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Help with Middle Name for Ariana

We are thinking of naming our baby Ariana, but cannot come up with a middle name. I love the middle name Lynn and he likes Marie, but I really don't want to use Marie. Everyone has that middle name. Does anybody have any ideas of a middle names that goes with Ariana?

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Hello and thank you all for your help in choosing a middle name. We have officially decided on Ariana Rose. He ended up loving that and so do I.

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I know a Ariana Noelle, which I think goes together well. I really like the name Noelle and wanted to use it for my daughters middle name but my husband was not a fan at all. Good luck and let us know what you decide!

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My vote: Ariana Juliette

Hi S.! My daughter has a similar name - Mariana. Her name is Mariana Meshell. A variation of Michele might work. And the name Nicole goes with everything! :)

I would suggest Malina.It's Russian&the meaning is Raspberry. It's so sweet.

My first thought was Maria, but then saw that you didn't like Marie. A good name is Teresa (without the h makes is more like terasa). My other suggestions are you really need to think more personally...what is the last name so it sounds right. Is there a special aunt, friend, grandparent, mother, that you wish to honor?

I lost my best friend not long after my second daughter was baptized and I regret to this day that I didn't honor her with being God-mother or naming a child after her.

Lynn is very common too. Maybe meet in the middle with Leigh? Ariana Leigh flows pretty well. Whatever name you choose, have fun picking it out!

Well I have a daughter named Tessa and we chose Rae for her middle name. I love it and its different. But these are my thoughts and then I want to go check out what others have replied to you and wrote because I love how different we all could be or how alike we think! LOL

Ariana Rae
Ariana Rose
Ariana Grace
Ariana Irene
Ariana Skye
Ariana Nichole (Nicole)
Ariana Elizabeth
Ariana Michelle
Ariana Lynn (I do like that because its my middle name)

Good luck with what you choose keep us up to date


I like Ariana Leigh (or Lee). It's kind of a mix of your 2 favorites. I also like Grace a lot.

How about Ariana Nicole? Or Ariana Elizabeth? good luck!

You could combine Marie and Lynn to get Maryn/Maren.
Or Ariana Reece? (which is my daughter's middle name, and my own, so I'm partial) :)
Good luck and best wishes!

I don't think anyone replied with this one yet. How about

Ariana Rae

Otherwise I love
Ariana Grace
Ariana Olivia
Ariana Rose

Good luck!

To tell you the truth Ariana Marie fits together like a glove to your hand.
It really does not matter that everyone else has the middle name Marie because no one will really use her middle name. When she gets older it will be Ariana M. because most forms only ask for middle initial.
GIVE YOUR HUSBAND A GREAT FATHERS DAY GIFT AND USE THE NAME MARIE. You will never give him a better gift like this sweet Blessing.
I think Ellen P. (the first response said it right) Ariana Marie sounds so romantic. ^j^

God Bless,

I still have my middle name list from when we were naming our daughter:

My vote: Ariana Rose

I like Ariana May... Or Mae.

Ariana Rayne (or Rain)
Ariana Mae
Ariana Melissa
Ariana Maree (differant spelling?)
Ariana Corinne

I sat here for a good half hour saying Ariana "marie"? Ariana "mae" etc. etc. that was fun! :)
I am sure whatever you name you choose will be perfect for your new angel!

How about Paige, N. or Grace?

I like Lynn also. I think a middle name that starts with an L sounds good. How about Lea (pronounced 'Lee')? Not very common like Marie is.

Have fun picking a name!


Hi S.,

Congratulations on baby #3. Ariana is a beautiful name, but it does have a lot of sylables, so maybe a shorter middle name, so it is not such a mouthful and doesn't steal the beauty of Ariana, but enhances it.

Ariana Hope
Ariana Joy
Ariana Grace
Ariana Elyse
Ariana Rose

You'll have to let us all know what you decided on! :-) Blessings to you!

I immediately thought of Mae and saw that someone else had, also. It sounds pretty. But, so did a lot of the other names people thought of have. Have fun!!!

Hi S.! How exciting to have baby #3 on the way!!! Here are a few of my of my ideas for middle names: Belle, Grace, Elizabeth (I know this is long but I think it sounds awesome w/ Ariana), Rose (sounds classic),Jayne or Jane, and Noelle. Let me know if you like any of them, especially if you use one of them :)

Good Luck searching,


I like the middle name of VICTORIA! I like it because it is a strong middle name.

I like the "L" names with Ariana. How about Leah/Lia or Leigh? Or Louise?

How about



My daughter's middle name is Lucille (after her great grandmother's first name). Her name is Sydney Lucille...do you have a relative who has a neat name to use?

What about your name as a middle name? Ariana Grace sounds very pretty.

I like Ariana Joy. Short middle name, and later she can easily use initials in professional life to hide gender to help her advance or get her job done. Also check what all her initials would end up being so it's not something odd or bad.


Ariana Benae (pronounced Ben A)........its hard because we dont know your last name.......but I just thought Ariana benae sounds great.........I also like Ariana Marie...one of my daughters middle names is Sinclaire.......let us know what you & hubby decide on!!!!!

the name Joy would be nice!!! she will be a "joy" to have around..right?

Very funny what you said about Marie. My middle name is Marie, so is my sister's, my cousin's and most of my friends have the middle name Marie too - I think it has to do with growing up Catholic. Do you have any family names that would flow well? My son's middle name is after his grandpa and if we had a girl the middle name would have been after my mom. It is something we agreed on before we even had our son. So we had our middle names picked out before we had our first name. I guess a little backwards, but it worked for us.

Good luck! Picking out your child's name is so hard. I found naming our pets so much easier!

I have an Arianna Julia, we had a hard time deciding on the name so I put my 2 favorite names together.
And it's pronounced "ARE" not "air" . People have a hard time w/ that and i keep reminding them. "it's like saying Rianna. but spelled Arianna.

I also personally don't like Lynn it's a little "blah" for the name and doesn't go well.

Another one is Mae (pronounced May).
Good luck it is hard.

ariana claire
ariana rene
ariana jenea (pronounced Jenn A)
these are a few that sound really nice together.
good luck

I read in a baby name book once that the number of syllables in the first, middle and last names should be balanced. Such as, 3 and especially 4 syllable first names should be balanced with 1 or maybe 2 syllable middle names or it is too much of a mouthful. With Ariana having 4 syllables it sounds nice with a short and sweet middle name(unless your last name is 1 syllable, then you could opt for 2 in the middle name). Some good examples of 1 syllabe names are Beth, Skye, Elle, Belle, Hope, Kate, Claire, Brooke, faith, Grace, Jade, Paige, Kay, Sue, Anne, Lynn, Eve, and Lee. Of course there are multiple ways of spelling all of these too. Have fun and godd luck on the new baby.

How about Brooke?
Let us know always fun to help out

It makes a slight difference whether you pronounce Ariana with the beginning sound like "R" or "air"... I pronounce it like "r e ON uh". Have fun deciding on the middle name!

Ariana Belle
Ariana Celeste
Ariana Denise
Ariana Suzanne
Ariana Joelle
Ariana Christine
Ariana Charisse
Ariana Elise

I can't believe I am throwing my hat in the ring.

How about Ariana Sophia -- very lyrical.
Do you have any beloved women in your family tree who have passed on and you would like to honor? That's always nice, a family name or variation.

Good luck; can't wait to hear your selection. But when my son was born, he just didn't look like the name we chose and we changed it on the spot to a name we hadn't seriously considered but fit him perfectly. So stay open!

My daughters all have longer first names like Ariana and I like one syllable middle names to go with it. This is the approximate list I chose from and used for own kids:

Sorry, but I don't think Lynn would be a good choice and that's my middle name! I really like Rose, but Marie is pretty good too.

How about the ever-popular "Grace"? I think that sounds very pretty. Good Luck.

Do you have any family names you could use? How about yours? Think about initials....
I agree in NOT using Marie; too generic. have a favorite flower? Rose? Just keep saying names over and over in the combination and you'll come up with something. Or maybe NO middle name at all. Or maybe two middle names... xo

How about Ariana Grace?

Ariana Elizabeth or
Ariana Grace

Ariana Christine would be beautiful :) Good luck!

How about Ariana Rose

I like the name elizabeth,or joy. i hope this helps!

Good Morning S.!
What a pretty name you have picked out for your daughter. Here are a few of my suggestions:
Ariana Leigh(or Lee) , Araina Mae , Ariana Kaylene
Ariana Beth , Araina Christine , Ariana Kathleen
Ariana Michelle , Ariana Claire , Ariana Elizabeth
Ariana Noelle, Ariana Elise,
Ariana Faye , Ariana Catherine, Araina Reese
What is your maiden name? Would that be a possiblity?
Is it a possiblity to use your other 2 daughters middle names in some way with Ariana in honor of her big sisters?
Good Luck choosing!
P.S. just thought of another... Ariana Bree!

How about Lee?
M. H.

I have a neice with a similar name (Adriana) and her middle name is Raylee.

What about the name Renee?

How about Ariana Grace?

Ariana Breeana (grand daughters first name is Breeana) My middled name is Lynne and love it!

Why not skip the middle name? Ariana is very pretty on it's own.

Ariana Elise
Ariana Estelle
Ariana Kate
Ariana Michelle
...I like Ariana Marie too.

My favorite middle names are those that have family meaning and significance. My daughter's middle name is Adair, which is my maiden name. But I almost gave her the middle name of Marie because it was my mom and sister's middle name (I never realized it was so common till your post). I also like grandmother's names or last names, aunts names, etc...if you have a family history to refer to you might find a few great names. We have some great vintage names in the family like Phoebe, Grace, Ruby, Genevive that I'd love to use.

Ariana Adair is pretty too...hmmm, if I have another girl I may have to consider that one :-).

I don't have any new suggestions. I loved all the ones that you have received. Please, please let us know what you decide upon eventually! Good luck and enjoy!

I know a Ariana Noelle, which I think goes together well. I really like the name Noelle and wanted to use it for my daughters middle name but my husband was not a fan at all. Good luck and let us know what you decide!

I love the combination of

Ariana Joelle
Ariana Nicole

as others suggested.

My immediate thought when I read your request was Ariana Grace. Best of luck to you and let us know what u decide!


Ariana Marie is really a beautiful name. I also like Ariana Grace or Ariana Kate. Be sure you let us know what you choose! Ariana is a great name.

I was going to say Lynn before I even read the rest of your letter. I like Lynn- Marie is pretty- but I think 90% of girls already have that as their middle name- the other 1-% have it for their first name. lol Good Luck!

Ariana Rose or Rosemarie, if your husband really loves that Marie!

Try these...

Ariana "Nicole"
Ariana "Joy"
Ariana "Michelle"
Ariana "Kaneese"

Ariana Paige
Ariana N.
Ariana Jolie
Ariana Hope
Ariana Elisabeth
Ariana Claire
Ariana Joy

Hope this helps. Please let us know what you decide. :)

So sorry but "Ariana Marie" sounds soooo romantic! Just Beautiful. Antoinette is dramatic too.

Lynn, too, is a very common middle name. Personally, I think Ariana is too sophisticated of a first name for Lynn - which is a little more casual.

Best of luck to all of you.

Lenae (pronounced Lynn A)

It depends on your last name too for the flow of the sound. If you have a last name that sounds good with it, you might also be able to hypenate and have something like Ariana Lynn-Marie....

Ariana "Isabella"
Ariana "Anibella"

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