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Help with Gnats

Can anyone suggest a solution to get rid of gnats? No, I don't have fresh fruit sitting around. I have tried several different remedies and nothing seems to work.

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Thanks to all the responses I received regarding the gnat problem. I have tried several - pouring bleach down the sink, mixing vinegar and liquid dish soap, buying bug spray and I STILL HAVE GNATS. I am going to buy some cheap red or white wine tonight and pour into a couple of glasses because NOW they are in the BATHROOM!!!
I may be drinking the rest of the wine, if this does not work - LOL!!!

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I got so tired of them that I got a 'trap' for them (you can do a search on it: Insector, The Bug Collector). To see one: http://www.theapplecollection.com/iMac/iStore/Insector.html

I found a couple home remedies on the web at eHow.com.
I have heard the apple cider vinegar trick before, so that may work best. Let me know what works!

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I had gnats from houseplants - they laid eggs in the dirt of the plants and then just kept coming back. I doused the plants with a fungicide and then covered the dirt with aquarium gravel to prevent more (per advice I found via google). It worked like a charm. So if it's plants causing this problem, you may want to give it a try. :)

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I have the same problem around this time every year. A neighbor told me that the gnats come up through the pipes in the kitchen sink. I have since made certain that I keep the sink stopper closed when not in use therefore preventing the gnats from entering my home. I also keep a small bowl of apple cider vinegar with "Dawn" dish liquid on the counter just in case one gets in! I am so greatful my neighbor mentioned this as I have definetly noticed a difference. Hope the suggestion helps!!

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My brother gave me this hint a few years ago and it worked like a charm. He said the gnats are attracted to light, so to leave a bowl of water under a light overnight. After you have put water in the bowl (2-3 inches) drizzle a little dish soap in it. Don't stir, to make bubbles, just drizzle it in. It doesn't seem to matter if the dish soap is colored (like Dawn) as you're only using about 2-3 tablespoons. I used a large Tupperware bowl, so they'd have plenty of room to land! The foaming kind of dish soap wouldn't work, as that would alert the gnats to it's presence. The soap destroys the 'surface tension' of the water so when the gnats land on it they sink (and drown). If you have a light with an adjustable neck that you can aim right over the light in the middle of the room that seems to work the best, but I also had luck putting the bowl on the stove (off) and leaving the stove light on overnight. Whatever light you use for the bowl should be the only one on in your house overnight. It may take 2-3 nights to attract all of them. I hope this works for you!

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Just noticed your post and thought I'd add my 2 cents in....These GNATS do not come from NOTHING...
If infact nothing you have done helped so far to cure this problem then you seriously need to go through your pantry and throw every boxed food away (((already opened or not))))and bleach down your shelves and empty your kitchen pail often...using a plastic liner in it.....if you are also using a compost pail in the house...get rid of it. Also time to get rid of your house plants, pots and all and wait until you get rid of the problem before replacing them. When you vaccume get rid of the vaccume bag (((out side the house))))before putting the machine away...

Also since you mention having grandchildren...look under your furniture for opened bags of chips, candy, unfinished eaten anything that might be causing or adding to the problem....

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Hi D.. Due to the monsoon I have had my share of infestation. EEEWWW! I went a little crazy but have found some proven results persay.
1st- seriously it may look like a gnat but it can be several tiny pests that look similar..fungas gnats,white flies, I cannot remember the others but this can help if you just do a google image search to make sure it is what it is.
The bowl & liquid soap trick: fungas gnats & others are extremely attracted to yellow (reason for yellow dish soap) lemon scent for the potent attraction..LOL..Depending on your areas you are seeing them in & how big of an area you are looking to have the bugs attracted to the bowl is key. If you had a yellow dish/bowl/saucer etc this would just make it better but not necessary..if not just use white and enough dish soap to **A** attract to the bowl because of the scent & color yellow & **B** when the bug reaches the water to land the soap will stick to the body & make him stay & drowned..nighttime seems to work best--message me if you want me to suggest best for your needs =)
fruit seed & jar trick- eat a piece of peach,papaya etc that has the nug of seed & lil fruit endings on it-pop it into a mason jar or any glass jar & poke BB size holes on top or use alluminum foil-goal is to attract the bug in & they are dumb & cannot figure out how to get back out-too big of holes you will have less success- sames goes for a fruity wine cooler (or wine bottle) leave less than half full- set it out & watch the bottle fill up GROSS! sorry- lol
fly traps from store that are sticky pads
I did my own sticky traps that I did for free that worked great- pretty easy-if you are interested in it I can message it to anyone who messages me- I do realize my reply is pretty long already.LOL
No spam or bussiness scheme..honest..
GOOD LUCK & hope you get rif of these annoying pests. I was at my wits end & my next option was to rent a few frogs & lizards for a few days.LOL

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I got so tired of them that I got a 'trap' for them (you can do a search on it: Insector, The Bug Collector). To see one: http://www.theapplecollection.com/iMac/iStore/Insector.html

I found a couple home remedies on the web at eHow.com.
I have heard the apple cider vinegar trick before, so that may work best. Let me know what works!

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You have already had some wonderful advice and I know that I am late with this, yet this cured my problem. I put bleach and hot water down the sink and stood guard with the hose of the vacuum cleaner. Yes, I sucked each and everyone of them away and they have never come back. I saw this suggestion on TV and at that point I was willing to try everything. Have a go, it won't hurt you or the darn bugs!!

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Hi D.,
If you have house plants-try setting them outside for a few days and see if the gnats are still in your house-if they aren't, before you bring the plants back inside, mix Ivory soap and water and spray the plants (soil especially) well probably several times before bringing them inside.
If you DON'T have plants, might want to check your garbage, we have gnats more if we pop the garbage in the garage (which we have had to do b/c some hooligans have torn up our mailbox and strewn our trash around the street) it makes for gnats in the kitchen. Also if you have compost matter, dump it and clean the surfaces in your kitchen with Pure Vinegar-I have a small child so I clean with this mostly anyway and it disenfects/cleans/ and when it dries it's Odorless (I Promise :-)-hubby Hates the smell so I clean when he's at work). Also if you have grandbabies and they get into it-it's non toxic, but it will give them an almighty stomach-ache. Usually if it's taken internally, it tastes so Foul that they don't drink much :-).
I have gnats that end up in my disposal-I Love limes in my water and try and cut up about 1/2 a lime and put it in the disposal every few days (you can store the excess peels in the fridge) the natural acids/oils clean the interior of the disposal.
Good Luck,
Please let us know what happens-when you fineally find something to get rid of them for Good!
:-) C.

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I had an exterminator come when we first moved in and he said they were mold mites. They can get in plants and they can get anywhere that there is mold. If you have moldy drains or even a dehumidifier that has moisture in it or around it. Our well pressure tank in the basement was sweating and that was causing moisture and mold so that's where ours were coming from. They also like fruit too though so they're either the same thing or closely related, lol.
The cup of vinegar with a drop of dish soap works good for me. Also spraying the wet area with bleach or vinegar works to get rid of them. Make sure to dump some down your little drain return holes in your bathroom sinks. Either that or get some scrubbing bubbles and fill the area with foam :o)
Good luck,

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We have those things all over our house right now too. They have invaded us 3 years now, each year around the same time in the summer. We kept the kitchen as clean as possible because that's where they all were. This year they are all over the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, everywhere. I've had pretty good luck each time with those Hot Shot bug strips (the white plastic ones with the yellow insert). They are kind of expensive (about $5.50 each), and they suggest using them only in places like garages and attics, but they have never been harmful to us, our kids, or pets, and work pretty much overnight. They also help with any flying bugs that get in when you open the doors.

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