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High Quality Prenatals

I am looking for suggestions on the high quality prenatal vitamins available these days. I like to shop at Whole Foods and other organic stores but there are so many options! What would you consider the best? Please, help! : )

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I have been buying my prenatals at Trader Joe's. You only need to take one a day but they are big. I tried twice to take different samples that my OB gave me and could tell a difference in how I felt. I'm also taking TJ's fish oil and flax oil. The price is very reasonable!

When I was pregnant I got an assortment of samples from my o.b. and then I just wound up taking whichever ones didn't make me throw up! Basically you want them to have DHA in them if possible, fatty acids.

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do a little research. I just found out that the #1 brand sold at Whole Foods that I was taking has high levels of lead along with many of the "good brands" ...I can only imagine what the store brands at the regular store have in them! I have a list of the 10 best prenatals, but i think youd have to purchase online. If i can dig them up I will repost!

From the FDA vitamin lead study:
> Top 10 pre- and postnatal vitamins with the LEAST lead
> 1. After Baby Boost 2
> 2. Nature's Sunshine Nature's Prenatal
> 3. Nature's Plus Prenatal Liquid
> 4. Natrol PreNatal Care
> 5. Pregnancy Plus
> 6. Pure Encapsulations PreNatal Nutrients
> 7. Maxi Health One Prenatal
> 8. Nature's Bounty Prenatal
> 9. Stuart Prenatal
> 10. Natural Wealth Prenatal
> Top 10 pre- and postnatal vitamins with the MOST lead
> 1. After Baby Boost 1
> 2. A to Z Naturals Wow! PreNatal
> 3. Vitamin Source Prenatal Complete
> 4. Prenatal Superior
> 5. Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System
> 6. Buried Treasure Prenatal Plus DHA Complete
> 7. DaVinci Laboratories Ultimate Prenatal
> 8. Life Time Professional Pre-Natal Formula
> 9. Daily Foods Baby & Me
> 10. Carol Bond Women's Choice Prenatal

I do not have a source for this so you may want to do your own research

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I highly recommend the prenatal vitamin I took during my last pregnancy and while nursing, from Whole Foods. It is called Rainbow Light Prenatal One. Just one pill per day, and is very gentle on the stomach. It has the complete vitamins, iron & folic acid and ginger to help with morning sickness.

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I recommend Rainbow Light Prenatal One, everyone prenatal client I have referred does not have any issues with nausea, they are food based and typically better than prescribed ones. The other brand I recommend is New Chapter Organics, which has probiotics in them. The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that expecting moms take 5000iu of Vitamin d3 since we are so deficient in them. Babies are born deficient often needing to supplement with 400iu if exclusively breastfeed (even if mom is taking her d3 still). Whole Foods has Carlon's d3 drops. Also consider taking some fish oils. The baby's brain develops the most during the 3rd trimester and continues to develop at a rapid rate the first two years of life. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega + D3 is great (it only has 1000iu of d3, so you still need to add the drops).

I suggest buying vitamins at either www.vitacost.com or at www.iherb.com they have free shipping on anything over $50, you get %5 off anything over $60 and you get $5 off first time orders if you use coupon code JAF960. Here is the short version:

Rainbow Light Prenatal One (if you get the others, you have to take 6 per day, 2 at B/L/D but it has the probiotics in them, or you can take probitoics separate)
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega + Vitamin D3
1000mg of Vitamin C starting at 27wks, (to help premature rupture of membranes)
Carlson's Vitamin D3 drops
Probiotics (PB8 is my recommendation with the blue cap)

Hope this helps!

Maternal and Child Health Educator
Chicago Examiner Family Health Expert
Master Trainer for Healthy Moms Fitness

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I am 6 months PG and am taking Shaklee supplements. They don't make an actual *prenatal* but all the nutrients in my regimen were approved by my OB as the amounts I should be taking. I like that they are whole-food based, making it easier for your body to utilize and absorb.

The prenatals I liked the best, took all through my last pregnancy and will take again are Nature's Way Completia Prenatal vitamins. They have everything you need, folid acid, iron, even DHA.
They are fairly large, but aren't too bad to take. They don't taste bad or give a burp-y aftertaste. They never made me feel bad, even when I took them on an empty stomach.
Here are the specs: http://naturesway.com/?pid=14905
And you can buy them here in different sizes: http://www.luckyvitamin.com/item/itemKey/54627 (The best prices anywhere - I had been buying them at Meijer for twice the price, until Meijer stopped carrying them, and I'm glad or I would never had looked online!)

Hi N.,
I'm sure you'll be overwhelmed with responses and people trying to sell you things but I do want to reply to let you know that Shaklee vitamins are the very best. They do over 80,000 tests on their products annually to check for purity, potency and to ensure there are no contaminants, banned substances, etc. Not sure if you know why that is important but the FDA does not regulate vitamins and so many companies claim to be safe, natural, effective or whatever but have no one to hold them accountable and therefore the claims mean essentially nothing. Shaklee is reviewed by 3rd parties so you know their products are safe. I'd love to tell you more - email me if you're interested.


I used Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins from Whole Foods. I never had any problems with them.

Primacare (prescription) or what your doctor recommends.

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