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Hemp Seed

Hello Ladies,

I would like to know is it safe to take hemp seeds/hemp milk/hemp protein powder while breastfeeding?? I heard about the benefits but not sure if it's okay to take them while breastfeeding??
Also any of you took oatmeal to increase milk supply??? Does it work??

I dont beleive in herbs n such( because i had really bad experiences with them) ie, fenugreek, mother tea...)
But I would like to know any nutrition food that i can have everyday as well as increase milk supply ??

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Try taking a breastfeeding class at the Pump Station. There's on in Hollywood and one in Santa Monica. SO informative!-www.weelicious.com

Here is a web suit for breast feeding questions. it is called La Leche League.
I hope it will help you?

The best thing to increase milk supply is to breastfeed (or pump) often and drink lots of water! Good luck and congrats :)

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Let me get this straight, you are interested in taking Hemp seeds (herb) which I do NOT advise, but not interested in More Milk Plus/Fenugeek-proven safe for hundreds of years and effective to increase breast milk production? Ok -NO to Hemp, and YES I ate oatmeal and Yes it helped to increase my milk supply. Yes it tastes better than More Milk plus liquid drops. I ate oatmeal for breakfast with walnuts and dates and I also ate many many many oatmeal rasin cookies...which I ate I am sure because I was craving them...but they have oatmeal in them and are better For you than choc chip...and look if you get desparate to make more milk- you can just try the fengugreek....
(I used it occasionally to increase supply-but it was hard w twins to keep up w everything to do, remember to take etc...)

Best of luck with the breastfeeding, everyone says it but really it goes by so quicky....

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um hemp is classified as a herb.

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I'm puzzled about the "don't believe in herbs..." What's not to believe in? They work!

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How can you not 'believe' in herbs and yet you are willing to take a hallucinagen?!
Plus, herbs ARE milk encouraging foods. Though if you had a bad experience in the past with specific herbs, you are right to be cautious. (Hemp is an herb)
Some more mild options I have tried, no way to know how well they worked, but they are all healthy foods;
oatmeal, alfalfa sprouts, lots of water, soups, cooked leafy greens like spinach, kale, swiss chard, collard greens, avoid parsley
Ask a lactation consultant about this. She will have the best advice.

Hi- Oatmeal works for me and I can see the result pretty clearly. Also- I buy fenugreek sprouts from a guy at our local farmer's market and sprinkle them on my salad.
I hope this helps.

What really helped increase my milk supply was juicing organic fruits and vegetables. Make sure you add carrots because they have lots of protien. Also, having all natural protien shakes helped and was a quick snack, I would add rice milk, raw spinach, raw almond butter, fresh mixed berries, bananas, rice protien powder and Udos oil for omegas.
You can even add a pear, mango, pineapple, tofu, raw oatmeal, flax powder, whatever you like. It is good to mix it up a bit. This is packed with real live vitamins and great for you and baby. Best of luck!

You should ask your Doctor... I have never seen the seeds for sale in a store??? I don't know what the seeds contain, versus the real plant itself.
This is an "herb" you know.

ALSO, you should first seek the advice of a professional Lactation Consultant, about increasing your milk production...they would also guide you on what to take and not to take, and how things affect your baby.

Don't guess at it, ask a Lactation Consultant... and you want to make sure you are feeding on demand (which also helps milk production since it is a supply and demand thing), AND make sure your baby is latching on PROPERLY... otherwise, your baby will not be getting enough intake and/or your milk supply can be affected.

ALSO make sure you are hydrated and drinking lots of water... even during nursing. And eat healthily and adequately throughout the day.

Good luck,

Try taking a breastfeeding class at the Pump Station. There's on in Hollywood and one in Santa Monica. SO informative!-www.weelicious.com

Here is a web suit for breast feeding questions. it is called La Leche League.
I hope it will help you?

I'd stay away from the Hemp seeds until you have a chance to ask a doctor about it. Or a homeopathic doctor. Though Hemp is an herb and if you dont want to take herbs or dont believe in herbs then it really wont do anything for you, so no since in taking it anyway. I was a bit skeptical about such herbs myself. When I had my first child I was told by my lactation nurse to take three Fenugreek capsules three times a day to increase milk supply. Unlike what some moms like to believe it isnt always a natural thing for your body to make the amount of milk your baby needs. Some people simply cannot make enough milk to satisfy their baby. I tried my best and did everything correctly, but still couldnt make enough milk, to the point where my baby was loosing weight even. SO I tried the Fenugreek but it was too much pills to take. So I went to a health food store and asked for help, and they gave me these supplements called More Milk Plus. I called and checked with my pediatrician and OB doctor and both Ok'd it. It was amazing how much it increased my milk. Aside from that More water, and healthy foods, and a steady diet of food and water in take. Your supposed to be eating something at least every 2-3 hours and drinking water every 1-2 hours. Good luck!

I had good luck with oatmeal and drinking fenugreek tea (you can buy it pre-packaged). Also, as someone said, lots of water. I'm not sure about hemp seeds -- but I do wonder, if you're not into herbs, why you would be into hemp?

The best thing to increase milk supply is to breastfeed (or pump) often and drink lots of water! Good luck and congrats :)

I love hemp seeds, but I would not eat them while you are breastfeeding. There are many herbs that are not good for you during breastfeeding. This I believe is one of them. There are some that are fine, but I even had Chinese doctors for my ob/gyn and they were very against taking herbs and such while I was pregnant. I would wait until after the baby is weened.

as others have said, breastfeeding on demand will work wonders.. as will lots of fluids and less stress.

steel cut oats do help (has to be steel cut).

i did that with mother's milk tea and it worked great.

good luck.

Breastfeeding is an "on-demand" thing. The more you feed, the more your body will produce. Also, are you sure your supply is down? As long as your baby is having a good number of wet and dirty diapers (ask your pediatrician for the minimum number) then your baby is getting enough. Again, to really increase, feed more often, and your body will adjust to the new demand.

I always had more milk when I was breast feeding, so yes it works. I also drank eight ounces of water every hour/hour and a half. plus we fed on demand... mostly. I was advised to play with the baby when she first woke to try and stretch the time between feedings. I never had an issue with supply. I couldn't take the 'natural' teas, I thought they were aweful...
As for other foods, I don't really know. Most of what I ate, other people said not too. It would cause the baby to have lots of gas. I had a really sweet and happy baby, so she was very forgiving and was just a little angel... I loved peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread with a side of milk... go figure...=)
Don't do hemp seeds while nursing. There are lots of other things with good oils and minerals that don't have any potentially harmful side effects for the baby...
Anyway, good luck

S., Hemp seed is an herb.... Probably not a good idea to take hemp seed, I wouldn't

Fenugreek totally works although may cause headaches on some. Only options is constantly nursing or pumping to increase milk. Oatmeal will work, but not as much as you think.

It is awesome for your breastmilk. High in Omega 3's. The herbs you mentioned DO WORK to increase your milk. But only if you are drinking enough WATER...I'm a lactation specialist, if you want to increase your supply, take More Milk Plus ticture, 60 drops every 2 hours until your supply is where you want it. You can buy it at www.motherlove.com I'd get 4 ounce bottle. Good Luck!!


Check out www.kellymom.com and search "low milk supply." It is by far the most comprehensive list I've seen of ways to increase your milk supply. Everything from herbs to medications, etc...

Yes, for me, oatmeal helped my supply. Some of the herbs do work (fenugreek) but you do have to be careful with them. Fenugreek is a legume (same family as peanuts) so you have to watch for allergies. It can also mess with your blood sugar so you have to watch for that. Herbs, like prescription meds, do work for some folks. But, also like prescription meds, they can have side effects or other negatives so it is important to know what to look for if you try them.


Hemp is an herb. Hemp also stimulates estrogen receptors, so it will probably decrease your milk supply. I'd drink a dark beer before I did hemp - and I have nothing against hemp. I have nothing against anything. Everything works, just not for every person.

I used Mammary PMG for increasing milk supply. Worked like a charm. It's a glandular.

Your bad experience might have been due tot he fact that fengreek, and pretty much all of the milk-inducing herbs actually clean out the liver, so if your liver needed to cleanse, then it can make you feel awful and really sick, if you aren't drinking anough water to flush it out fast enough.

Nursing on demand is the number one thing you can do to increase milk supply. So nurse your babe whenever he/she is wanting it. Second, drink plenty of water and eat well. Whole foods as much as possible, leans meats, veggies/fruits, nuts and seeds. Limit stress and get as much sleep as possible.

I'm by no means a herb junkie, but anytime I've gone to Sprouts/Whole Foods for a natural remedy to something - it has worked. I drank Mother's Milk, mostly just because I enjoyed it, it may or may not have made a difference, my kids nursed 24/7 so I know I was making enough. LOL!

Best wishes to you!

It seems once you and baby get things going, your supply should naturally be enough without any enhancement. If you are planning to be away from baby than just pump. I worked and nursed and my supply was plenty as long as I pumped. When I got lazy, it slowed down.

Don't know anything about hemp and babies. Doesn't sound like a good mix.

I am not sure about hemp seed, but I did eat oatmeal when I thought my milk was low, and I found it worked. I ate it daily for not even a week.

Just line with anything going on in your body, there is never just "one thing" that will correct deficiencies. I advise my breastfeeding mothers (and over the alst 3 years I have worked with hundreds!) to take the following products:

IsaLean Nutritional shake for increased vitamin and mineral intake, it also has the highest grade of whey protein available.

IsaFruits http://liveitdontdiet.isagenix.com/us/en/isafruits.dhtml


My clients will tell you that taking these natural, organic products has been a god send to them and their babies. They had more energy then they could possbily imagine, the babies were healthier than they thought possible and by feeding their body correctly, their body released the excess weight it was carrying from pregnancy.

I do free consultations if you have any questions.

Family Wellness Coach

I don't know about hemp, but one thing you can try is eating more whole grains. Make sure they are organic, since pesticides can be passed to your baby through breast milk.

You can consult a naturopath doctor to ask about the hemp.

I ate oatmeal, and the thing that worked the best was Mother's Milk Tea. I made a full pot every morning, chilled it - and made sure that I had the entire pitcher each day of iced tea. That way, you are increasing you water intake, which helps as well.


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