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Helping 3 Year Old with Abc's

I have noticed that my 3 year old is having trouble with his ABC's (he can sing the entire alphabet song no problem, but has trouble recognizing the letters). We have letters for the bath and I have noticed that he sometimes puts the letters backwards on the tile and he has difficulty doing his ABC puzzles, but can do picture puzzles very easily - he is great with color and shapes. My dad (his grandfather) is dyslexic, so I am not sure if that is heritary or not and my husband had reading issues as a small child. He is in daycare and they go over letters there, but he definately needs some outside help. I would appreciate any ideas to help him along. Thanks!

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there is avideo call the letter factory it is grea tmy 4 year old was reading at just 4. my daughter letter identification 18 months i swaer by them. when i need to clean house or shower i pop that movie in and only that one whenever i put the tv on for them. They all have enjoyed it and learned very fast!! mokm of now 6

3 is young, so give it time. There are letters everywhere, store signs, street signs books. Pick a letter of the week and try to point them all out. Just a thought. One more great tool that my son still loves to watch is Leap Frogs Letter Factory. It is a 25 minute video and goes through all the letters and their sounds in a way that the kids will remember. I love it when my son says D for Daddio or Toe tapping T. Keep it fun!

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He sounds to me like a perfectly normal 3 year old--no need to worry!! I am a certified reading specialist and mom of two. The best way for him to learn is to continue the activities you are doing in a FUN way. Kids learn best through repeated exposure and play in a fun, interactive, environment. :o)

Actually, the very BEST thing you can be doing with him is just reading to him each and every day. It is through repeated readings of favorite books that he will come to understand that the symbols on the page mean something. By learning to love books he will naturally come to learn his letters, to recognize sight words, and, eventually, to read on his own.

If you are looking for some great alphabet books, check these out: http://www.myubam.com/ecommerce/results.asp?sid=V1838&amp...
One of the things you will notice is that all of these are all FUN and INTERACTIVE between you and your son. They also focus on lower case letters - most letters we see when we read are lower case and, in most cases, the lower case letter looks nothing like the upper case letter.

However, again, the most important thing you can do with your son is just to read books to him. Research shows it truly is the best way to help him to be successful later in life.

K. Lilley, M.Ed.

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Hi, there-your little guy has plenty of time to learn, but in the meanwhile, www.starfall.com provides a ton of abc games, early reading books, phonics help, etc. It's brightly colored, interactive, and repetitive without being monotonous. Check out scholastic.com and pbskids.org, too. You can also try developing more of his sensory familiarity with letters by letting him make letters and words with shaving cream, clay, etc. The sensory stimulation often works wonders, and the kids have fun, too. Most of all, keep reading to him each and every day!

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dont worry he is 3 he doesnt need to know them yet! if you make learning a chore now its going to be counterproductive in the future. you can do simple things like cut out large letters and let him decorate them. place them in several locations and when they are noticed simply state which ones they are. He will get it eventually do not worry!

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Dyslexia is hereditary. One way you can find out if he has it is to test how he's hearing multisyllabic words. For example, kids who say "pasketti" for spaghetti" may have dyslexia. Typically kids with dyslexia do not hear the beginning sounds of words/phrases accurately, but they can hear the end of the words just fine.

Please don't worry (yet) about pushing the letters. Having your son be able to hear and articulate the phonemes correctly is the first and foremost skill that he must master before he can start matching the letters and sounds. If he doesn't understand that sounds make up words, he will not catch on to the symbols of those sounds. You can practice this by rhyming or naming objects that begin with the same sound.

Kids who can name the letters, write them and know the sounds either are gifted or they memorized them. Truly understanding the abstract concepts of letter symbols comes later... around age 5.

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My advice...let him be 3 and enjoy himself. If you are encouraging the alphabet and exposing him to letters his letter recognition will come. I think sometimes we expect too much from our little ones. Just keep giving him opportunities/exposure to letters and soon you'll see that he recognizes them and even enjoys learning all about them! My son had no interest in that when he was 3 and now (he just turned 5) he knows all his letters and sounds of the letters. He is starting to put sounds together to form words. Anyhow, that's just my two cents.

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buy Leap Frog Letter FActory DVD. Watch it a few times every day for a week. Your child will know all letters and sounds by the end of the week. It's that easy and works. I used to teach a letter a week, then one year I had a bunch of younger 3's and started the year with an alphabet theme. I bought that DVD and they loved it so much we watched it over and over. By the end of that week ALL of them, even the not yet 3 yr old, knew their ABCs. I was shocked. Ruined my whole curriculum but who cared!! Now I give every preschooler a copy of that video when they enroll.

I agree the others: three is too young to be worried! What you want to do now is instill intellectual curiousity and love of learning. So I would have the leap frog stuff be part of his life but I wouldn't push it to the exclusion of other toys or activities he likes. One thing that will really enhance his learning is for you (and/or other loved ones in his life) to get down on the floor with him and play with him, letting him take the lead. I am also a big believer in not just going with toys and activities specifically designed for little kids. Take him to the Field Museum and the Aquarium and the Botanic Garden. You can point out the letters on the signs and also start getting him interested in all the variety in our world - all the different colors and shapes and sounds etc. Have fun!

I agree- Leap Frog fridge phonics and the letter factory dvd!! Also, if he watches tv, make sure it's sesame street or word world, Super Why, etc. My daughter picked up A LOT from educational shows!

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