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Hernia Above Belly Button

After I gave birth to my daughter 17 months ago and my belly shrunk back to its normal size, I noticed a lump above my belly button that I am sure is a hernia. Has any other mom gotten a hernia after being pregnant? If so, did you go to the doctor and did it need to be repaired? Is it something that I should get fixed before I become pregnant again? Thanks in advance! You are all always so helpful!

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I have something that sounds similar. I noticed it after having my first child. My docotor told me that it is an umbilical hernia. He didn't seem to think it was anything that I had to have corrected unless I want to have surgery. So I would suggest checking with your ob/gyn. I had a second child 2 years later and did not have any problems.

You might be experiencing a diastasis or it could be a hernia. In either case, please consult with your family doctor or your ob/gyn for advice.

I developed an umbilical hernia while pregnant with my first son. (I gained 54 lbs.and like to joke that he busted my gut) I had it checked by my doctor and he told me not to worry. He sent me to a surgeon and I was told not to have it fixed until I was absolutely done having children. There were two options he gave me...one was that they could sew it up(quick fix) but it would most likely pop open when I got pregnant again. The correct way to fix it would be with wire mesh and that does not stretch and could cause pain or other problems if I were to get pregnant again. So after two kids I am still leaving it alone until we have decided for sure that we are done having children. I do keep an eye on it and have it checked if I ever am at the dr. just to make sure it has not gotten larger and it has not. At my last visit to my ob, I was told that sometimes women have umbilical hernias and live the rest of their life without having them fixed. A matter of preference I suppose. Just use caution when you do any abdominal exercises. And you might notice it at times if you over eat. I guess the price we pay for having these wonderful kids. good luck

Definitely have your doctor look at it. I had a hernia above my belly button and had to have surgery to have it repaired. It is an outpatient surgery with only a day or two of recuperation however, no lifting for up to 6 weeks or you could cause the repair to tear.

hi there. i had one years before i was preggo and had it repaired. oh and let me tell you recovery from that is not fun! you don't realize how much you use your ab muscles..even opening the refridgerator hurt so bad! having had that surgery had no effect on my pregnancy. that area hurt from tiem to time when the scar tissue would stretch but my belly got GINORMOUS because I had high fluid and it caused no problems. better get it looked at.

My husbands ex wife did this too and yes, she had to get it fixed and with any hernia you should get it fixed. iT IS A TEAR IN YOUR ABDOMINAL WALL THAT SUPPORTS ALL YOUR INNERDS oops sorry about the caps anway.... it can do ntohing but gt bigger adn bigger and then the surgery becomes bigger and more dangerous as well. Please go see yoru doctor and get it fixed!

I have one also and many doctors told me not to worry about it.But they did warn me of the symptoms to watch for if I needed to have it taken care of. It does not bother me. WHy have a surgery if it is not necessary. Any surgery can have complications. Women have had these for generations and have lived full lives. Just have your doctor double check it and be informed on what you need to know. Too many people have unnecessary surgeries in this country.

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