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Hives! Hives! Hives! I Keep Breaking Out in Hives!

Have any of you every had problems with Hives? I keep breaking out with them on my neck. My husband thinks it's stress. I've made sure my lotions & soaps are free of dyes & smells, but I still keep getting them. Are there certain foods that make you get hives? Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do? I buy lots of cortizone & take Benadryl, but I'd like to stop it from happening, not treat the symptoms.

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My mother had the same problem. There was no particular trigger, she just occasionally broke out in hives. the only thing she could do was take Benedril. Its not much help, but give it a try.

Yes, food can definitely make you get hives! My husband is allergic to yellow no 5 that is in a lot of foods and in some deodorants and shaving cream. It takes a lot for him to break out though. My daughter is allergic to Twizzlers and breaks out when she eats those. You'll just have to try to keep a food log for a while to see if you can find the culprit. Have you eaten anything new recently? Good luck!

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Consider anything you've changed recently, such as detergents, fabric softeners, etc. I actually got a terrible case of hives after purchasing a wool blanket. I'd also try simplifying your diet for a couple of weeks, to just the basics. Drink water and milk, not pop or diet drinks, eat extra fruits and veggies, no chocolate or peanut products... really "clarify" your body, and see how your skin reacts.
E. G.

Have you ever tried going to a Dr. that can do allergy tests on you? I know the big culprits usually are peanuts and eggs. But I would suggest getting allergy tests done to see if you can find the culprit!!

Your problem sounds familiar, it happened to me. Mine however wasn't food allergies. Mine was stress! My hands and hips kept getting big giant welts. So bad my hands were so swollen my rings became tight. Anyway, I went to the Dr. and got prednizone. It's a steriod. Then I was given a prescription for allergy medicine. I don't recall what it was she gave me. AND I was also givin klonopin (nerve pill) I had a TERRIBLE case!
I would get in to see your Dr and see about a stress test, or even an allergy test.
I feel for you I know how you feel and it's not comfortable.
Let me know what you end up doing!

Take Care

HI, C.! I don't have the hives issue, but my husband does. I think your husband might be on the right track...as 'odd' as it might sound. I laughed at my husband when he told me I was the cause of his break-outs...so I changed detergents, soaps, etc., but the hives only seemed to appear once we went to bed and I could focus on talking to him about our finances or other stressful subjects (family, work, etc.). After only 5 or so minutes of talking, he'd be stressed and start itching and then the breakouts would happen. We tested his theory and I put my foot in my mouth. Now our bedtime talk consists of only 'happy' subjects and he also takes loratidine as we do believe he also has seasonal allergies. It sounds from your profile that you are very active and on the go...may I suggest more 'you' time if at all possible? Even if it's just 10 minutes after the kids go to bed to unwind in a quiet place. Good luck!


PS: Have you gotten tested for allergies?

Morning C.... I kind of have the same problem, but instead of hives on my neck, I get red spots and my facial cheeks swell. Took a few years to figure out it is a spice I use in food ( thyme) that makes my face/neck "freak" out. I dont use any med's for it, I just let it run it's course. If it is a real problem, have you seen a doctor for it? If it isn't a problem, just have "fun" with it. I know my boys ( age 5 and 6 1/2 years) think it is funny. Have a good day.

I can understand where you are coming from. I am allergic to all grasses and tropical fruit. All of which cause hives. I turn to my doctor for help. He gives me a prescription that I take regularly to keep the hives away. If you make an appointment with your doctor he can test you and see what you are allergic to. I hope all goes well! Good luck!

C. - It looks like you have gotten some pretty good advice so far. However, let me tell you the honest truth, you may never find out what is causing your hives. I have had severe allergies since I was an infant. I went through allergy shots, which caused me to get hives all over my body. I have done this twice in my lifetime. When I was in my late teen's and early twenties, my allergies seemed to clear up. Then I moved to Colorado and things got worse again. I now get hives on a daily basis. I have been to several allergists, even one that specializes in hives and 85% of people who get hives never know the culprit. I now take Zyrtec daily, which really is the best allergy medicine for hives, as noted previously. On days when this just isn't enough I take 1-2 Benadryl. If I have a major outbreak, I usually have to take a Prednisone for a couple of days to shock my system. As noted by other mom's, your best bet is to see an allergist, but don't get your hopes up that they will be able to pinpoint what is causing your hives, just keep an open mind to the treatments that are available.

Hi C.. I have been getting hives due to allergies and stress for about 4 years now. Benadryl wont help. The best allergy medication for hives is Zyrtec. It is the ONLY thing that has helped me. Over the counter meds dont contain the right ingredient. You could also try Aveno oatmeal bath and they also have an oatmeal lotion. If you go to an allergist, they should be able to pinpoint the cause. I have tried everything out there, and there really isnt much you can do, other thatn treat them as they come up. Good Luck!

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