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High Levels of Lead in Babies Blood

when i took my son to our WIC appt in june for his one year visit they did a blood test on him and they said that his iron was low and that his lead level was at a 10. they said just to watch what he eats and give him more iron to eat. they retested his blood at the end of july and they called me today to tell me that his lead level is higher and now at 15. they want to wait until oct to do another test and then if its higher they will come in and they have a tester that will show where the lead is coming from. we moved into our house one week before he was born and im home with him every day so i know its coming from somewhere in our house. our house is very old, but everything has been repainted except the upstairs. in his bedroom we put up a blanket behind his crib to make sure he wasn't chipping off anything on the walls (we haven't noticed any chipping paint its just to be safe)and after finding out that his levels were up we even put him into another room to sleep in case it was in that room, other than sleeping that is the only time he is upstairs. im really worried about the long term effects this is going to have on him.. mainly because its still going up, plus im due in two weeks with another baby and i don't want it to effect her also since we can't figure out where he is getting it from. i called his ped and they said that i don't need to come in now since i already have an appt set up for his 15 months check up in sept it can wait until then to talk to her about what to do.
i was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and can tell me some really good foods to give him that will help get the higher iron in him other than what we are giving him? he loves all fruits and veggies, he really likes orange juice and beef but isn't big on other meats. he likes all kinds of pasta dishes and all dairy except milk, he refuses to drink it.. pretty much other than meats and plain milk he isn't a picky eater. i have still been giving him one bottle of the step two formula with iron a day as advised by the nurse. all meals are homemade, i rarely use boxed foods and have been buying foods (pasta, cereal, oj etc) that is fortified with iron just to help. i just don't know what else to give him that im missing to get the levels down (plus we can't figure out the source where he is getting it). thank you all for any ideas you have!

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I have no idea about the lead, but my son loves dark red kidney beans which are high in iron and great for protein too. Don't give too many at first so that his little tummy can get used to them. Canned ones seem the easiest to me and Noah has been eating them for about a year and a half now. Hope that helps some on the iron side of things.

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I've had some experience with elevated levels of lead in my child's blood. After contacting the Marathon County Health Department for information, I realized that the source was more than likely the lead pipes that carried the water to our house. Our house had been built in the 1930's and my concern was also lead paint. After getting one of the lead testing kits at Ace Hardware, I only found lead paint on our screened in porch, which we didn't use much anyway. The source had to be the water and after purchasing bottled water for quite some time, I had my son's blood retested to find there were no longer traces of lead in his blood. I definitely think it was the water. Hope this helps.

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What about your pipes? In the older homes, they used lead pipes for the water. A lot of cities still have lead pipes for their water systems. You might want to consider having your water tested, just to see if there is lead levels there. I don't know why they want to wait until October to get someone in to see where the lead is coming from. I would insist that it be sooner, just for the health and safety for all of you.

If you do not like what you are hearing from your doctor and you don 't want to wait till October, then DON'T. Find a different doctor get the levels checked again and get someone into the house to find out where the lead is. Lead can cause long term and short term problems. I feel it should always be a problem that is solved ASAP. I knew a kid once who had lead posioning from her bed frame, who would of thought. She was six and just sleeping in her bed each night. Once the bed frame was removed her levels dropped.

We too have a very old house, and when my now 11 year old was 1, we had the same situation. The health department has a lead division. Even though my daughter was not in the high danger zone, I demanded that they come out and look at my home, and give me more information. They did!!!!! Our problem was dust from our neighbors grinding ALL of the old paint off of their home. The dust collected in our windows and blew into our home. We also learned that in older homes, even if the lead paint on the walls is "contained" the dust can still be in the windows and when they are opened or closed the dust can get into the home. To this day I vacuum the windows every time I do the rugs. I was told to feed my daughter "natural high fats", like alvacado. The health department as well as your doctor can give you more foods that will help. I would not wait until the next appointment. My daughter is fine, does great in school and everything else, but I worked very hard to get the lead out of her system.

I have no idea about the lead, but my son loves dark red kidney beans which are high in iron and great for protein too. Don't give too many at first so that his little tummy can get used to them. Canned ones seem the easiest to me and Noah has been eating them for about a year and a half now. Hope that helps some on the iron side of things.

R., I am with the consensus of some of the other moms, I think the old plumbing in the house could definitely be the culprit. At this point I would be more concerned about the high levels of lead in your child than the iron, because there are supplements for low iron if need be, however we all know what can happen with too much lead in the body.
I don't know if you could call the MN Dept. of Health or the City Works Division to come out a.s.a.p. to check into that, sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I would switch to bottled water until you have that checked out. I know that might seem costly to do, but the cost of that would only be a fraction of the cost of medical bills further on down the road.
Best of luck to you and your family!

I wonder about your water. We used to live in St Paul and we found out the city had replaced all its lead water pipes but the pipes from the city to the house had never been replaced so we had high levels of lead. We put a filter on our faucet, which is effective and inexpensive.

You can get your water tested but I don't know a whole lot about how to go about it. I'd buy a filter right away (make sure it reduces lead because some of them just make water taste better. We've used Pur and Teledyne.) And then get your water tested in hopes of ruling that out or confirming and eliminating it.

As others have said, I would have your water tested. The lead could be coming from your house's pipes.

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