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High Fever and Leg Pain

My son has been complaining about his leg hurting. I,of cusrse, have looked and do not see anything on the surface that is wrong. He also has a fever. It hasn't gotten over 103 but still enought to put him down for the weekend. I can remember being his age and having leg pain with growing pains (so my mother told me). I haven't been to the doctor yet as this is still fairly recent. If any one has been through this before and could shed a little light it would be great. I intend on calling his doctor in the morning. Just in case they think I should bring him in.

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for everyone with a positive response, thank you for your insight. i have been to the doctor and they drew blood. my son has officially declared the doctors office to be the enemy however they found nothing. his fever had dropped to 100 and now is normal but still on the medicne, as per the doc (untill the morning). they think it was some kind of viral infection that the body has taken care of and he should be ok. i understand kids get these kinds of things often and it is our responsibility to weave through what is serious and what is not. thank you to all for your support. if something does come out of this later on i will let you know.

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Personally, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'd take him to the doctor or ER immediately. If it were just leg cramps, I'd think growing pains....but with a fever? I don't think so. Mommy radar is going off. There may be an infection somewhere. Don't panic, just be safe.

Take him to the dr. Not to freak you out but Staph is running rampant and it could EASILY be that. Go to the Doctor now!!!!!

A high fever is the body's defense against invading organisms. Growing pains and fever should not be associated with each other. Any fever over 103 should be taken seriously as brain damage starts to be a major concern over 104 degrees.

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One of my 5 year olds was going through this same thing but the fevers were randomly coming and going and unexplainable. I ended up taking him to the ER because of all the things you read which can have these symptoms and he was in tears that Saturday morning complaining of his leg pains(of course when the regular doctor's office was closed). They did a thorough work up of blood and xrays and didn't find anything but it did bring me peace of mind. Now when he complains of leg pains, I know its just growing pains and don't have to second guess my decision to just let it be that. There are many things that can cause this but because there is the fever, he should definitely see the doctor for blood work.

Good luck.

I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter that just had the exact symptoms. Fever for two and a half days ( as high as 102.6) and complained of leg pain. No other symptoms and now the fever is gone and nothing else has happened and she hasn't complained about leg hurting anymore. I just thought her leg may be stiff or sore from the fever or maybe "growing pains". If you contact your doctor, let me know what he/she says. I would appreciate it.

We're helping care for our grandson, almost 4 years old. He also complains of serious leg pains in the night especially after a day of outdoor activity. My husband, "Grandpa" also had leg pains when he was a child. I personally believe it has to do with growing pains.

E. L

How long has he been running fever? I don't think you should wait until in the morning unless this is his first day with fever and you're trying him on Motrin or Tylenol to break the fever. That's a little scary to me, Fever always is. May God be with you.

By all means take the child to the doctor.

With the fever and the leg pain, you should be concerned. The Dr. should run a blood test to check on his white blood cell count (indicates infection) and possibly run other tests. The pain could indicate anything from just growing pains to an internal infection to bone cancer (not likely to be the later). It is important to get it checked as most children his age do not let pain bother them and just play through it.

Please go to the dr. immediately. Since he is having fever with no symptoms that you can see (runny nose, etc.) but he's complaining of pain, he should be seen quickly to rule out any unseen infection or underlying problem. They can check his white count quickly. Fever is the way a body fights infection and I would definitely have him seen today.

It is probably just growing pains,

It could be cellulitus but you would notice a red swollen area on his leg if he had that, and it would most likely be in a spot where he hit his leg really hard in the last couple of days.

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