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Help with "Pink Eye"

Hey everyone!
My 2 year old son developed pink eye during the week and I was wondering if any of you knew how long it would take to run its course. I am no stranger to pink eye because my other two children have had it before, but I guess I worry more when it is my baby! Thanks!

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I just wanted to say Thank you to all of you that helped with this topic! I actually did let my son's eye heal on its own and he is doing much better today. I appreciate those of you that told me he does need antibiotics but I am not always so quick to that remedy. The reason being that when children are always given antibiotics this weakens their own immune systems. I have always been the type of mother to try and let nature do its job, and if that is not working, I let the doctors take over!! Thanks again for all your comments!!!

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A friend told me that what helped her and her son's case of PE was to brew camomile tea and them place the tea bags on their eyes for a few minutes a few time a day. Hope that helps:)

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It's pretty much the same as with other kids....sometimes it's just harder to keep them from rubbing their eyes. Keep his hands washed as much as possible. My sister had it when she was very young...she did fine, but it might take longer to get over it.

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My daughter just had pink eye in both of her eyes (she is 4.5 months old), and the pediatrician prescribed an antibiotic eye drop. This cleared it up in a little over a day. I would suggest calling your child's doctor. Pink eye can be viral or bacterial, and if it is bacterial, it will only clear up with antibiotics. When I called, they didn't even ask to see her at the doctor's office. They just called in a prescription.

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we just went throught this with my daughter last week. the doctor gave her cipro eye drops and they help, but she was complaining of the pain so we gave her tylenol. hope this helps

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I agree with the others. Pink eye needs eye drops. You can usually just call your doc. and have them phoned into your pharmacy. After a treatment or two the eye will begin to clear up. Save the drops! Use them the next time you need them!

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If it really is pink eye, then you need to call the Dr. He will need an antibiotic to get rid of it, because no matter how comfortable you can make him, it won't go away on its own.

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When my son gets pink eye, I call the nurse at his ped's office and have her phone me in a prescription. It usually clears it up within the first day or two. I am pretty sure though that you are supposed to get the medicine, rather than let it run its course. Don't quote me on it, but that's what I've always thought.

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If you know someone that is breastfeeding, breast milk will clear it right up.

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My friend is an eye doctor (but not local). I called her because we thought my one sone had pink eye and we were at my in-laws for Easter. She told me if his eye was red and there was no discharge just let it run its course (usually 3-5 days). If there was greenish yellow discharge call and get a perscription for it. The dischare make is bacterial pink eye and should be treated. Red and Watering eyes is viral and the recommended treatment in small children is do nothing. Wash hands a lot. disinfect toys that type of thing to keep it from spreading.

Hope this helps.

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I dont like the gooey salves they give you for pinkeye... you can try REGULAR Visine, the one with red and blue on the label, to rinse and make his eye more comfortable. I think it has an antibiotic in it that really helps. The label has caution: children under 6, ask a doctor. Also they say " use up to 4 times a day"... it has a blood vessel constrictor (?) in it.. to make eyes less red..I think 4 times is too much for anybody, any age. But the goo pinkeye makes irritates the eye and this is a really good way to stop that.

Other Visine products and things like "Real Tears" do not have the same effects, or any effect at all.

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