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Help...3 Months Old Baby Crying...

How can I tell if my 3 months old baby is crying because of an ear ache or teething. She has been crying alot these past 2 days. She is breastfeed when she is with me & bottle feed while I am at work. She has always been very gassy since she was born, but don't think that is the problem. Please help....she is not hungry & does not need a diaper changes. She seems to be slepy but can't sleep & when she does sleep, she wakes up screaming. She was prefectly fine Monday & Tuesday, but yesterday & today she has been crying alot.

What can I do next?

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That is a tough one, I know both of mine had ear infections starting at 6 weeks. 1/3 have no fever. Mine never did.
No cold symptoms. just wouldn't sleep. Crying when they layed flat and just mother's intution. Take baby to the doc and you will both feel better!

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When having a ear ache they normaly cry as they suck and for teeth I think this might be what is causing the problem.You can trying the teething tablets and see if it gives her releif.Also you can take a flashlight and place close to the gums and you will be able to see the little white teeth coming.This will also cause her to fight her sleep.I have a two month old that is going through this and now has two on bottom and two on top surfacing.

With my son I noticed he would not nurse as well and he seemed to get really fussy when he way laying down. He had lots of ear infections and hardly ever ran a fever with them. You could go to Walgreens and pick up some of the ear drops that help relieve pain. If you notice right after you put them in she seems better then call you doctor it probably is an ear infection.

Hi S.,

My second born had ear infections all the time before he was 1 year old. He never had fever but after a few times, I realized that every time he got an ear infection when I layed him down to sleep, he would turn his head back and forth and eventually cry out. If I held him upright he slept just fine. With teething, he was just fussy in general, not just when laying down. Hope this helps.

Your doctor is the one to ask. He or she can discover the cause quickly. Don't wait. It's probably colic or some infection, but with sickness going on, don't take a chance.

With both my boys I had to give them gas drops. I breastfed them both. They where gassed up a lot too and when I gave them the drops they calmed right down. You might try that and see if it works.

May God bless you and your family!


That is a tough one, I know both of mine had ear infections starting at 6 weeks. 1/3 have no fever. Mine never did.
No cold symptoms. just wouldn't sleep. Crying when they layed flat and just mother's intution. Take baby to the doc and you will both feel better!

Definitely talk to your doctor BUT...

I noticed my daughter cried & was difficult to get to sleep when she was at a milestone. Like when she learned to roll over, crawl, stand up...even sometimes when she learned a new word.

There are several milestones & they "typically" (not not always) hit one around 3 months.

Again though, talk to your Doctor.

Best of luck & warmest wishes for a good nights' sleep!!

if she sleeps and then wakes up screaming like nothing else...that is an ear ache. also, she may tickle or pull on one of her ears. take her immediately to the peditrician! do not mess around with ear aches and if it is not one then you at least got her to the doctor.

ear infection
Your child may have 2 or more of these symptoms:

Cold symptoms – keep in mind that ear infections are almost always preceded by a cold. Often a clear runny nose will turn yellow or green before an ear infection sets in.
Fussiness during the day or night
Complaining of ear pain or hearing loss
Night-waking more frequently
Unwillingness to lie flat
Fever – usually low grade (101º - 102º); may not have a fever.
Sudden increase in fussiness during a cold
Ear drainage – if you see blood or pus draining out of the ear, then it is probably an infection with a ruptured eardrum. DON'T WORRY! These almost always heal just fine, and once the eardrum ruptures the pain subsides.

It may be gas like you mentioned before. Many babies cannot tolerate dairy, and if maybe you have been eating it try and cut it from your diet to see if that helps. My daughter was a very gassy child too, and she was given formula from time to time when I could not nurse. We switched formulas 3 times, and I cut much of the dairy from my diet and it worked wonders once we found the right formula! She ended up taking to Nutramigen the best, but we did try Gentlease first.

If she is teething, you will be able to tell by extra drooling and by running your finger along her gums (the front bottom 2 teeth are usually first, but not always!) if you feel little bumps or swelling, there ya go. Oragel works wonders, or homeopathic teething tablets work well too (or so I am told, I haven't tried them! I don't remember the brand name for them either, ask around)

Definitely talk to your dr, but other than an ear infection, it could be reflux or even a urinary tract infection. My daughter had reflux, and she would often cry with seemingly no reason. Your doc is the one who will help you out on this though. Good luck, and I hope you get to the bottom of it.

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