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High Chair - Do I Really Need One?


I am looking to save money, do you think we could do fine without purchasing a high chair? We have a walker that comes with a food tray beneath the toy 'table'. We are planning to use this for a 'high chair'. I am aware of consignment sales, resale stores and such but still find these types of items pricy. Please share your experience (of doing without) if you have had a similar one. Thanks!

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Hi Moms,

Thank you very much for your responses :o) I got so much feedback recommending a booster seat with tray that I think we will plan to get one of these. Thanks for your time, it really helped me to plan ahead!

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I think that it is good to have the separation from a play toy to what you use for dinner. I believe that it helps them get into a pattern of what meal time is and it is good to have them at you level at the table, lets them feel like they are part of the family. Also they will get very messy so to have to lean the walker all the time might get to be too much. I think investing in one will be good. You most likely will be using it for a couple of years with the first and if you have more kids it can be used with them too.

Hi J.! Ikea makes a great super simple high chair for just about $20. I have found that I like it much better than my other spendy version as it doesn't have all the padding, nooks and crannies and straps to get gunked up with food. Hope you find something that works for you!

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Definitely skip the high chair and just get a booster that attaches to a chari. They have ones which work for infants through pre-K. My daughter has been in one, at the table, since she was very little. Ours is by "The First Years." If you have not already, try Craiglist - you should be able to get one for $10.

We got a high chair, but if I'd known about the 3 in 1 booster seat--I would have just gotten that instead! It cost about 20 or 25 dollars (new) and has a couple of seat settings as well as a detachable tray (you strap it onto a chair, it folds folds up for easy transport). We got it when we realized it was impossible to have our son join us to eat when visiting friends and relatives over the holidays. There are several varieties--check it out!

I found that it really is invaluable to have somewhere for the baby to sit when they're no longer a "baby". Once they learn how to really be mobile, they won't stay on your lap. Having them up on the same level as you helps with how they interact at tables in restaurants or just in general as well. I didn't get full on high chair, I got a chair that attaches to the table with clamps, which was a little cheaper and more space saving than a full on high chair. It is also portable, which is nice. So if your baby is just starting out and happy on your lap, that's fine for now, as long as hot things are far out of reach. But when they start to move, having a separate chair for them is important. Check out Craigslist. People on there are usually selling for cheaper than consignment shops.


I'm kinda laughing at the whole buying of baby products because my daughter thinks she is a little adult and refuses to use her high chair when we go out to restaurants and likes to sit in a chair at home (hated the nice crib too). If we insist she will only use it if she can climb in it herself. Anyway, my point is if you are unsure, then wait and go out to eat when your child is 6 months or whatever age your child is ready and see if it works for you and your baby. I wish I waited because I don't think I would have bought one or at least spent the $$$ I did on ours (it rocks and everything LOL). We mainly used it when she was little to set her in with us in the kitchen while we cooked meals. It was the kind you can lay back for a baby too. There is way cheaper products that do this same job.

Really, I think we could do without a great deal of stuff we bought just because it's on the list.... If you are unsure wait and try a friends or buy things that work with your child's personality. I have made the mistake of buying things because it worked for other people or it looked cool, but really, all children are different and things as available as a highchair will be there to buy if you need it so there is no rush.

Take Care,

PS Our daughter loved the walker before she could climb and sit in a seat and it was portable too... congrats on your little one.

Hi J.! Ikea makes a great super simple high chair for just about $20. I have found that I like it much better than my other spendy version as it doesn't have all the padding, nooks and crannies and straps to get gunked up with food. Hope you find something that works for you!

I say skip the high chair and buy a booster seat. They are $30 at most new and they grow with your child. I bought a high chair and it is so huge that I still feel like my 10 month old is too small for it. The booster on the other hand is perfect. I bought the Safety First Recline and Grow because I love how easy it is to take the tray on and off. Also, I personally like to keep eating and playing separate for my baby, so it might be confusing to always feed yours in the walker. Plus I would imagine it moves around, so may not be that safe for eating. Good luck.

A walker seems too low. Babies like to be up where the action is at the table. I would hate to have to bend down to feed my baby to. We spent 90 bucks on a cloth highchair that I hated because I had to wash it all the time. I ended up using one I could wipe down easy from a garage sale.
Ikea has I nice one that you can wipe down for like 15-20 bucks my girlfreind uses it and it works great.

We used a booster seat that strapped on to a regular chair and had its own tray- they are only about $20 new. and really easy to clean. If you used something like that then the walker could be a toy and would not get as messy- baby food/small child eating gets everywhere!

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