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High Risk Pregnancy over 35- Northside or Kennestone Hosp? Doctors?

I am going to be 35 this month, and I have one son almost 2 yr. old in August. I had gestational diabetes, late symptoms of preclampsia, and other issues w/blood cloting too easily had to take baby aspirin, and I had to see fertility clinic taking pill to get pregnant. So, with all that said, I wanted to know if anyone had any info. which hospital does it matter really (opinions) if Northside would be better or Kennestone, since scottish Right there at Northside, heard Northside baby factory? Also, I had a c-section, delivered my baby at Kennestone - not fond of midwife I chose/not even pleased with nurses on delivery with me. I would like to know if there are any recommended doctors that perform c-sections, as I will probably have for next one. Does anyone have any doctors they recommend that deliver at Northside? How about Kennestone? I went to OBGYN Associates, would like to possibly change...not sure. Any advice is greatly appreciated!! THanks!

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I would like to recommend my Obgyn. They are called Roswell obgyn and have offices in Roswell and Woostock. I do not know if that is convenient but they deliver at Northside where I have delivered three babies. Their phone number is ###-###-####

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My doctor is James Sutherland at Kennestone Ob am I love him dearly but I would NOT deliver another baby at Kennestone. I know there are many who like it but I would never deliver another baby at Kennestone. My family has also been instructed to take me to Cartersville ER before going back to Kennestone ER. Kennestone does not have a pediatric unit and it does not have a well baby nursery. Following my c-section, I was afraid to take anything for pain. Normally, I would even enjoy my pain medication (I confess) but call me stupid, when taking care of a newborn infant I preferred to have a clear head. Obviously, recovery took much longer because moving and changing position were excruciatingly painful. The nurses refused to take my baby in the nursery despite the doctors orders to do so. Finally one nurse took compassion on me and took my baby for the night so I could finally have something for pain. I was a new person after some much needed rest at last. This was the only time during my entire 1 1/2 week stay I got anything for pain following his birth. It just seems very odd that mothers recovering from c-sections are prescribed pain medication and sleep aids and expected to take care of a newborn while under the influence of such narcotics. I am sure my doctor assumed my baby would be taken to the nursery when requested giving me an opportunity to heal. The nurses however, said the OB treated the mother, NOT the baby and therefore had no say in decisions regarding the nursery (such decisions were left to the pediatrician). During my maternity tour of the OB floor, I specifically asked if they would take well babies on request for such needs and was told "absolutely". NOT SO!!! It is up to the nurses and even the nicer ones were reluctant to do this. Also, they ran out of billi lights and had to use an older piece of equipment. Definitely go with Northside!!!!!

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I had two very high risk (had previously lost 7 pregnancies with 2 ectopics) over age 35 pregnancies delivered at Northside and I highly recommend them! They have a large and attentive staff plus excellent NICU. The 'baby factory' label is much of what makes them so helpful in a high risk situation because they have seen it all & done it all. Nothing frazzled them and they were ready for all situations. I had a C-section team & a NICU team there for both my deliveries just in case, it was very comforting knowing that all bases were covered.
Northside is more than happy to let you room-in with your baby but they also have a very competent nursery if you need a break after delivery (common in high risk deliveries). Unless it has changed very recently, Kennestone does not have a nursery and babies have to room-in irregardless of the condition of the post delivery mom.
I use Kaiser now (love them!) so I use their doctors but I had been quite pleased with Roswell OB/GYN before we changed insurance companies.

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I highly recommend Atlanta Womens Specialists (Meridian Mark location-around the corner from Northside) and Northside Hospital. Yes, there are a LOT of babies born at Northside, and their LDR and NICU are the best around because of that. I was over 35 when I delivered my first, and there was no question-it was going to be Northside, and I chose my doctors accordingly. AWS is great; they have many great doctors and really make you feel special! Hope this helps and best wishes for your second!

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I'm an OB nurse working at another hospital (besides Kennestone or Northside)and I must say, I personally delivered 6 weeks ago at Kennestone and was very impressed with their nurses (I only had one that I didn't care for in antepartum) as well as their anesthesiologists, since I also had a c-section, unexpectedly. I ended up being in the hospital for a week total, before and after delivery. From the patient feedback we have gotten from our patients, as well as employees that work at both my job as well as Northside, they were not usually happy with Northside, some people have liked the "efficiency" of the "baby factory", but many do not. As for doctors, I went to Marietta OB/Gyn Associates and have been very happy with my care there, they only deliver at Kennestone though. One thing that impressed me (as a nurse anyway) was that my doctor let me choose staples or sutures for my incision since I've seen some UGLY staple lines, depending on the doctor. They have three offices, so sometimes if you need to get in really soon, you can try one of the different offices, depending on how urgently you want to get in. I was able to meet all of the doctors beforehand and also had some issues with preeclampsia and headaches. Just my experiences...

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I was a patient at North Cobb Women's health but when I had my car accident at 3 months preggo and Kennestone hospital refused to feed me while being there for 9 hours I just knew I had to switch to so I could deliver at Northside. I switched OB/GYN (Meridian OB & GYN)here in Sandy Springs where I work. I hope this helps and I pray all goes well for your the new baby.


Hi! I'm E., and I had my 17 year old son at Kennestone at the age of 38. I was a high risk patient, had 2 previous miscarriages, high blood pressure issues at the end - put to bed at 30 weeks. My blood pressure caused my water to break at 33 weeks and therefore Tim was born as a premie. We both got excellent care at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta. They have an awesome NICU for premies and the nurses are so loving and helpful to the moms. Tim weighed 4 lbs 2 oz. and came home 4 weeks later weighing 5 lbs. 2 oz.. He had reflux and come home on a monitor (which we had for 6 months), but that was all - thank the Lord. Yes, those days had its ups and downs, but we are blessed with a healthy child who will be a senior in high school this coming year.

My doctors then and still are North Cobb Women's Health on 166 Vann Street; Marietta, GA ###-###-####.

Good luck in deciding who you will use, and God Bless!

- E. F.

I too was high risk and 36 at the time of birth. I HATED KENNESTONE!!!! Won't have another baby there. I have heard Nside is a baby factory but good. When I was at Kennestone they NEVER got my meals correct being diabetic, high blood pressure, went ever higher with the stress of eating, etc. If you could go to Piedmont---service is great and I know a baby nurse down there, long drive but worth it!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!

I would like to recommend my Obgyn. They are called Roswell obgyn and have offices in Roswell and Woostock. I do not know if that is convenient but they deliver at Northside where I have delivered three babies. Their phone number is ###-###-####

The advantage to Northside is the close proximity to the children's hospital. I recently delivered at Kennestone and had a wonderful experience. I also went to OBGYN Associates and have no complaints- I had a c-section also.

They have also recently opened a nursery so that you can rest!!

The Perinatology group at Northside is fantastic. I was not specifically high-risk, but definitely over 35 and had problems with low amniotic fluid. Dr. Lawrence Stone was wonderful in addition to my great midwives at OB-GYN of Atlanta, also a Northside practice.

Having delivered at both Kennestone and Northside, I would recommend Northside Hospital hands down. Despite how crowded it may be or busy, it is definitely more up to date and with the times. The only reason I chose Kennestone was due to the proximity. Although the nurses at Kennestone were kind, the quality of care at Northside is excellent. Kennestone is not bad, but the level of service is not comparable to Northside. I would like to just keep this brief without itemizing all of my reasons, but if the distance is not a problem, I would choose Northside hospital over Kennestone.

Hey Vickie,
My two pregnancies I had blood clots, this last pregnancy was bad though. My doctor's were obgyn assc., Dr. Kelly. He was ontop of my file and my situation. I really believe that God guided directed Dr. Kelly and gave him the wisdom he needed to deliver my baby and keep my alive in the process. I was pleased with my doctor and would recommend them any day. Good Luck!!

I am a 34 yr old women. I have 3 children have had 3 miscarraiges and lost a baby at 6 months pregnant. I am always a high risk and is pregnant now . My last baby I had at 26 weeks. He was 2 lbs. 1 ounce now he is 19 months with no problems. I had him at NorthSide. My doctor was Dr. Dawson at Atlanta women Specialist. I dont like the way some of his staff talk to you like your notan adult and I had to spend three months in the hospital having my last little one. But they are the best and they make it happen. Dr Dawson delivered my daughter in 2003 when he worked at crawfordlong but now he has his own practice. Any kid I ndidnt go to him with I lost and thats not a good feeling.

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