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Help with Transition from Bottle to Cup for Milk Only

Hi all :) I have a 14 month old daughter who drinks water, juice you name it (other than milk) out of her sippy cup and has since she was about 4-5 months old... My hubby and I are desperatly trying to get her to drink milk from a cup so we can axe the bottles all together but any time I give her milk in a cup - either warm, cold, with choc or strawberry, plain .. basically in any form she spits it right out and refuses to drink her milk from anything but a bottle.. any tips out there from experienced Moms ? Shes our first and we are clueless as to what else we can try

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My daughter was the same way. I used the Munchkin brand soft spout sippy cup for her milk only and she took to it instantly, she uses the hard spout for all other drinks. Good luck!

try the nuby transtion bottle/sippy cup my sister had the same trouble with her son so i bought that cup for her to use and with in a month he was off the bottle...also she had to get rid off all bottles in the house because she woud give in or he would find one but once the temptation was out of the way he had no choice but to get used to the nuby sippy cup....Good Luck!

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My daughter was the same way. I used the Munchkin brand soft spout sippy cup for her milk only and she took to it instantly, she uses the hard spout for all other drinks. Good luck!

A straw. Otherwise, I wouldn't do this until after she turned 2.

We are down to 2 bottles of milk and 1 bottle of water. Everything else is sippy. One bottle when he wakes up, one at daycare and one bottle of water for bed. I am slowly taking a bottle away and replacing it with a sippy. In the beginning it took time for him to drink from the sippy but this weekend I didn't give him his afternoon bottle and he took the milk in the sippy.

Keep introducing the sippy with milk.

I remind myself - every child is different. We are close to no bottle. Hopefully soon we will have no bottles.

You are doing good. We moms need to stick together but we also need to know each child is different and work with the child. Sorry if I went on and on. I'm tired of everything thinking my son should have been done with bottles a long time ago.

We had this problem with my oldest daughter. I had a really hard time with it--I felt like her heart was breaking every time I gave her the sippy instead of the bottle! She was in daycare (I worked full-time until my 2nd child was born), so I told one of her favorite teachers of our dilemma. When she was 15 months old, this teacher basically broke her of the bottle habit. Every time my daughter would ask for her 'ba-ba,' the teacher would hand her the sippy cup with her milk in it. My daughter would throw it on the floor and cry, hugging her blanky and saying 'ba-ba!' over and over. Her teacher remained very calm and just kept handing her the sippy. I think this lasted about a day and a half and then my daughter started drinking out of the sippy cup and that was that. No more bottles. I didn't have the stamina to do it, but her teacher did. If you have a relative or trusted friend that can handle it, you might want to try and arrange a day or two for them to take care of your daughter and try to get her over the bottle. Otherwise, you will just have to be strong and persistent! Hang in there--I'm pretty sure she won't take a bottle with her to kindergarten! Good luck.:-)

Hi E.,

This might sound mean but my Pediatrician said to do it this way. We just dissapeared the bottles and continue to offer her the milk in a cup. She went 3 days without drinking milk at all. But the 4th day she accepted the cup like nothing. I kept calling my pediatrician since I was worried she was not getting enough liquids or milk during that time. But she said, my baby was trying to get her way but that her body was not going allow her to go without fluids for a long time. You just can't give in even if it hurts. Now, I am glad I havent had to wash a bottle since she was 13 months.

My kids refused a bottle so I've never personally gone through this but a couple friends I had just put milk in a sippy cup and that was the only choice for a drink, they didn't give the child anything else to drink. Eventually they got thirsty enough and drank the milk from the cup. It did take some persistence though.

Mine did the exact same thing. I just let him continue with the bottle of milk a bit longer. When he was about 17 months I was able to fully wean him from the bottle. She just might not be ready. Best wishes!

She's a little young to have the coordination to use a cup without a mess. However, walmart has these neat little cups that have a straw attached, it is an open up though, and she might find that easier.

Keep in mind, she might have an attachment to the sippy cup, not necessarily the milk, and most children her age get most of their calcium from their foods.

We had your concerned when we nixed the bottle and the girls didn't want milk anymore, Dr. said "relax mom, you said they eat yogurt, ice cream, and cheese, I see no issue."

Good Luck

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