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Hemorrhoid, HELP!!!

Hi Moms,

Today i found out i have Hemorrhoid around my rectum( size of halve pea) quite uncomfortable. The doctor give me only some cream over the counter(Preparationh).I would like to hear from moms who had this problem before and how to cure this, and which cream would work the best? thanks for your advices!

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I had one right after the birth of my first baby and thoguht that I would never be the same. And, had friends tell me that theirs was there for a year....I freaked out. So, I used the cream and also..supositories so that I would not get constipated. It went away fairly soon. Have no fear it was go away.

Oh How I hate those. Had them really bad when I was pregnant. Sitting on a inflattible donut helps, all drug stores carry them. PREP H helps shrink the tissues. Here you can find other treatment suggestions and causes, like diet...I am sorry I know you are miserable.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Hi T.

So sorry to hear about your situation.,..cause I know how painful it can be....
And that runs in my family, I have to say...My father even had surgery to remove hemorrhoids and was the most painful experience he had in his life!
On the birth of my child I had huge ones ( seriously I looked like a cauliflower down there)...and was very painful... My mom who is very good on get things done and solve problems, was staying with me to help with the baby and told me I had to have Wheat Bran ...she said it based on a doctor's advice to my brother when he went there for his hemorrhoids...
So..I went to Whole Foods and bought a good amount of it..and every morning she would make a vitamin for me...in the blender she put 1/3 of an apple, 1/3 of a banana, 1 small slice of mexican papaya and 2 table spoon of wheat bran and a glass of orange juice...mix it and I had that every day...( I still make for me every morning) ...
It made my digestive system to work beautifully and no more hemorrhoid... ( I had them before as well...and never thought my mom was really right...till she showed me how wrong I was) Sometimes I through some flex seeds as well...

Honestly...it will stop it..and is a healthy way to deal with it....

Hope it helps!

Good Luck!
Take care!!!

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Hi T.,
Ugh, I hate them "rhoids!!" Consistent sitz baths did it for me. Yes, it's hard to do them after every bowl movement for sure. If you don't have time/energy for a sitz bath, you can use a squirt bottle with warm water like the kind you got from the hospital after you had your baby for cleansing. I had a dr. prescribe me the suppositories about 2 mos. ago and I used them for 2 weeks. They helped, but I was surprised not immediately. By the way, I noticed Target had them over the counter.
Believe it or not, I had a lima bean sized one after my son was born. I didn't feel a thing, but cared for it deligently. A yr. later out of no where, I went to the dr. and was told I had internal & external hems. So gross! Dr. said it could have been from picking up my 22 lbs. toddler?!
Here's a gross tip the dr. gave me. After bathing, use a blow dryer on warm to make sure all is dry down there. Sorry, I know that was yucky!
Good luck!

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I use tucks, witchhazel pads. It took a little while but they helped. In the meantime I found that sitz baths soothed it immediately. I just did 1 after each bowel movement.

I would try the Preperation H suppositories. Those work within a day or so..

Emu Oil works so well for Hemorrhoids.

I hat e hemorrhoids. I had one after 2nd baby. I sat in a sitz bath, it relieved the itching! I also asked my dr. for a stool softener. I didn't use any cream's because it made me feel messy everywhere down there. Eventually it shrank back down. There is no cure, it will shrink and get big again. Don't push when you poop and eat lots and lots of fiber. Good luck

Oh I feel your pain. after the recent birth of my second child, I was in so much pain with the same problem. It was horrible!! My OB finally wrote a prescription for Clobetasol Propionate Ointment. It was the ONLY thing that helped. I bought about 10 over the counter items and none of them worked. This cream is the consistency of vaseline, and within 24 hours the hemorrhoids shrunk and I felt soooo much better.
You'll never get rid of them permanently unless you have them lasered off-yuck!
I STRONGLY recommend you ask your doctor for this, or find one who will!!

Hi T.:

You can try sit on warm water 3 times a day. After do number 2 you wash yourself not wipe. drink a lot of liquid.
My hemorrohoid was for long time and the dr. gave me other kind because Preparation didn't work very well when are for long time.


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