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High Fevers with Seizure Activity in My 9 Mo. Old Daugher

Yesterday my daughter was running low grade fevers off and on throughout the day.. which is to be expected with her teething. I gave her tylenol to keep the fever down but she wasn't showing any signs of pain. However, things took a turn for the worse later in the night. At 1: 30 A.M. my daughter sat straight up in bed and looked around the room and started gigging very hard ( as if someone was tickling her). I looked straight into her face to realize that my daughter was not "there". She did not focus on me when I was RIGHT in front of her face and she was completely unaware of my presence. I went to pick her up and realized she was very hot. I took her temperature rectally and it read close to 104 degrees. That's when I realized something was terribly wrong with my nine month old baby girl. She continued to look around the room with glazed over eyes and kept giggling. It took her about 15 or 20 minutes to "come back". We took her to the emergency room last night at Valley Children's ( they were of no help), and we also followed up with her pediatrician this morning. Her pediatrician told us that she had a seizure probably caused by the high fever. She still has a fever currently, and we are trying to keep it as low as possible. Her DR warned us that if her fever spikes again, she is likely to have another seizure and if the seizure lasts more than 10 minutes to call 911. I am absolutely terrified for my daughter. I don't even want to go to sleep tonight, in fear that I won't wake up when she needs me most. I have never been in this situation before and I am very concerned and down right scared. Has any one ever gone through this with their young babies? Does any one have advice?? I am desperate for any thoughts you all may have. Thank you for your time. And just one more thing.. Please pray for my daughter's health!!

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I am so sorry to hear about your poor little one & yourself. Such a scary experience! I don't have much to offer since my daughter has not yet been sick (she is 11 months) but I just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine went thru this with her daughter & it happened a few nights before it was diagnosed as a bladder infection. So please have her checked for that especially if you bath your daughter in soap or bubbles & allow her to sit in it in the tub which can cause sensitive females-like myself-it runs in my family-an instant bladder infection. When my Mom found out I was sensitive to soaps down there -I'm not sure how she learned-it might have been thru my sister before me-getting an infection but I have never been able to bath with soap or any kind of scented bubble bath etc. I have used massengale, summers eve or phisoderm on that part of my body my whole life & do the same with my daugher-when I bath her I do not allow her to 'soak' in the bath water that washed her-I rinse as I go & refill...hope this helps to get you toward diagnosing the real issue. Hang in there & this too will pass. Just give that little angel all the love you can & keep close watch on that fever until you get thru this. Also keep her well hydrated. Buy water with electrolytes or pedilite. Also when I had a high fever as a child my Mom would take alcohol on a wash cloth with water & do a rub down my whole body to bring the fever down...I have also heard cold baths...

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You have many responses, so I will keep this short. Febrile seizures are actually quite common in infants to about age 2 (about 10% of kids have them). I know they are quite scary, but there are usually no long term side effects. It is good to be vigilant about the level of fever (give cool bath right away to lower high temperatures -- don't wait for Tylenol or Motrin to start working, which can take 30 minutes). I had many when I was a child (and I am also an MD). Good luck with it. Be vigilant, but don't make yourself sick. It's not abnormal in young children, just scary for the parents. Good luck!

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My son used to spike high fevers every time he got an ear infection, which was often. He's now 32 and this is what we were told to do. First of all keep her in loose clothing - and no blankets. Give her baby Tylenol as often as allowed - don't wait until she spikes a fever to give it to her. If the fever gets to 103 - put her in a tepid bath (not cold - that will shock her system)...luke warm. You need to get her body temperature down. She won't like being put in cool water - they will often cry, but it is the best thing to do. This will require constant monitoring - so either you sleep with her or have her sleep with you. All this being said - there is a reason for her fever. Small children are often prone to ear infections - so she should be checked out by a Dr. asap. They will probably give her antibiotics if she has infection of some type. Good luck - motherhood is not for the faint of heart!

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Both of my children have had FEBRILE seizures. My son, who is now 14, had two when he was less than 3 years old, and my daughter, who is 3, had one about 1 1/2 years ago. The first time I was freaked out, but when it happened to my daughter most recently, I knew what to do. The babysitter called and said she was burning up hot, was weak, could not stand, and was shivering and shaking. She told me she'd wrapped my daughter up in a blanket and layed her down. That was the worst thing she could have done because, even though the child appears to be cold, and thinks they are cold, they are actually overheated. I told the babysitter to take off all of her clothes and I would be there immediately. When I got there (about 10 minutes later) she was already cooling down, and had stopped shaking.

So please remember, do not increase your childs temperature in these situations by piling on clothes and blankets. Strip them down to their diaper and try to lower their temperature, via a cold cloth or Motrin, until you can get them to a doctor. Although they appear to be cold, they are not, and trying to "warm them up" can cause greater problems.

As horribly scary as they may seem, you will get through this and she WILL BE okay. I worried so much when my babies were in my womb, but not half as much as I did once they were born. Being a first time mom is both amazing and frightening but that's why we are all here for each other. You are most definately in my prayers!

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When a baby is teething, it lowers their resistance and they are more likely to become ill. Some parents think that it is normal for a teething baby to have a fever and that they are not ill. Did your doctor tell you to give your baby a cool bath to lower her temperature? That worked for our four kids; a cool bath and tylenol. I hope everyone sleeps well tonight.

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That sounds so scary! I have heard holding cut lemons in a cold compress at your child's feet will help pull the fever out of the body. The fever is serving a purpose, and will actually make her immune system stronger. But, the immediate concern is of seizures, so if you want to do something natural, I would try the lemon thing first.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

God Bless.

M. S

My son is 14, so he's a lot older, but he'd been running a 103-104 fever Sunday - Tuesday this week. We noticed it was definitely higher during the night than day. I don't think he had seizures, but he was hallucinating a bit. We went in to see a doctor on Tuesday and he was diagnosed with strep throat with is MORE prevalent this year than the swine flu we keep hearing about in the news. It's up 300% or something like that.

For the fever, we were advised to alternate doses of ibuprofen and Tylenol every 2 hours or so. He's an anti-meds kind of kid - doesn't normally even like to take things for a headache unless he really can't function and has to take to his bed.

Thankfully, he's back up and around and now we just have to figure out the finals he missed! New guideline for antibiotics is to be out of school / daycare 48 hours.

I will pray for your daughter. I really don't have any advice for this one, but to try to keep that fever down. Dress her in clothes that'll keep her cool. Maybe put a cool washcloth on her forehead every now and then. Offer her lots of fluids.I don't know what else to advise. It's probably a virus that has to work it's way through her system. I'll pray for both of you.

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