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Help with Gift for Friend That Had a Stillborn Baby This Year

I have a friend that had a still born baby this past year.. I'd like to get them a gift in remembrance of their first Christmas of being parents...

Any thoughts on what to do? I was thinking of getting an ornament.. maybe I could make one with his name on it?

I'm going to add that this friend is a very good friend of our's.. she has pics of the baby all through her house, has a blog and remembers the milestones.. like he was six months old today, 9 months old etc... and she was upset a bit when only one person gave her a mother's day card on Mother's Day.

She's pregnant with her 2nd and due in April.

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thanks for all the ideas.. I decided on an engraved angel ornament. It'll say the baby's name and Remembered Always.. I hope it will help her realize we won't forget their little angel. I may also take a stuffed animal to the gravesite.

I'll probably use the other ideas from this post for the next years. : )

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Someone recently told me a friend of theirs got them a small diamond necklace and said that it's sparkle represents how their babies soul is shining even thought they are not with us. I thought it was a great idea.

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What a wonderful idea. A friend of mine sent a rose on the birthday of a friend's still-born baby every year. Then it happened to her with her fifth. The husbands never really understood but it was very comforting to both of them.

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Hi C.,

What a great person you are for letting your friend know that her baby was important and is not forgotten. I gave birth to my stillborn son, Carter, September 15, 2006 just 5 days before his due date. The one thing that I think means the most to families who have lost a child is for people to still remember. A call/card on their child's birthday or a Christmas tree ornament is so powerful because you know that other people care too. Many people made us ornaments for our tree and they are so precious to us. We have a website in memory of our son if you would like to pass it on to your friend. It's www.preciouscarter.com. She is always welcome to email me if she is looking to talk. I'm at ____@____.com care,

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Hi C.,

You sound like a very thoughtful friend. www.bronners.com has some cute christmas ornaments for both memorial and for new coming arrivals. Another suggestion, my sister in law had a full term still born and the precious little girl had many defects and medical problems. Every Christmas I make a donation to St. Jude or make a wish foundation. As it's possible if Abby survived she would have used either of these wonderful services. Good Luck....sounds like you've got a lot of great ideas from mom's.


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Someone recently told me a friend of theirs got them a small diamond necklace and said that it's sparkle represents how their babies soul is shining even thought they are not with us. I thought it was a great idea.

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You are such a thoughtful friend! I like all the ideas the other moms have given, but just wanted to add one more. I don't know what your friend's religious beliefs are, but if she is Christian there's a church in New York called The Church of the Holy Innocents. They have a "Book of Life" where they will inscribe the names of babies who were stillborn or lost to miscarriage. They regularly pray for these babies and their families. They will also send you a certificate with your baby's name on it - kind of like a certificate recognizing their existence and importance in your life (I don't know how it is with stillborns, but with miscarriages you typically don't receive any kind of "birth certificate" or anything from the hospital). The mom who told me about this church said that it really helped her to have something more formal to recognize the baby she lost through a miscarriage, and to know that others were praying for her through her grief. Here's the web site where you can submit the baby's information and request a certificate: http://www.innocents.com/shrine.asp

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C.: Here is a website to check out. It is www.abbeypress.com. Browse the memorial gifts. My friend purchased the memorial cheer drop when my mom died and it is beautiful. Comes with a card that explains the significance of the teardrop. So touching. Hope this helps you out. S.

Considering that she is dealing really well with it (better than I think that I could), you might consider making her an angel ornament (not sure what material you would use) and then put his name on that. After all, he is an Angel in Heaven looking down on them.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I am the mommy of a baby angel as well. My daughter, Cheyenne, was stillborn 14 years ago. It really upset on my first mother's day when no one acknowledged me as being a mother. It would be really nice if you made her an ornament and/or had a stepping stone made that she could put in her yard with his name and birthdate on it. Your friend will be in my prayers. :) God bless!

Hi C....
Friends of ours had a stillborn baby some years ago. At the funeral I gave her a memory box with the babies name engraved on it. It was very simple, but something she could put the hospital wrist bracelet in, lock of hair, photo.. what have you.
I also liked the donation idea.... and the birthstone idea. Very good suggestions too.
Its nice that you want to remember her baby.

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