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Herbal or Non Medicated Ways to Get Rid of Sore Throat and Tight Chest

I'm 28wks pregnant and I thinking I'm catching something. My throat is starting to hurt when I swallow,my chest is tight,and slight cough. I do not want to take any over counter meds or prescription that doctor recommends,I just do not like to take meds anyways especially when I'm pregnant,but would like to do something.
I am going to try the hot lemonade,works great most of the time, and humidifer but can anyone suggest anything else?
I have a 2 1/2yr old and do not want her to get sick too, so anything asap will be wonderful.
thank you,


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Thank you everyone for all the advice..I felt terrible this morning and ended seeing the doctor anyways--I have the start of upper respitory infection and bronchitus..I was sent home with antibiotics,zithromax..I think I'll try some home remedies first before diving into the meds.
Thanks again,


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If you are congested one thing you can use are the Vicks things you put in the shower. Or you can put eucolyptus (i know i can't spell) oil on a rag or sponge and put it in the shower. Both of these release vapors that help to unclog. Also, if you can get a Netti pot it helps to keep me from getting sick... also gargle w/warm salt water. I hope you feel better

apple cider vinegar (2 TBS in cup of water - a little organic honey if you like too) three times a day. Also gargle with a little peroxide (diluted with a little water) ...

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I have asthma and am quite prone to bronchitis. I was prescribed zithromax two different times during two diff. pregnancies and had no problems/side effects. I also tried not to take unnecessary meds, but my OB made a good point and basically said that if you are sick and not getting enough oxygen then that is worse for the baby than the very small amount of medication that may cross the placenta. So don't feel bad about taking the prescription and getting yourself healthy again so that your body can support a healthy baby!
Hope you feel better soon.

Gargle hot water and salt. Not to hot to burn your mouth, but not warm either and enough salt to make it taste really, really salty. 2 to 3 times a day.

Also, tea made from ginger root. Boil some water and add 2 or 3 slices of ginger root. Add a little sugar to taste.

Young Living oils has a blend of essential oils that is great for respiratory support. I don't want to sound "salesy" on here so I'll just link my recent blog post about it.


Also, just to let you know - it is 10% off until the 15th of November. :-D

Marjoram is the only oil in the blend I noticed right off hand that is sometimes seen on a "avoid during pregnancy" list of essential oils becuase it is an ammenagogue (sp?) - which means it helps regulate late or stubborn menstrual cycles. It would be one to avoid during first trimester becuase of that effect (helping bring on a late menstruation) but I've used it during 2nd and 3rd trimester safely.

Talk with a naturopath or midwife with experience using oils if you have any other questions.

Eucalyptus oils and pines are GREAT for breathing support and peppermint is so refreshing - kids like it a lot and it's got that nice anti-microbial effect. :-)

Hi BB,

It looks like you've gotten some good advice on how to get rid of this illness. To prevent any future illness for yourself or your toddler, a healthy diet rich with fresh, raw fruits and vegetables is the key. If you're like me and have trouble eating the recommended 9-13 servings daily, call or email me and I'll let you know what worked for my family.

Hope you feel better soon!


This won't cure your cold, but my doctor told me that I could take just plain Claritin, NOT ClaritinD, and then of course, tylenol. That will at least make you feel a little more comfortable.


This is going to help you right away but thought you would like this suggestion in the future. I have used an all natural mouth wash and all natural tea tree oil as well. And what I do is I garge with the mixture to help reduce the bacteria and viruses. I also do this for our whole family is put a few drops of "Tea Tree Oil" in a vaporizer. This works GREAT!! I also use all natural cought dropss to help relieve the pain in the throat. And then of course drink lots of G'Day Tea. i know this probably won't solve your solution right away. If you like to know more info. e-mail me at ____@____.com
Have a great evening

apple cider vinegar (2 TBS in cup of water - a little organic honey if you like too) three times a day. Also gargle with a little peroxide (diluted with a little water) ...

Take lots of good probiotics to support your immune system. See Body Ecology Diet (Donna has a section for pregnant women) and The Candida Wellness Center (I think their website goes under candidayeastanswer.com). They have high potency, good quality probiotics which you need while pregnant and nursing to support your health and your baby's!

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