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Help with Wisdom Teeth Pain

I am just now cutting my wisdom teeth. Right now it is only one that is hurting. I have pain meds at home from other medical problems I have, but they aren't working. The pain started Friday night so I havent had a chance to call the dentist I am planning on doing that tomorrow morning but If anyone knows anything to easy the pain I would greatly appreciate it.

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Well I went to the dentist on monday. They did some xrays and my wisdom tooth was growing in sideways and it was starting to get a little iinfection because there was tissue loose over the top of it that was traping food. They sent me to have it removed monday afternoon. It now hurts worse than before. They say the pain should subside in about 3 days. Thank you to everyone!!!

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The cloves work to numb the area, but they do make it already mixed, its called gumomile, i got mine at whole foods but also i would use cold packs, i put uncooked rice in a tube sock and tied it up like i had mumps. It got me through until i had them removed and helped with recovery too. Rice is cheap and doesn't sweat like ice does, so make several to rotate. Make sure you put them in a freezer bag when in the freezer though. If need be you can heat these too in the microwave 1-2min. It smells like bread cooking but you can use them for years freezing and heating.

Its hard taking time for yourself when your prego, specially when you're taking care of other young children, best of luck to you--
remember rest while you can!
Missy :)

try the liquid orajel..when i was pregnant an my filling came out bfore i could get to the dentist thas what i used...it helped alot ..it kind of tastes bad but trust me its worth it...

if you've got some motrin take that , Motrin is better for oral pain than tylenol. and brush really well back there

A couple of yrs ago I had to have one of my wisdom teeth pulled out b/c a peice of loose skin was allowing food to get up under the tooth and causing it to hurt...it help to brush it as often as I could and to apply orajel or take something like a goody powder but if you are taking pres. pain meds and it's not giving u any relief then all u can do is bear it until u can see the dentist.

Ouch, I remember when I cut mine in college, when I was 19. It made me feel so badly for little teething babies! I popped motrin continuously. Nothing really helped until they were completely through the surface. I hope your dentist can help you!

Cloves. Take ground cloves, mix with a little olive oil to keep it together and put in on the gum beneath the tooth that hurts. It will numb the area, giving you some relief. You can also chew whole cloves if you don't have ground, tastes nasty but it works.

I am praying for you,


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