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Help with Introducing a Bottle to a Breastfed Baby

Help! My baby is spoiled on the boob and REFUSES any artificial nipple. I pump and pump but he will not take a bottle. The doctor told me that I started him too late - he is now 3 months old, and we started at 2 months. My mom said she will take him for 24 hours and he will eventually take the bottle. Is this good advice

He is going to have to take a bottle of some kind when I go back to work. I do plan on exclusively giving him breast milk until he's a year old (I can pump at work). I need to hear some real good advice from you moms! Thank you in advance.

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The playex drop in bottles with nice soft nipples worked better for my daughter...my husband would have to put one of my dirty shirts on his chest and I'd rub the bottle nipples on my boobs before I left for work and eventually she would take the bottle...not happily, but she got fed! Some babies just hate anything other than mommy but if he gets hungry enough he will probably give in to the bottle. It can be a long exhausting process when they cry and scream and gag dramatically on the bottle nipple. Good Luck!

Just one thing you don't mention.. are you the one trying to give him the bottle or is someone else? If it's you he's more likely to resist, because that smart little cookie knows the real thing is right there. I did exactly as you.. pumped at work for over a year, and she did eventually take the bottle, but someone else had to give it to her. Good luck!

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It is not too late! I did not start my 2nd child till 4 months. I went back to work at 6 months (he is 7 mo now.)

I would find a wide mouth bottle (my lactation consultant recommended Born Free). Have daddy or some one else try when he is not too hungry -- this will give time to get used to it (play with it). My son started biting it. It took an hour for an ounce or 2 ... so find some one with patience.
Also make sure the milk is warm enough but not hot.

Then try every day ... tool us almost 2 weeks.

The first month I was back at work he ate a little slow ... almost an hour for 6 oz but he is up to speed now :)

Oh, I wouldnt ask a Dr any ?'s about breastfeeding see a lactation consultant or LLL http://lllnorcal.org/groups/PeninsulaCA.html

you didn't start introducing an artificial nipple too late. most lactation consultants will tell you if you start any earlier infants will be "confused" and have a difficult time eating at all. my advice is:

1. establish some kind of eating schedule for you son if he's not on one already. that way he will be hungry at meal times and looking for food.

2. have some one other than you feed with a bottle.

3.feed little bits at a time - say 2 ounces- so if he doesn't eat you don't waste the bottle.

Hi G.,
My baby did this as well and I found that she really liked the latex nipples from Gerber. The brownish colored ones. They feel different than the silicone (clear ones) The silicone ones are very slippery and completly unlike the breast nipple. The latex is a little closer to your boob. And your baby will learn the difference and be just fine switching between the two sources of food. They are smart little people they are. And they know where the good stuff comes from! Anyways...good luck, and don't stress! Your baby WILL eat when hungry : - )

I agree with some of the others who have suggested trying the latex (brown) nipples. My son never liked the silicone (clear) nipples but he took the latex nipples just fine. I used the ones that go with the playtex drop-in bottles.

Just one thing you don't mention.. are you the one trying to give him the bottle or is someone else? If it's you he's more likely to resist, because that smart little cookie knows the real thing is right there. I did exactly as you.. pumped at work for over a year, and she did eventually take the bottle, but someone else had to give it to her. Good luck!

Hi G.! First of all, rest assured your beautiful baby WILL take a bottle... some kids are just more wilfull than others. He's 3 months old so I'm calculating a January boy like mine... oh those Capricorn boys :-)

My son was also VERY resistant to the bottle. I ended up having success with the old fashioned Platex latex nipples (the old brown rubber ones). They are softer and warm up when the milk goes through them more than the silicon... plus they're just more booby-looking than the clear silicon.

Also, when my son finally took a bottle it was when I pumped directly into the bottle, put the nipple on and gave it to him with my shirt off. I know they say someone else should try (bc lots of kids won't take a bottle if they know the real thing is near by) but my son took a bottle from me for a couple of days before he started letting me hand him off to his dad or my mom. After that, it was another week before someone else could actually START the feeding.

Good luck, mama. Hang in there.


Good for you for wanting to give your baby the best! Contact the La Leche League - they should be able to give you a lot of suggestions and work with you until the problem is resolved.

Good luck!

I introduced the bottle to my first 3 children at the same age.

Some kids just won't have it.

My 3rd child absolutely refused the bottle, and NEVER took one. I flew my mom out here from Colorado and left him with her for 8 hours when he was nearly 7 months! He wouldn't take a bottle ALL DAY. I, too, was gearing up to return to work. So, I left him with the home care provider 3 part-time days in one week to see if she could coerce him (thinking that he could still smell my milk in the house with my mom). He still wouldn't have it, even though I was pumping my breast milk. He was eating some solids, so he wasn't screaming all day or anything - but once he saw me, it was ATTACK. I tried EIGHT different nipples! Oh, joy!

Anyway, I trained him on the cup, and put my pumped milk in a sippy cup. I was fortunate to work nearby, and went on my lunch break to nurse him. I nursed in the morning, pumped at 10 am, nursed at lunch, pumped at 3pm, nursed before dinner and at bedtime.

So, try working the cup in there - and if you can manage a lunchtime feeding, go for it. Good luck.

My fourth child is 5 months, and I won't be returning to work until he is 1 year old - so, I've decided to skip the bottle routine altogether with this child. But I have introduced the cup already with my breastmilk in it. I thicken it with a bit of cereal so it doesn't drip down his face.

Congrats! If you can transition slowly by doing a couple of days a week and add one day until a full week, it may help your son get the picture. Blessings to you!

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