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High Risk Pregnancy

Hello all,
You may not remember me but I wrote in a few months back regarding getting pregnant in my 40's and how I felt like my chances were very low .....IT HAPPENED !!!
I'm about 8 weeks pregnant and I'm 42 yrs. old. I have a 5-yr.old son and got pregnant with him when I was 36.
So both my pregnancies- considered 'high risk'.
We are ecstatic and my gut tells me this one is a girl. Just like I knew my first born was going to be a boy.
My question - any other pregnant ladies out there in their 40's or older? Any advice on diets, excercise, etc. for a healthy baby and mom?

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Congratulations! I am 58 - had my first child at 42 and my second at nearly 44.........the only reason I was on 'high risk' was age so my great doc took me off......I was thrilled and ate healthy but as I wanted, gained too much weight but it was never an issue......feel free to write anytime!

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Congratulations! I am 58 - had my first child at 42 and my second at nearly 44.........the only reason I was on 'high risk' was age so my great doc took me off......I was thrilled and ate healthy but as I wanted, gained too much weight but it was never an issue......feel free to write anytime!

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I am not in my 40s, but I just wanted to say congratulations on your upcoming little one!

I am an older mom and you are considered "high risk" solely on your age. I would just do what you are doing, eat right, continue whatever excercise you are currently doing and just enjoy! If your first pregnancy was great then the chances that this one will be great also is high!

Hi, Camille!


I just turned 42, and both of my pregnancies were also high risk, because I've been a Type 1 diabetic since I was 13 (1979). I turned 25 while I was pregnant with my oldest, Jeremy, and I turned 39 while I was pregnant with my "little guy" Noah, who is 2 1/2. My boys are 14 years and 9 days apart! :)

I guess the first piece of advice I have to offer you is, if you weren't already doing a form of exercise *before* you got pregnant, now is NOT the time to start it! :) I'm sure your doctor will advise you that the best form of exercise you can do during this pregnancy is simply to walk, and make sure you don't "overdo" anything.

I have a form of heart condition called tachycardia (really fast heart beat) combined with a normally low blood pressure. (tachy from my mom, low BP from my dad ~ really "freaks" a lot of nurses at the dr's offices! LOL) The tachycardia got really aggravated with my 2nd pregnancy, as did my asthma. The biggest problem I had at the beginning of my pregnancy with Noah was the extreme vomiting I had going on. I got pregnant in late August, and by the beginning of November, I had to be put in the hospital for it, because it wasn't stopping. :* In the end, I'm really glad that happened, because I ended up with some GREAT doctors in the process! New endocrinologist who actually got me started with my insulin pump (no more daily+ shots, YAYYY!), an AWESOME OB/Gyn, and a fantastic cardiologist, too! :D

Since you are high risk, your OB should have you come in more often than a "normal" OB patient (at least both of mine did), and you may also get to have more sonograms!! (that's really cool ~ I used them to see my babies' faces, and that helped me with choosing their names; I know...that's "cheating", but it was fun, anyway!)

You can call me anytime. My # is ###-###-####, and I'm a SAHM to Noah (Jeremy is usually with his grandparents, or his aunt and uncle's because his cousin Travis is the same age). I'm so excited for you!! Maybe we can get together sometime and visit.



I'm 44 and have been considering getting pregnant again. Good for you!

My advice would be to eat lots of fresh, raw fruits and veggies (email me for an easy way to achieve this), get lots of exercise but not too strenuous. Remember, the baby cannot cool down in utero the way mama can so stay active but don't overdo it. Remember, a healthy diet for mama means great nutrition for the growing baby.

Good luck with the pregnancy!


I would just try to stick to a healthy diet and try not to gain too much weight in the beginning. You'll end up gaining more in the end, because of course that's when babies gain their the majority of their weight. They may say its high risk, but I would consider you high risk just because of age. I had baby #3 about 3 weeks early ( which isn't considered premie at 37 wks, she weighed a healthy 7 lb 14 oz) before her due date and before my 36 birthday and also delivered vaginal, this being my second vbac and within 45 minutes of delivering her. I did not have the amnio,I didn't think it was something that was necessary for me, I wasn't going to terminate the pregnancy if I was going to have a special needs child. Those test can be wrong as well, if you have a false positive, you'lll only have more testing to go through. Only more worries as well. My last ob thought I had a hard delivery and thought I would have another hard delivery. I had a fairly easy delivery. I think if you eat right, no crazy diets and exercise, you'll be fine.

First of all, Congratulations!! I agree with Lisa B - you are considered "high risk" becasue of your age. Don't focus on the term "high risk" (I know it's easier said than done - I had a good cry in the doctor's office when she used it) I was 40 and pregnant with my second baby and she is perfect. What an absolute miracle and such a delight to have her. It depends on your health prior to getting pregnant, but if you are already in good health and shape, you should be able to keep up your current excercise routine. I have to say that I excercised every day when I was pregnant with my first, but when you already have a child it is MUCH more difficult! Just use common sense and eat healthy, take walks with your little boy and enjoy as much one on one time with him as you can. Sure, there are risks, but if this is going to be your last baby enjoy every moment of pregnancy. It really is wonderful!!

I'm not in my forties but I'm pregnant (32y second time) so I know how excited you must be. it's such an amazing feeling isn't it? I'm only 5 weeks along and next week I will get my U/S done; keep us posted, love to hear about other prego mommas who are going through the same things,
congratulations! fingers and toes crossed that you get your little girl.

Congrats to you!! I am excited for you... I am not in my 40's yet...though I am close. I know most 40's moms are only classified high risk because the doctor's have to because of their age. No other reason than that.

Good luck to you!

Hi Camille,

Congratulations! I would definitely recommend looking into a prenatal fitness program where you live that focuses on pelvic floor exercises, lumbar stabilization, stretching, prep. exercises/strengthening specific for labor and delivery taught by a physical therapist. I believe I saw that you live in Austin. I teach prenatal exercise classes in San Antonio (Fit Mamas Prenatal Exercise). I do know that Austin has similar physical therapist run programs...definitely worth taking! Your OB will have to sign off that you are healthy to take the class. www.acog.org gives the guidelines on prenatal exercise...basically says don't start new strenuous activities if you haven't exercises (aerobically) prior to becoming pregnant. Anyway my advice would be to look around for a class like Fit Mamas in Austin or near where you live. My website is www.FitMamasSA.com.

Please feel free to contact me!

C. Cox, PT

Congratulations!!! Sending pink vibes your way! Will you post again when you find out what you're having?

I had twins and I was one week from being 42 years old. If I only had one advice to give...that would be to take care of yourself and listen to your body closely. Don't overdo it.


Over 40 births are typically only high risk if you have never had vaginal birth before simply because your bones won't move apart as well/easily as if you were younger. If you have no other health issues, you would not be considered high risk necessarily if you were to be seen by a licensed midwife (and of course they could not see you if you were really high risk). I have been to a first time mom's birth and she was 39 or 40 and had a wonderful water birth at a birth center with no complications or tearing. Just something to think about.




Hello C.
First of all Congratulations! on your pregnancy.
Well, C. I know you want to stay healthy and all especially /c you are at high risk pregnancy. Well, what I could recommend is drinking Tahitian Noni Juice. I don't know if you have heard of it. My family and I have been drinking and we all have been feeling well since drinking it that we don't get sick as often like we used to. My grandma is taking it and it has helped her control her diabetes. My son used to get sick alot especially at this time that the weather changes and now nothing he is totally healthy. If you are interested in taking it email me, it could be away for your baby and you to stay healthy while you are pregnant and after your pregnancy too.

God Bless and take care,


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