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HELPPP Poison Ivy Weeping Horribly!!!

Okay I need help This is the second time I have got into poison Ivy!! last time I had it on my face, neck, lower back and legs. I got it before it became to bad and all healed well. Now I have it on both my lower legs and a spot on my leg about five inches long and one and a half inches wide and it has blistered (I think thats what you call it it) and is weeping uncontrolably! This morning is was weeping a little, and I put three pieces of gauze across it to keep it from getting on my pants and boots, and it has just gotten a whole lot worse, I'm scared to put more gauze on it and it get even worse I have been putting calimine,benydryll, oatmeal baths, and used a product called zanfell(thats suposed to draw out the oil) and it is still getting worse. Any one have any home remidies that will stop this weaping! its gross, it weaps so much in a few minutes it is running down my leg!! PLEASE HELP ME (not to mention it hurts and itches like heck!

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YOU might try Tea Tree oil, you can buy it at good old Wally WOrld. YOu will find it over in the make up area. Look for the fake nail supplies and it should be right there.

Rhus toxicum - it's a homeopathic remedy that can work GREAT for poison ivy. It worked better than anything else for my son's poison ivy recently. You can find it at the Whole Foods Market, or many health food stores.

Try taking an oral dose of benadryl. If that doesn't help then you need to go to the docotor. The poison ivey might get infected if it is weeping.

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Go to the health food store and get a homeopathic remedy called Rhus Tox. The brand is Boiron and is one of the largest manufacturers of homeopathic remedies in the world. It is in a blue tube.

Anyway, you get 3-5 pellets and put them under your tongue and let them dissolve. The remedy should cost under $10, usually about 7-8. (maybe more with inc. shipping costs)

The last time I got bad poison ivy where it was weeping, I took the remedy in the parking lot of the store and by the time I got home the itching and the weeping had stopped. You will only need to take a few dosages.

When you get the tube, it will say that the use is for muscle soreness so don't let that confuse you. It is for many things.

Good luck.

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lye soap is the answer. I don't know how close an atkins is to you or other health food store but that really works will dry it up in just a coupld of days. We buy ours at silver dollar city every year. with a long list for family and friends. I would definitely see the doctor. with open soars like that you run the risk of secondary infection or poison ivy in the blood stream and then you are in a mess. It seems to me you are definitely allergic more than just a normal exposure and you need medical help to keep it under control and keep out breaks down. good luck

I am so sorry to hear about your painful reaction to poison ivy. I am corrently on the end of an attack myself. I can't imagine going through it twice so soon! Two things helped with the itching...# 1 don't get too hot and second 1% Cortizone cream that some have in their medicine cabinet. I also used a spray called Stop Itch that had menthol in it that helped cool the itch. My dr. told me the weeping does not spread the poison ivy. If it is still spreading, she says that you are still coming in contact with the poison ivy source. She got it from clearing some land. After she finished her job, she kept her gloves on and drove home. After that each time she held the steering wheel she came in contact with the oil again and got more leisions. I did find a generic drug for Atarax to help control the itching. Unfortunately, I am have another few health issues so we had to go to a steroid to suppress the immune system to keep this undercontrol. Hopefully you are younger and will not have to go thorugh that!

YOU might try Tea Tree oil, you can buy it at good old Wally WOrld. YOu will find it over in the make up area. Look for the fake nail supplies and it should be right there.

The thing that has worked best for me and poison ivy is hot compresses. Take a wash cloth and put water as hot as you can stand it on the cloth and then apply it to the poison ivy. The itching will intinsify briefly and then stop. This will help it dry out also. It is a process and will not be dry immediately. Repeat this as often as needed. It really helped me. Good luck!

I....too....have poison ivy and it has been horrible!!!! I was at the point that I would try anything to get rid of it. Someone told me a remedy that the old timers used and it seems to help me with the severe itching and spreading. They say to dip a tea bag into rubbing alchol and let sit for awhile(til it gets a brown color). The alcohol will dry the posion ivy (caution though it will burn at first), but you will get some relief. Let me know how it works for you.

I also went to the doctor and got the normal shot, cream, and pill pack of steroids.I also used the Zanfel (thank goodness for that because it was a great way to scratch without using your nails, but I think that it ended up spreading it. So I would use that only when you need immediate relief.

Try salt water,it will burn but it will also dry it up

We have used a home remedy that was very effective and I hope it will be for you. We shave about a 3 inch square of bark from a sycamore tree off a branch(you can use a potato peeler)Put it in a cup of water in a small sauce pan and boil it. The water will turn red. Drink about 1/2 of the water and dab your poison ivy with the remaining water.(Throw the bark away.) Do this up to 3 days in a row, once a day. If you don't see some results you should go to the doctor. I hope you have a sycamore tree or know someone that does. Good Luck.

A., try making a cornstarch paste..all you have to do is use cornstarch and water, it doesn't need to be runny, but not Real thick either. spread it around then over it.. I'm highly alergic to poison ivy, that's what my grandmother use to use on me.. my mother did also. But it's worth a shot.. good luck.. I hope you get some relief soon..

The quickest fix will be a cortizone shot from the dr's office. They will also give you a prescription creme that will help dry it up quickly. My husband is very allergic to posion ivy and he has had to have the shot every time to clear it up because it just kept spreading.

I feel for you because I know how bad you are itching!
Good Luck!

Try taking an oral dose of benadryl. If that doesn't help then you need to go to the docotor. The poison ivey might get infected if it is weeping.

My mother in law (RN) is horribly allergic to poison ivy and oak . . . she becomes one large blimp . . . what she does as soon as she gets it to avoid blimping is she takes baking soda and puts a little water in it to make a paste then smears it all over the infected area and places a large bandaid or bandages it and leaves it there over night to draw out the moisture/oil. This also works for boils and deep acne pimples . . . I have used it on my husband (also horribly allergic) and it seems to keep it from spreading or weeping because it helps dry it out. Hope this helps. Once again create a paste out of baking soda and water, cover the wound and then cover the paste with bandages or large bandaid. Good luck!!!

Try a little cotton ball soaked in bleach. will dry it up in a hurry. use gloves, only us on adults and only put on poison ivy.

Good Luck.

You need to find out where you are getting poison ivy and stay away from it! You are doing all of the remedies I know of. Good luck and for God's sakes find that poison ivy and have someone cut it down.

A.--You need to see your doctor and have a shot. This will help the poison ivy(it is NOT a miracle cure but will help). Sounds like you really have it bad. I have started getting it more and more each year. At the FIRST sign I call my doctors office and get a shot. He also prescribed some steroid cream. He said to use the calamine lotion and some of the things you are doing. Good luck. Sure hope you get some releif.

I get poison ivy horribly as well....it is SO unpleasant. Burt's Bee's makes a 99% natural posion ivy soap to help with the drying. You may also want to try a steroid cream per dr or benadryl orally..hope this helps!

Tea Tree oil helps. My son perfers this. My daughter puts her kids in the swimming pool. The chlorine in the pool dries it up. My favorite is a medicated cream the color of calamine lotion called Ivarest. You should not cover the blister even thought I know you feel the need. I had it from head to toe several years ago and itched like crazy. My legs were black and blue from scratching. Finally had to go get a cortisone shot. Now I am told they hesitate to give the cortisone shots for poison ivy. Benadryl also helps the itching. I know I have given you several choices but what helps with some may not help with you. Also I see by the date of your reguest that the advice is a bit late and hopefully you have fully recovered. Have a wonderful day and God Bless.

Find a soap with Jewelweed in it (from a healthfood store) and it will work wonders. I believe that Burt's Bees has a poison ivy soap that contains Jewelweed, along with some other good things. If that doesn't work quickly, you may have to see your doctor.

Rhus toxicum - it's a homeopathic remedy that can work GREAT for poison ivy. It worked better than anything else for my son's poison ivy recently. You can find it at the Whole Foods Market, or many health food stores.

I have noticed that benadryl really helps, and it seems like anti-burn spray may help.

I'm terribly allergic to poison ivy and the only thing that gives me relief is to go to the doctor and get a shot--either Cortisone or some steriod.

A home remedy that someone told me about that did help dry it up after I got the shot is to wash the affected area with lye soap. I actually found someone locally who still made lye soap, but otherwise, wouldn't know where to find it.

Hope you get better soon.

I too and EXTREMELY allergic to poison ivey! I got it about 3 months ago REAL bad. I had it all over both arms and legs and I was completely miserable. I tried every home remedy there was but what helped me was getting a cortisone shot from the doc! The itch was instantly relieved and I noticed it start to dry up almost immediately. Also another thing u can try is spray deodorant (unscented) It helps dry it up. But the best thing u can do is go get a shot! I was sooooo glad I did!

I have the same problem. I have heard that bleach works, but I haven't been brave enough to try it. I go to the dr and get the shot or oral steroids. I can barely touch the stuff and break out all over. I hear some pharmacies also have a shot or pill that you can take before spring that will lessen your reaction to poison ivy. Good luck!

I know a few poeple that have gotten. The only that would help them was to cook oatmeal on the stove and let it cool then rub it on there. They would leave it for about 30 mins. So you might want to try that if you have yet...hope this helps....

I am terribly allergic to poison ivy, I have already had it twice this summer. I have tried everything from calamine to banana peels (which didn't help) I did find a poison ivy soap(I no longer have the package to tell you the name) I bought it at my local grocery store so maybe Wal-Mart will carry it. but i wash with it everytime i itch and i also use PROTEKX cleanser, it removes the poison urishol oils. It has been the best stuff i have used so far. Everytime i start to itch i go wash the areas and run cool water over it for a minute and it relieves the itch for a while.

You really, really need to go to the doctor. You don't want this to become infected. I've always heard you should go to the dr. when it gets on your face, too.

In the meantime, the powder/cornstarch/calamine (anything to dry it) suggestions are good. Maybe try a paste of 1% cortizone cream and Gold Bond or cornstarch powder. Hope it gets better fast.

I get poison ivy a lot. One time it was all over the back of my legs and arms. My legs and ankles swelled to twice their size ( couldn't fit into my shoes) and I was oozing all over the place (through my pants). It was disgusting and the itching was driving me nuts. I was miserable. After trying every home remedy, I went to the doctors for some help. They gave me a cortisone shot and gave me oral steroids to take. Sounds like that's what might help you. Good luck... I know what you are going though. You might want to try putting ice on your legs at night. That helped me.

I know you got a lot of good advice- and you may think this is worthless. But I know anythings worth the relief. The main thing is to get it to dry up. I heard from a couple people that their Dr. said to use plain tap water. The chlorine in it is supposed to be drying. So- I guess soak awhile or sponge on awhile. What my husband used was an over the counter clear gel called Rhuli Gel. Its cool and releiving and dries it up. Not as ugly or messy as calamine yet works as well if not better.

Hello, I have seen lots of Poison Ivy in my day and if Zanfel didn't work nothing will except good old open air and sunshine, only after you break down and go to your doctor and get a Cortisone shot. Poison Ivy weeps and where it touches the skin is how it spreads. Covering it is not a great idea. (moisture breeds bacteria) It will go away in a matter of a few days if you get the shot. Some people are just more sensitive to poison Ivy that others and you are appearantly one of those people. I've been a nurse for 32 years and have 5 kids, of which 2 get Poison Ivy if the wind blows it seems, one gets mild cases but Zanfel clears it up over night and the other 2 and myself can sit it the middle of Poison Ivy and never get it. People that are more sensitive (like you appear to be) usually can't find a home remedy unfortunately. The weeping will go away quickly after the Cortisone Injection. Sorry Joyce

First, don't put gauze on it--it needs to air out and dry up. Get some spray-on calamine lotion--it costs more, but it's really worth it because you don't have to use cotton balls or tissue to put it on. Spray it on the rash and keep it uncovered. It needs to dry up, and covering it keeps it moist. You can also take benadryl for the itching. If it gets worse, you may need to go get a shot from your doctor. I usually end up having to get a shot every summer, I'm highly allergic to poison ivy. Keep it clean, but don't scrub hard--that will only cause the weeping to continue. Keep applying the calamine as needed. Try not to scratch, although you're going to want to. I really feel for you my friend, I've been through it MANY times. Good luck.

cheapest hair spray u can get, spray ot on there, when dries it will dry it up and keep it from itching,

By all means, do not cover it with a gauze. It needs air to help in the healing. Also, keep it cool...if you get hot, it makes it itch more and break out more. When I get over a large area, I usually have to go to the doctor to get a steroid shot or a steroid pack. That is the best thing to get it under control when it is extremely bad. Remember to take cool baths or showers. I have used a spray (I think it was clear calimine) that goes on clear and it is extremely cold and feels great. It is in a white can and has on the can that it is for Posion Oak, Ivy or Sumac.

Good Luck, I hpe it gets better soon. Remember to keep COOL.


The last time that I had poison ivy I applied Clorox bleach directly to the blisters and it cleared up quickly. This probably isn't the "best" choice but it does work quickly.

Good luck!


You could also try a couple of Epsom salt baths, aloe vera (fresh gel from the plant is best), tea tree oil, baking soda paste.

After the bath, you just want to pat dry - don't rub - if possible air dry and then apply calamine lotion.

Hope this helps,

I agree with Deanna. Find some lye soap. It will help dry out oils. You may also want to check with your doctor and get some steriods.

Hope you find something that helps.

I'm not allergic to poison ivy, but my younger brother is, and currently has poison oak. I'm not sure how safe it is, but he uses a 20/80 mixture of bleach with water to dry it out. Plus my mom go an old Indian remedy where you get what they call plantain and boil it down, let the water cool and soak a cloth in it and rub it on the infected areas, and usually it dries up and is gone withing a couple days. The plant is just a weed that grows in most peoples yards, it's flat, broad leafed and has a purple stem that fades into the green leaves. Good Luck, and I would definitely try the lye soap.

I have found that medicated powder like Gold Bond or even the dollar store brand really helps. I just keep putting it on all through the dy. It helps to dry it out and the slight sting really feels good against the itch.

I hope this helps, I have had it before but never that severe.

What is the treatment for poisoning from these plants?

The best approach to poison ivy dermatitis is prevention. Once it begins, the rash will usually clear on its own by 14-21 days. Treatment is directed at controlling the itching. Oral antihistamines (like Benadryl) may help the itch somewhat, but often do no more than make people drowsy. Cortisone creams, whether over-the-counter or by prescription, are only helpful if applied right away, before blisters appear, or much later, when the blisters have dried up. Compresses with cool water or Burow's solution (available without prescription) can help dry ooze faster.

When the rash is severe, such as when it affects the face or causes extensive blistering, oral steroids (for example, prednisone) help produce rapid improvement. This course of therapy should be maintained, often in decreasing doses, for 10-14 days or even longer in some cases, to prevent having the rash rebound and become severe again. Patients who are given a six-day pack of cortisone pills often get worse again when they complete it, because the dose was too low and kept up for too short a time.

Folklore, medical and otherwise, endorses many other agents, from aloe leaves to tea bags to meat tenderizer. These remedies are generally harmless, but are of questionable value.

I am married to a wonderful husband with a three year old. Good luck and a old remedy is to use White Shoe polish to try it up.

We've got something that works: www.royaloil.org Email with a mailing address for a free sample. This is next-level stuff, NOT a "home remedy"! --M.

i am letting you know that this is what happens when you have an alergic reaction. I do the same and so does my dad we have to go get medicines and shots to heal faster and if it is getting pussy instead of clear liquid our doctor said it calls for antibiotics to help. go see your doctor some of those things you have used may cause irritaion because it is no longer just poison ivy but an allergic reaction.
it will only get worse until you get proffesional help. and i would hate for you to get sick because that happend to my dad when he let it go to far. not trying to scare you but only telling you my experiences and what i have been told medically.

get IVY DRY from CVS or Kroger... www.ivydry.com great product

Hi A.!

I am also going to school full time for my RN degree, but have the unique perspective of also having been a certified master herbalist and aromatherapist for the last 15 years.

For poison Ivy (and I react as severely as you do!), I have found nothing on earth better than a combination homeopathic remedy by Hylands, just called Hylands Poison Ivy/Oak Tablets. They run about $6 for a bottle and bring relief very quickly when taken per package directions. They are safe for adults and children alike, and will not interact with any prescription or OTC medications.

Homeopathic tablets work with our body to help it do what it needs to do, using its own defenses. They are tiny pellets that dissolve almost instantly under the tongue. Follow the package directions for acute dosage until your symptoms improve.

When taking homeopathics, be sure you do not have any residues of food, coffee, or toothpaste in your mouth; take them at least 15 minutes prior to or after having eaten, drunk, or brushed your teeth (for maximum absorption and effectiveness.)

Hope you are feeling better soon!


I've had good luck with IvyDry, an OTC product.

You need to go to the Doctors and get a cortrizone shot and some steroids...


Once you get poison ivy this bad the best thing you can do is go to the doctor and get a steriod shot. They also perscribe predisone which works pretty fast - but the shot is much faster. You should have relief within a day - but it won't be completely gone for a few days.

But - it appears that you are extremely sensitive to poison ivy - so preventing it in the future is your best option. To prevent it - go to the health food store and get the natural remedy called Rhus tox. I use Rhus tox 30X. Disolve two tablets under your tongue both morning and night for one week. Then - skip the morning or the evening after that and reduce down to two tablets a day. This works much like a vaccine - as Rhus tox is derived from the poison ivy plant. The remedy is normally used for inflamation - such as stiffness in joints - but I took it when I was having problems with a knee and found that making me immune to poison ivy was a side effect. I don't even get it now - and I used to get if from the laundry when my boys went fishing - or from petting the dog when she had been in the field. I was REALLY sensitive - and now I can walk through it and not break out at all. Once you have been through one bottle of Rhus tox, you can quit taking it. Take another bottle next year just before spring - and after that you can probably just forget it unless you have another outbreak. I haven't taken the Rhus tox in two years and still seem to be immune to the poison ivy, so I'm guessing it lasts awhile.


Sounds like you may be hypersensitive to it.

Covering it with bandages is one of the worst things you can do.

My ex was so sensitive to it that he would blister to the point that he looked like a burn victim, and scratch until he drew blood. The only thing that helped him was a prescription strength antihistamine called Atarax.

Is it supposed to weep that much? Sounds suspicious. I would go to the doctor and get it looked at. Could it be infected?
I fell so sorry for you! This must be terrible!

My husband gets poison ivy like you. He said to gently dab 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. He gets in his shorts and for a day or two just keeps the process of dabbing about every 30 minutes. He had it just a week ago and it is gone now. He tried everything else too.

Poison Ivy, poison oak, and sumac does me the same miserable way. A great over-the counter remedy is plain old Listerine.

Next tip. Try not to scratch places where poison is. The weeping is coming from scratching, and that will only spread the agony.

Hope this helps. Let me know.

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