but there you are.
5. It's not up to my employer to make this kind of ethical and medical decision for me. That's up to me and my doctor.
6. If they won't offer a plan that provides for birth control for woman, I should sure hope they won't provide viagra, either.

I don't shop there, so it's not an issue of boycotting it for me. I just see so many people getting all fussy about this and forgetting that an ethical argument is decided using facts, not feelings or religious beliefs. The sanctity of life notwithstanding, it's still not up to anyone but me and my doctor to dictate my medical treatment. Not providing coverage for life saving measures to women is unethical. If I choose to use it for something you feel icky about, that's on me. It's not up to you to dictate my sins either. Period.

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I will shop there MORE often

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Since when is it a "freedom" to have someone else pay for the consequences for your unprotected sex? (And yes, I do know a minuscule number of women are raped - but they have free clinics that provide this pill for free for situations like that.) Please......... What's next? Every company you work for will be required to provide you with a cell phone free of charge? Internet free of charge? Cable television? We need to quit feeling so entitled all of the time and feel like we are owed everything.

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You asked so here goes. I think that it is shameful that ANY business (religious or otherwise) would try to prevent women from having access to birth control if they want it. And yes, if it wasn't covered through your employee provided health insurance, you would be forced to go to a Planned Parenthood or Health Department clinic to get the same thing.

My take on this is if you personally have a moral or religious objection to birth control, then don't take it. But a business shouldn't try to limit reproductive choices to women.

ETA: A lot of these religious businesses and Catholic non-profits believe that NO ONE should take birth control and are trying to impose their views on everyone else. These same institutions still had a problem with it even if they did not have to pay for it. Please tell me why Viagra should be covered under a employee health plan but birth control shouldn't be. Some women use birth control for medical reasons other than to prevent pregnancy.

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Thanks for the link LovesTeachingMath - I hadn't seen anything from him directly.

I get that David Green is unhappy that he "can't run his business on Christian principles instead of the law". Funny thing that separation of Church & State.

David Green states:
The government is forcing us to choose between following our faith and following the law.

The government is NOT actually forcing you choose between following your faith and following the law.
What the government is doing is forcing you to ALLOW ME TO FOLLOW THE LAW. The government is preventing you from using your religious beliefs to conduct business.

David Green states:
Our government threatens to fine a family for running its business according to its beliefs

Correct. You CAN'T run a business according to beliefs. You must run a company according the law.

I cite Chick-Fil-A. The CEO of Chick-Fil-A stated on a Christian talk show that he does not support gay marriage. He may have even indicated that he believes homosexuality to be wrong.
Fine. Those are his personal beliefs and he is entitled to them. He is entitled to state his personal beliefs whenever and however he wants. On his own time. Regardless of whether or not you and I agree with them. Regardless of whether or not his beliefs are in accordance with the law or even with the societal status quo. He can say and believe whatever he wants (as long as he abides by the 1st Amendment).
However, his COMPANY is run per the law. Chick-Fil-A does not discriminate based on sexual orientation. There are many gay employees; many have been promoted. Many of the employees spoke out after his statement and told the picketers to go away. That this was a business and it had nothing to do with their owner's religious beliefs.
THAT is how you balance your personal beliefs with your corporate agenda. Ummmmm You don't. You keep them separate.

And for those who say employees of Hobby Lobby should "just go work someplace else" if they don't like the policies of that company? Why don't you go live someplace else if you don't like the laws of America? Because it's just not that easy to pick up and change your life, that's why.

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Ditto JC.

Everyone has access to birth control. Forcing tax payers to pay for it is totally different.
The only winners in Obamacare are the insurance companies. They are making money hand over fist on it.

ETA : I think I'll shop at Hobby Lobby more now.

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Well, here's the deal. Beliefs and laws are 2 different things. In America there does still exist a separation of church and state. So what you BELIEVE as a company is IRRELEVANT as long as you follow the law.

Hobby Lobby is choosing to break the law. They may be fined. That is their right. But just like with EVERYTHING in life, there are consequences to the decisions we make. So, there's is an up to 1.3 million dollar per day fine for not following the law.

We live in a democracy. We live in a capitalist society. This is how it works.

How the owner of Hobby Lobby FEELS about parts of the law is irrelevant.

If your FEELINGS are in distinct opposition to the LAW of the country in which you are choosing to operate a business.... then perhaps you should not run a business in America where the government, at this point, CAN make mandates about the availability of certain benefits. In addition to the morning after pill, I believe Hobby Lobby is also not complying with other parts of the Women's Affordability Act - which is to provide co-pay free birth control.... so it is across the board.... not just refusal to provide access to the morning after pill.

However, as an EMPLOYEE I do not have to share your personal religious views. Again - there is a separation of Church and State. You are not allowed to tell me how I have to behave based on what you believe.

You may believe that life begins at conception. You may be right. But legally that doesn't mean that you can decide what healthcare decisions I am able to make.

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Ok one thing I do not understand is people are all for gay rights but when a company such as hobby lobby, fairway, or the like try to use a right it is considered obserd. I am sorry but if you do not like the policy just leave! Just like if I do not like seeing a gay couple (which I do not mind but I will use as example) I will walk away. It is our freedom to allow this. It is our right. It is their right as a business owner.

I am sorry if not all companies are going to agree with the socialist way of life. I didn't think we were a socialist country anyways.

Another reason that Obama will never be respected by me! Now I have to pay for the hillbilly down the street not to get pregnant. And when she forgets her BC then I have to pay more because he made it easier for her to live off of welfare! Congrats Obama you just royally f-ed yourself in my eyes!!!! O BTW I got my IUD put in yesterday and guess who payed for it... Not my company, Not you,.... ALL ME! Why should I have to pay for yours and mine!

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