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High Risk Dr?

I am looking for a good well recommended high risk Dr one preferably that works with older women. I am over 40 an new to the area and just found out i am pregnant. I have had a miscarriage in the past and i am a over weight. So i have a lot of factors working against me. I don't have a regular dr. yet to get any recommendations from so if anyone can suggest a High risk dr that would be wonderful. I live in Plano. Also any input about the hospitals around her would be great as well. Thank you so much for you help.

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I was 43 when I delivered my singleton and 47 when I delivered twins. My OB was great. Her name is Julie Hagood. She is with Walnut Hill OB/GYN. It might be a slight drive, but so worth it. I delivered at Plano Dallas. My friend who had quads delivered there too. The experience was great!!! Good luck

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I use Dr. Ehmer but I've heard all the drs in the practice are great. I'm very overweight and I know others that go there, alot of them are high risk also. Hope this helps and CONGRATS!

Hi S.,

Congrats on your pregnancy. I would highly recommend my OB GYN. His name is Dr.Clark Griffith and he works out of Presby of Dallas. I'm not sure if he's classified as a "high risk" doctor but I'm sure he would provide you with all of the important care you need for your pregnancy. I'm only 25 but he's delivered all of my babies and is a brilliant doctor. Give him a call and go have a consultation with him. I'm always very happy with the care I get from him and his staff.

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S., congratulations on your pregnancy!

If you want to drive a little south from Plano, I highly recommend Dr. Gregory Chapman at Health Central Ob-Gyn, which is at Presby Dallas. His number is ###-###-####. He hasn't delivered a baby for me, but three of my friends who had multiple pregnancy losses (miscarriages and stillbirths) with other doctors have gone on to have living children with Dr. Chapman. He's very thorough, very attentive, and takes your concerns seriously.

Best of luck to you and your baby!

I had a high risk pregnancy. My OBGYN is Dr. Ralph Turner and his partner Dr. Stacey Stephens (both men). Their office is at Presbyterian Plano. They both delivered my daughter - c-section.


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good luck!

I'm a high risk patient as well and there are two perinatologists that I would highly recommend. Dr. Weiss is very smart and has great bedside manners. He is located in Medical City of Dallas off of 75 & Forrest. I'm seeing him right now as I am pg with my third baby. My OB is Dr. Oliveira and she is an absolute doll. My OB sends me to him for certain tests. Both are great. If you would rather go to Presby Plano look up Dr. Koster, she's another amazing perinatologist. I used her for with my first baby...didn't go back b/c Plano Presby is too far for me.
Good luck!

I see Dr. Christopher Riegal over at Presby Plano. I love him and his staff. I had my son a year ago and was very high risk. He was great. He watched me like a hawk and I had ultrasounds with each office visit. During my entire pregnancy I felt confident I was getting the best care I could get. If we have another one he's who I want to see again.


Also I am older mom as well and he nor his staff never made me feel bad for being an older mom either.

Good luck with your pregnancy. What a little blessing you are carrying.


I had 2 of my three at Presby Plano...I did go to see Dr. Thomas Albert for level 2 sonos with my last two and he seemed nice. I don't know if a regular ob is in your options as well but I delivered with Garrett Garner (he's in the practice Northlake OBGYN) at Presby Plano and any of the doctors there I'd be fine going to. Hope that helps!

I would recommend Dr Chet Wells at Plano Presby. He was wonderful working with me (older, overweight, pregnant with twins, and history of miscarriage). He worked in cooperation with Dr Albert (maternal/fetal specialist)- it is nice that they are both at Plano Presby. The hospital and staff is wonderful there.
As for a family doctor, I would recommend Dr Lisa Medwedeff - she is wonderful - and questions insurance companies at times as to coverage. She is near the Tollway and Spring Creek in Plano. I have been seeing her for 10 years.

Hi S.,

Congrats on your pregnancy!! I know of a very wonderful solo doctor that speciality is high risk pregnancies. He has been in practice for over 25 years at Medical City Hospital. His name is Ezell S. Autrey, MD. Dr Autrey is off of 75 and Forest lane. He excepts all insurance except for Medicaid. Give him a call. ###-###-#### He delivers at Medical City Hospital and Centennial Hospital in Frisco. Goodluck

Congratulations! I love my OB and would recommend him to you. I see Dr. Greebon who is with the Women's Specialists of Plano, which is next to Medical Center Plano. I wasn't high risk but they do have that speciality there. They are absolutely wonderful there, including great nurses.
I just delivered my daughter in January at Medical Center Plano and they were GREAT! I DID have a private room, as I believe they all are there. My nurses that took care of me were so good and sweet. I would highly recommend that hospital to you as well as my Dr.
Congrats again!

Presbyterian Plano is one of the best hospitals in the city. They have great baby classes and the facility is newer than some of the other hospitals. Not sure about high risk doctors, but I was 44 when I had my twins and I loved my doctor. Her name is Dr. Tracy Speight and she is out of Presby Dallas. Her number is ###-###-####. She may not be taking any new patients as her practice is getting so big, but she could refer you to someone.

Well if you are looking, I can highly recommend Dr Fogwell ay Presby, he is the best and came highly recommended to me when I moved here and found myself a Doctor, He and his staff are wonderful and he is a good Christain man.Good luck

I also recommend Plano Healthcare for Women -- Dr. Gwen Webster, ###-###-####. I was not high-risk but I know that is her specialty. I delivered both my girls at Plano Presby and was very happy with the hospital. I loved that all the rooms are private which as a result my insurance paid it. I wish you the best on your pregnancy!

I saw Erin Koster once during my pregnancy. I loved her! She was very helpful, nice, smart, and everything else I would want in a doctor. Here is a link to her website...
http://erinkostermd.com/services.html Her office is located in Plano by Plano presby.

Congrats on your pregnancy!! My OB is great -- I'm not high risk, but I know my doc does specialize in high risk obstetrics.

She's in Plano and she delivers at Presbyterian of Plano Hospital (new name is Texas Health Plano) on the tollway/Parker. She's very pleasant - a mom herself.
Plano Healthcare for Women -- Dr. Gwen Webster, ###-###-####

I have not heard good things about the direction that Medical Center of Plano is going. We have steered clear from that hospital since my FIL had his stroke (many yrs ago) and spent some time there -- we were not happy with the care there. Last I checked, they did not guarantee private rooms, so if it's a busy delivery time you might be sharing a room with another mom. And other friends that have delivered there have told me that their docs are not delivering there anymore - they are going to Presby Plano now. Presby Plano has all private rooms.

I am currently seeing Dr. Thomas Albert at Plano Presby. He is a perinatologist that only works with high risk pregnancies. I think your OB has to recommend that you see him, though. He is excellent. I have heard from many that he is the best in the area, and I do believe it.
My OBGYN is Dr. Mary Ann Franken at Trinity Medical Center in Carrollton. I highly recommend her! She is so caring and explains everything. SInce I've had complications, she has called me many times after hours and on her days off from her home. She never acts bothered by me or my requests and calls me herself, when necessary, instead of having another staff member do it. With my first baby, I loved delivering at Trinity as well. The staff was amazing and so kind. In post-partum, the nurses would just talk to me forever about my family and how to adjust to new life with our baby. I did have problems with Trinity's billing department, but am told they are being bought out by Baylor for sure before I deliver in September, so billing will not be done by the same agency.
Hope you find who you are looking for!!

I describe DR Yasmin BKhan in three short words Awesome ,caring , knowledgaable .I had terrible experiance seeing diffrent gynacologist ,i have had high risk pregnancy with two miscarriges and one full term fetal demise ,some one recommend me to see Dr khan so i went there with not big expectation . she took really good care of me ,with so much complication i had in my previous pregnancies she studied my case thoroughly and after 3 years of suffering i finally had my baby delivered by dr khan.I am so much thankful to her and recommend everybody . she is in richardson regional medical center my baby is now 4 years old and she is a healthy baby

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