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High Grade Fever with No Other Symptoms

My daughter who is turning 5 this June is running a very high fever, the highest was earlier today at 105.8. Its usually somewhere between 100.4 to 103.1. I asked her if she feels any pain anywhere or if she's cold, but her answer is no, were talking about someone who speaks up whenever she feels something is wrong with her. I give her ibuprofen which lowers her fever and when she feels a bit fine, she starts to play for about an hour and then her fever returns again and she falls asleep or is really tired.

She eats a little but drink a lot of water and pedialyte. Her fever has been running for about two days, we'll be going to the doctor tomorrow but a little heads up from other moms would really help.

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Thank you so much for everyone's input. that calmed me up a bit and was reassuring. We are currently in vacation in the Philippines and my main concern was dengue fever but we just got the result of her blood and urine tests. Her platelet is 248 but her urine have traces of blood and pus. The pedia told us that its UTI but she's going to have the blood test repeated tomorrow just to be sure. Will keep everyone updated. She's active now, her fever has gone down but it spiked earlier today to 103.6. I'm just hoping and praying that everything will be fine.

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My daughter had this a month or so ago...lasted 4-5 days...just keep giving her the tylenol/motrin...kind of scary and weird, but she worked through it. The doctor said to call again or go to the ER if the fever was over 105...I thought that was strange b/c she was 103 and THAT even made me nervous. So, definitely go the doctor if you feel the need.

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As a Pediatric ICU nurse I get this question all the time. Rotate Tylenol and ibuprofen, Every 4-6 hours (dose dependant on your daughters weight). Dehydration is the most common complication of fevers so if she's drinking a lot that's great, be sure that water and pedialyte are her main sources- juices and gatorade contain a lot of calories and sugar that are not necessary. Things to look out for: sore throat, ear aches, RASH- can indicate a more severe infection, neck pain, or if the fevers are not controlled by the Tylenol/ ibuprofen. If it lasts more than 7 days you'll also need a checkup. If your daughter starts to not take fluids visit the doctor within 2 days- it doesn't take long for little ones to become dehydrated. Don't insist on antibiotics at your doctors appointment, your doctor will be able to tell if this is necessary. Viral infections will not respond to antibiotics, only bacterial infections. Unnecessary antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistant infections.

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Have her tonsils checked! Sounds weird but here is my story....My then two year old did this for about six months. High fevers no energy but her white blood count was also sky high also she had no weight gain and didn't grow!...the drs couldn't find anything wrong with her. At one point they were looking into luekemia....scary right! Then someone finally suggested taking her tonsils out. They disenagrated as soon as they were cut...the infection was in the core of the tonsil with no obvious outside clue. She gained 4 pounds and grew 4 inches in a months time the doctors said her body was always so busy fighting the infection that it couldn't grow.....wouldn't hurt to ask...hope this finds you on the road to an answer.

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I know this is resolved but I had to comment too. My daughter had the exact same fever when she was about that age. One day after it broke, she got covered with these tiny little red bumps the size of pinpricks. The dr. said it was a virus similar to Roseola. If your daughter develops a rash like this after her fever breaks, it could be the same thing. Good luck :) !


try to get her in asap....

for my kids, strep is symptomless except for fever. otherwise they ear, drink, play when with medicine, and good for 6 hrs. but then fever spikes. so i'd test her for strep

I'm glad this is resolved but I have to say that kids (or adults) who run fevers should NOT just take ibuprofen or anything else to reduce the fever. That's not addressing the cause, just the symptom! The meds can reduce the pain and discomfort which is okay for a flu or something that will run its course, but a fever over 103 that persists needs a diagnosis asap! I'm glad your child is okay and that was something easily treated.

My daughter had this a month or so ago...lasted 4-5 days...just keep giving her the tylenol/motrin...kind of scary and weird, but she worked through it. The doctor said to call again or go to the ER if the fever was over 105...I thought that was strange b/c she was 103 and THAT even made me nervous. So, definitely go the doctor if you feel the need.

i don't know why this happen but one time my oldes kid has fever for 3 day with no symptoms he was eating fine and playing just had fever and the at third day the fever was gone ,i think is kind of virus or something.

Has she been peeing? Worry about UTI or kidney infection. 105.8 is very high.

when my son spikes a high fever (over 103.5) it usually is an ear infection with or without symptoms.

Dear Parents,

My daughter always gets high grade fever, min is 102 deg. when she has 102 she is fine laughts plays jumps then when it comes to 104 she is dull . in nights its more . we do night outs with her . dear parents dont worry as soon as your gets 102 deg fever do sponging with luke warm water . dont put woolen cloths , make them wear lite cotton ware.give immed medicine like meptalp or crocin. and then take to dr after 4 hrs . because immed after giving medi the child feels relaxed and fever also reduces and sometimes dr do not understand.

give them ORS apple or orange liquids, get blood test done . check whether your child is passing the urine frequents or less, and motion also . tell your dr about this . give lots of liqs so that the infection goes in urine.

I know the pain , but never wait till the fever increases to 104 deg , there are very much chances of getting fits.
precaution spong with luke warm water , i wrap my baby in wet cloth.

I did not read your other post, but when my kids get high fevers it is either an ear infection or also could be a UTI. L.:)

Mono or strep would be my first guesses. When I ran an in-home daycare, one of the kids had the same thing. It was mono. Then, they all got strep after that. :(

when my kids get this, its usually strep.

This happened to my son when he was 3, and he had pneumonia. Please get her to the doctor. Also ask for a strep test - even without a sore throat, a high fever can be from that.

Good luck to you and your DD!

It's probably viral, but it is best to have her checked out.

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