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Help with Excema!

My 5 month old has a pretty bad case of excema...she had an outbreak like this at 2 months also. My Pedi. said it is environmental and she will grow out of it. I don't want to use a steroid cream on her. Does anyone know of something that works? Poor baby has it all over her face and head.

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Thank you all for such an abundant wealth of information. I have been trying all of the suggestions, Renew lotion, ABC line from Arbonne, and Aveeno and detergent change and cleaning products as well as others. I had to take her in again to the Pedi as she was not responding well to anything I was trying and was to the point of very severe (bleeding)eczema. We had to put a mild cream on her and get her on an antihistamine. After 2 days, it was gone! Sadly, we have had to resort to this, but she is so much better and happier, so now we are starting the regimen of figuring out which bathing and moisturizing brand works best for her to keep from having this outbreak again. Yes the All Free and Clear detergent is helping! Thanks to all you Moms who have shown so much support and helpful advice and to the moms who sent me lotion in the mail. God's blessings on you all.

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I've had excema all my life and I'm in my 50s. It will flare up in times of stress and excitement.
I've done all the steroid creams and tried each new one when they came out. There are actually some that make it worse. I suggest a visit with a nutritionist. Over the years I've come to learn that this is an internal problem that manifests externally. In other words, something is lacking in the diet. Some kids are allergic to milk, wheat etc. Cod liver oil did the trick for me. When I take it daily I am fine. If I miss it for a few days, it begins to flare up again. There is flavored cod liver oil available and my own son will take that without a problem. You can also get capsules. You can also open a capsule of Vitamin E and rub it directly on the skin for some quick relief. A nutritionist will be able to guide you to the right answer.
Good luck.

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Please give me a call or email me back! I used to have a terrible time with eczema! I found a company that was competitively priced against walmart and the products worked! Eczema is irritated by harsh chemicals and even water. But once I started using the bath oil and lotion it stated to clear up with in a day and was totally cleared up within three days. My youngest son has eczema as well and he also uses the bath oil and lotion. He wasn't even a year old when I found this company it is gentle enough for infants! I want to make my self very clear on this next point, I do not distribute products. I simply show you where and how to get the products. Give me a call or email me today. The company is having a fantastic promotion that will end tomorrow. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee on everything! ###-###-#### or you can respond to this email.
H. M.

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My 2 yr old son had it as well and I was told antihistamines and steroid cream was the only solution. I found an amazing doctor in Southlake, Dr. James Mahoney, that treated my son and it has cleared up. He treated it from the inside first...some medicine with an external ointment. He is doing so miraculously better that I cant even believe it. I would highly recommend him.

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Good morning B.! My son had the same problem and a friend of mine told me about Melaleuca lotions. They worked great and the are all natural - no harsh chemicals and safe for the environment. I would love to give you more information on the products.


Make it a great day!!

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Hi, I just wanted to offer up something that worked for us. I have an 18 month old little girl but at the age of 4 months old she broke out in eczema on her back, stomach, and legs. We tried everything including steroid creams and the dr. kept saying that she would grow out of it but it got worse and became inflamed and almost bleeding. A family member of mine suggested Gold Bond lotion and I thought she was crazy but at this point I would try anything! I bought the Gold Bond moisturizing, I think it says Aloe on it and the eczema(inflamed and almost bleeding) was GONE!!!!! OVERNIGHT!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. Give it a try, my pediatrician said he was even going to start telling his patients about it. Please repost and let us know how it goes for you. Good luck!

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Have you heard of Melaleuca? They have an excellent product called Renew Intensive Skin Therapy. Check out my wesite and I can get you more information. I hope this helps!

K. Maxwell

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Please give me a call or email me back! I used to have a terrible time with eczema! I found a company that was competitively priced against walmart and the products worked! Eczema is irritated by harsh chemicals and even water. But once I started using the bath oil and lotion it stated to clear up with in a day and was totally cleared up within three days. My youngest son has eczema as well and he also uses the bath oil and lotion. He wasn't even a year old when I found this company it is gentle enough for infants! I want to make my self very clear on this next point, I do not distribute products. I simply show you where and how to get the products. Give me a call or email me today. The company is having a fantastic promotion that will end tomorrow. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee on everything! ###-###-#### or you can respond to this email.
H. M.

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Two of my four children have eczema. I noticed it when they were both pretty young. I don't think that anything will cure it. I've only used over-the-counter creams...GOLD BOND cream and Cortizone have really done the trick for me.

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You've probably already received alot of answers, I didn't look to see. I do know however, that Arbonne products will get rid of your problem. Look up arbonne.com and you can find a consultant in your area.

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My 18 yr old had excema as a toddler. Our derm. told us to use Cetephil as mentioned in many of the responses, Downy dryer sheets, and this bath recipe:
-use the coldest water temperature the person can stand
-pour a cup of salt under the running water to disolve
-soak in bath as long as possible. It went away!

It's an inexpensive try! Good Luck

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Yes, I can help you immediately. Use Eucerin Cream in the big tub. Not any of it in the bottle, just the tub.Its hard as heck to rub on, but it will be worth it. My mom told me about it, she used it on my little brother years and years ago. Took me a while to try it and I now wish I would have tried it soooner. I am also 31, stay at home but work 2 days a week. Question for you, how do YOU meet people??

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I've had excema all my life and I'm in my 50s. It will flare up in times of stress and excitement.
I've done all the steroid creams and tried each new one when they came out. There are actually some that make it worse. I suggest a visit with a nutritionist. Over the years I've come to learn that this is an internal problem that manifests externally. In other words, something is lacking in the diet. Some kids are allergic to milk, wheat etc. Cod liver oil did the trick for me. When I take it daily I am fine. If I miss it for a few days, it begins to flare up again. There is flavored cod liver oil available and my own son will take that without a problem. You can also get capsules. You can also open a capsule of Vitamin E and rub it directly on the skin for some quick relief. A nutritionist will be able to guide you to the right answer.
Good luck.

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yeah! I have it seasonally too, when the allergy season was worse, my excema was worse..
I just use warm vaseline. it works fast too.. the steroid creams always made it worse, redder and actually made it hurt more... but the vaseline is painless and effective.. hope that helps!

My son had excema when he was an infant pretty bad. He would just scratch constantly. We tried everything - lotions, steriod creams, antihistamines. One of his physicians told me to (this will sound crazy) SLATHER Crisco Shortening on him especially right after his bath. It was alot cheaper than any of the lotions and alot safer. It did seem to help alot. But, hold on to your baby they get really slippery. They don't mind it when they are little and my son liked to play with it and ocassionally put it in his hair. That was pretty messy, but funny. My son is now 12 and has for the most part outgrown it. His skin gets really dry in the winter, but the Oil of Olay lotion in the purple bottle really works wonders. Good luck to you.

Totally understand about the steroid cream. I am the same way. Turns out my son had a bout with psoriosis which was related to a wheat/gluten insensitivity. The first place I went to treat it was Healthy Approach in Colleyville. It is a health store that is the first stop I make to see what they recommend to treat many things. Every time what they recommend is right now and way more healthy for my family. Good luck!

My 19 month old has TERRIBLE Excema and we just recently started with a steroid cream that cleared it up in 2 days. She's had it since birth. I use Lubriderm Extra dry skin on her and that helps tremendously between outbreaks. Make sure that you dry your baby off totally when you get your baby out of the tub - air drying actually can make the excema worse. Good Luck.

My nephew suffered from excema from birth up until he was seven. My brother used the creams and those just seemed to releive the itching, but never cured it completely. One summer we took a trip to South Padre Island and since that trip he has not had a break out. Appreantly there is something in the beach water that helped stop the excema. I'm not sure if you are near a beach, but it's worth a try.

Oatmeal baths work great and so does Aveno cream. My daughter outgrew it by age 4. It seems like a long wait, but she is fine now. I vaguely remember my ex sister inlaw giving her some homeopathic meds. I will look into which is was and get back with you. That really helped the most.

Like some have mentioned, you may look into food allergies. My daughter has food allergies and soy gives her eczema. And after reading tons on food allergies, I found out that eczema at this young age it is usually due to food allergies.

Now, I use Cetaphil for bath (whether you should bath you kid every day or once a week is up to debate). After giving her a bath I use Curel unscented. You may use Aveeno, but Curel is better. California Baby makes a cream Diaper cream (you can find it a most health food stores or Target), you can use that on anything from diaper rash to eczema.

And like others said, frangrance free everything if possible.
Good Luck

Cetaphil is the best, especially the cream. If you have a sam's membership, they're about $10. Good luck

Hopefully one of the things suggested with work for your baby. If all those things don't work - look into food allergy testing. We struggled with this since my 2 year old was 3 months old. Nothing worked, and I must have tried EVERYTHING!!! Until I had him tested in depth for food allergies were we able to eliminate the foods, and the eczema went away. It was a painful year with sleepless nights. Hang in there and remember this if nothing else works. Good luck, J.

My 5 month old also gets excema - my doctor recommends the hydrocortisone cream! It is great!

I have a 4-year old grandson that we've gone through from his birth. His excema was so bad at times that it hurt to touch him; thankfully he only has hot-spots now and doesn't have near the problems he used to. Try Ucern(?) cream or Cetaphil cream or Aveno with Oatmeal for Excema. Any of these products work really well. Make sure you get the cream, instead of the lotion; it's more hydrating. Also, if the excema becomes too painful and/or she's itching all the time, try bathing her with cool cloths; that helps too. Oh, and if you have to use a steroid cream; there is a Walmart brand that is something like .5%; the lowest they make. Good luck!

My son is 5 and has suffered from excema for years due mostly to allergies. We use steriod cream occasionally but what has really helped him is bathing in Aveeno, its the body and shampoo wash that is clear. It has helped more than anything. Hope this helps your daughter.

A friend of mine whose child is now 7, her daughter had really bad exema that she had to put socks on her hands as a baby cause she would scratch so bad. I think her Pedi started her on Zyrtec twice a day and it cleared up a bit, you may want to try that also try putting some vit e oil on it once a day or something? to soften the skin cells? Good luck just thought I would give you my two cents.

My son also had eczema from really early on...about 2 months old. I bought Aveeno Baby, Soothing Relief Moisture Cream, and applied it every day to the affected areas. It really kept down the breakouts. He is 3 and a half now...and yes he did grow out of it like your pedi said.
Good Luck!!!

hi B.! my daughter had excema really bad when she was an infant. my doctor suggested i use selsun blue shampoo, and it worked instantly. put it on and wipe it off and her skin will be like perfect. my daughter also had it on her scalp really bad but i never used it in her hair. hope it works for ya. bye, Candi!!

Hi B. -

My daughter has had eczema since birth and is now alomost 2yrs. We tried a lot of different things and found that going to the health food store and getting natural oils help tremendously (vitamin E, B or olive oil). Just take a dab on your finger and rub it on the area. I realize this could be pretty messy because it is oily , but we put it on her at night and within a day or so it cleared up. This is not a permanent fix but it does help to get it under control since you mentioned you do not want to use any steroid creams.

Also , our doctor suggested only bathing her 3 times a week and doing a wash up on the other days because the water drys the skin.

We just visited a dermatologist this past week regarding this very issue. We did get a prescription for extreme flare ups, but I wanted to second the poster who brought up Cerave. This came HIGHLY recommended by the dermatologist. She said it was the best stuff out there for general moisturizing. I've been using it on my boys (and myself) all week. This stuff is awesome. Our skin feels like silk. I bought the cream and the lotion. My youngest son just has really dry skin and he itches all the time. This week is the first time in a year that he has had some relief. Just awesome.

Well B., as you may have already discovered.. every case is different, as is every child.
I have 3 children 2 are mine one is step but I still claim her. My 12 yr old daughter had excema like her father. He had it in his eyebrows even into his 30's. Unlike many other children she has not had many seasonal allergies or asthma and has had no food allergies or sensitivity now, it was heredity. She was sensitive to milk. I tried eliminating milk from my diet and took a calcium suppliment when she bagan getting colicy at 2 weeks old. Her colic ended. Not so easy with my son, he had colic for about four months and nothing really worked. As an infant my 12 year old had to be on soy formula, I weined her around 6 mo old, and as a toddler she was on soy until she was 2. I was afraid this would be permanent, again because of heredity- my dad and sis are lactose intolerant. But since she was 2 shes had few flare ups and no food sensitvity, and milk and ice cream are regular in her diet. My 8 month old son, different father, has not had any signs so far, neither has my step daughter 6 year old. The 12 year olds last outbreak was around 8 years old but she has dry skin to this day.
My step daughter has no excema but has had cronic allergies and ear infections, she even had to have tubes in her ears.
What I've learned:
It's all trial and error. My 12 yr old was prone to diaper rashes, my son has yet to have one at all. Dr. Smiths Diaper rash cream worked best, it's over the counter but you may have to ask the pharmacist, it's sometimes held in the back. This also worked better on spots on her chin than aquafor. I've seen many cases and products while working with children. Be prepared when she gets to preschool age for flare ups on her chin or for very chapped lips. It's very common in children with excema during winter months, because they already have dry skin and at this age they lick their lips cronically or they for get to clean their faces and mom isn't always there to do it. Schools and day cares seem to have really dry air as well.
aveno bath was a life saver when she had a bad flare up. Shes had less problems in tx than in europe where she was born, the drier climate has helped. And as gross as it seems I really did have to bathe her less. Sponge baths almost seemed to make things worse, as did letting her stay dirty or sweaty too long. Quikie baths were best for her, clean but not pruned. And adding epson salt to the bath water worked wonders for itching when she was able to scratch enough to bleed. It reduces swelling as well.
After baths I used eucerine cream and only dove soaps or shampoos. I also used All free or Cheer free and clear, no stain repellants or fabric softeners, just dryer sheets. Now you can find dye and fragrance free everything, downey free is what I use in her laundry now and have had no problems. The last time she had a flare up it was severe and we had to see a dermotoligist, mine, I have oily skin go figure. We had tried Tide and she reacted very badly.
Any kind of hydrocortizone made her worse, we only had to resort to steroids a few times, once because of a diaper rash so severe she was bleeding and I had to use cloth diapers for a day or two. Turned out she wasn't able to use one kind of huggies for girls, they no longer make. My mother-in-law at that time said she let my daughters dad go naked outside when he had flare ups as a toddler and that always helped, as did salt water. The other times were when she started preschool and the Tide incident. Both times an oil with steroid worked best not the creams. To this day I make her use Eucerin lotion after every shower and shes been fine for years. Oh, and swimming will be an issue too. Rub her down with aveno sun block and lots of moisturizer when she gets out of the pool. Clorine is very hard on dry sensitive skin.
My current pediatrician said that giving children cereal too early brings it out in them early, it does't cause it, if they have it they have it, if they don't they don't, but it comes out earlier if they begin cereal before 6 months.
Well I did not start cereal with my 12 year old until 6 months and she has it, my son was 2 months when we added cereal to a bed time bottle I would pump hoping to finally satisfy his insatiable appetite, it helped a little with his colic and sleeping but not like other people had said. Mostly he seemed to have less gas, but no excema....like I said each child has their own individual needs, and you'll find the right combination if you haven't already. Only you know her best.

I have a question for you seeing as we have a few things in common.
I am 31 and a stay at home mom as well, I worked in real estate prior to having my son and I was studding Interior Design at a local University, wanting a career change, how hard do you feel the industry is for a mom? I can't decide between returning to real estate or teaching( I worked with children for 5 years before getting my real estate liscense)
I am afraid that it would be easier, because I now have 3 children, to follow a teachers schedule, but I loved what I learned so far about design. I would love your oppinion or feed back.

Hello B.,
Some excema is food allergy related. Have you started your baby on any solids? Watch out for dairy products. You might also check in to the website
www.freederm.com. The site looks a bit hokey but a friend in my food allergy support group used it on her child and found great success. I also recommend using Arbonne baby bath. It is very gentle on their skin. My son had severe excema and this bath product was helpful.
D. R

Dear B.,

I am so sorry that your baby girl is experiencing discomfort with eczema. I may be able to help. I represent a botanically based skin care company. Our products are formulated in Switzerland and made in the USA. We have a line of Baby Care Products that have helped some with eczema. I have a written testimonial from a Pediatrician(she has been practicing pediatrics for fifteen years)...she has patients that had eczema and she saw dramatic improvements off of the medications she had prescribed, using only these baby care products. I have a friend...her son had eczema. He uses these products and he has not had an outbreak since. Of course my company cannot guarantee that everyone who uses these products will see the same results, but it might be worth a try.

I feel for you. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and a 1 year old daughter and my heart breaks when they are in pain.

Anyway, if you would like more information about these AWESOME baby products...just let me know. I hope I can help you.

By the way, my career before babies was as a Fashion Designer.

Take Care!

C. C.

I don't blame you I wouldn't want to use a steroid cream on my baby either. There are much better alternatives.Have you tried changing your laundry soap? Many have gotten rid of thier excema by using MelaPower Laundry soap, Renew Lotion and a body soap called Gold Bar. If that doesn't work I know of something that will definately work! Call me if you would like a discount on these products ###-###-####

Both my sons had issues with excema. We switched to fragrance free/dye free detergent (Tide has one) for everybody in the family. No dryer sheets. Also, switched to fragrance/dye free soap like Dove. It's not tear free so you have to be careful. Aveeno or the Target brand lotion is also fragrance free. We used a little bit of the steroid cream to get it under control and then didn't have to use it again. After bath, you can put a little Aquaphor cream on the spots and lotion on the rest of baby's skin.

This worked for us. I find that a lot of kids soaps and lotion have fragrance which is not good for their skin so check the labels. Hope this helps.

My daughter is 13 years of ages and we have battle ever since I can remember. We use cetaphil soap and lotion and rotobath oil . you have to get the oil from the pharmtcies(sp) But the lotin and soap is on the shelfs. Quick in and out baths. When it is really bad she has and antibotic onitment she put on. We took he to a Dermatologist. After using several differnet medicine that our pedi.(sp) prescribe.
My husban has it as well and he has always use a prespriction medicine on his called Lidex. It works good for him.

My son had excema and I tried everything. I would recommend going ahead and asking for the steroid, Elidel. Only use it a little to clear it up (or it will never go awa) Also, EVERY time you bathe her use Eucerin lotion. This is the kind that is extremely thick in the round can. It looks like diaper creme. Also, wash ALL her clothes/bed sheets in ALL free and Clear. When I started doing all this, I was able to almost clear Chase's up completely. DOn't use any kind of baby soap/products to bath and lotion her up. They have too many perfumes. Start bathing her with the Dove soap that is plain and fragrance free. Normally, if a child is going to outgrow it, they will by 18 months. Chase outgrew it exactly at 18 months. Hope this helps! I know I spend many hours researching/worrying about this. Be sure to watch for any signs of Asthma. Excema and asthma go hand in hand. Lickily, he didn't ever develop asthma. H.

Hey B., i have a daughter who is two years old now and has had it since birth and i did everything i could to get rid of it, prevent it, heal it and used everything you could think of....the steroid cream got rid of it. Is there something wrong with using a steroid cream? I'm just glad she's not scratching herself bloody and can wear shorts without people wondering what is all over her body. She is still on a "special diet"...no citrus foods and chocolate until i know she is ok to eat it without breaking out again....i know it's very hard to see your baby go through this...good luck!
~A., mother of triplets and an 8 yr old son

Google "Cetaphil steroids infants" and several chat sites will appear where this similar question has been asked, with lots of responses. I would recommend Dove body wash for sensitive skin in the bath. For skin cream concoctions, go to the googled chat sites...they have tried it all!!

Hi B.,

I have found that eczema is commonly related to allergies or nutritional deficiencies. I have worked with many patients to eliminate eczema. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and I use Applied Kinesiology (aka muscle testing) to determine the allergies or nutritional deficiencies. Than I treat the allergies with a Cold Laser and prescribe the right nutrition. It is amazing how well it works. With an infant I can test through you. I have seen amazing results! If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at ###-###-####. Thanks! Dr. Sandra S.

My grandson had bad excema when he was small and still has it some now but it is treated well with the Arbonne baby products. Arbonne products are botanically based and are pure, safe, and beneficial. For more information on these products contact me at ____@____.com are truly great products.

A while back I was involved with a company called Melaleuca...They sold a lotion called Renew..and everyone who had used the lotion and had exzema swore by this stuff. I personally do not suffer from this nor does my family so I cannot know from personal experience...Melaleuca has wonderful products and they are chemical free...the only thing is that you have to be a member to purchase their products at a great price...you can however purchase them without being a member but the price can be high...anyhow check them out...It is Melaleuca.com

You've received a lot of responses, but I wanted to also suggest to try the ABC line from Arbonne. You can go on line and find a consultant in your area. Use the wash, oil, and lotion faithfully and I promise you will see a difference. The diaper rash ointment and sunscreen are great too. Get the whole set. Good luck!

Hi B.!
I like ClearSkin-E Cream. Check the link and read more info. It is natural product and FDA approved.

I highly recommend Arbonne products. They make a baby lotion and baby shampoo/soap that are incredible plus a diaper rash creams that works overnight...no joke! Fragrance free and has none of the bad chemicals you here about in all the OTC ones. You have to get it thru a representative but well worth it! Its $14 a bottle but lasts a long time.

Go to https://www.arbonne.com/products/baby/index.asp

If you need a rep let me know and I can put you in touch with one. This stuff is WONDERFUL!

Hi, B.,

My daughter had ezcema for several years and we were using steroidal creams on her -- but they never helped to make it go away -- it just helped with the severity. I never liked using the steroids on her because she was so young. When she was three, I heard of a company who had safer, more natural products and I was told if we got a lot of the chemicals out of our home that might help AND definitely switching our laundry detergent, cleaning agents (most especially what we were using in the bathtub -- since she was sitting in that water) and also what we put on her skin as far as body wash and lotions could ALL help. After about 1 month of switching my home over (and getting the harsh chemicals out of my home), I started noticing a difference in my daughter's ezcema and now, 4 years later she has still not had any problems or "outbreaks". I've had other friends who have had the same experience after switching over and removing the harsh chemicals out of their home. (It does seem a lot of children are suffering from this skin condition and I'm so glad I found something that would help my little girl).

If you are interested in knowing more details, please feel free to call me or send me an e-mail. My name is L. and my e-mail address is: ____@____.com or my phone number is: ###-###-####.

Good luck!

I know you've received LOTs of advice...ARBONNE's ABC Baby Care Line is wonderful!!! If you'll send me your email address I can email you some before and after pics including one where a baby had really bad eczema. I've got a couple friends who also have used it for their childrens eczema. It's definitely worth trying!!
I am a consultant with Arbonne so can also get you a couple of samples.

My email is ____@____.com
D. :)

My first question is are you breastfeeding? If not are you on Soy or milk based formula. A friend and i had baby girls right at the same time. I was breast/feeding and supplementing with a bottle...but using SOY based. My ped advised soy as a supplement vs milk...due to possible allergies. MY friends daughter had exema so bad at that age...she was literally scratching her skin off! There were places that her skin was gone. My friend switched her daughter to SOY and within a day the itching stopped and her skin began to heal. I found out later that my daughter has a huge sensitivity to milk as well...and when she over does the milk...like cereal every day for a few weeks...she delevops excema symptoms too!
If you are using a milk based product...it can hurt to switch for a week or so to see if it gets better

Hi, My name is D. and I work for a Dermatologist. We see all ages for eczema. We take just about all ins. cards and we can get your child in anytime this week if needed. The doctors name is Timothy Rodgers-Rodgers Dermatology ###-###-####..www.rodgersderm.com 3880 Parkwood Blvd #102 Frisco,TX 75034...Good Luck!

Hello B.,

Several people have already told you about Melaleuca. This is the best company out there with the best products for Eczema...HANDS DOWN!

We have rave reviews, and you can't go wrong with them. I would put my contact info down for you, but several others have already mentioned it before me. Contact one of them....You will be doing the best thing in your life that you have done in a long time by switching out your products through-out your entire house. Eczema is heridetary (sp), as well as brought on by toxins!! I know from experience, because my husband and our two youngest children have it. DO NOT USE A STERIOD CREAM!! The are very harmful for children under 2 (according to the doctors), but for me they are harmful no matter what, and I have never used on my children...as well as my husband has never used one!!

We joined Melaleuca, and started using the products thru-out our home, as well as the Renew lotion and the Renew bath oil....AMAZING results!! No Eczema out breaks. Every once in a while our 4 yo daughter will have an outbreak, but I know it's due to her being in School and the school using all the chemicals to clean their rooms, etc with. The reason I know this is because her outbreak is always on her bottom, and they clean the toliets with bleach. CHLORINE BLEACH is a HUGE no-no for Eczema patients. HUGE NO-NO!! That is the absolute worse chemical you can use around anyone with Eczema or Asthma. (I know all about Asthma too. Our 10 yo & 1 yo son have asthma as does my husband)

Anyways...I am sure I have already went on and on, but I am a firm believer in these products, and I KNOW first hand that they work! PLEASE do no listen to anyone who bad-mouths Melaleuca. You have to try it out, in order to know first hand the results you will receive for yourself! I will say this and I am very honest...IF you want the Melaleuca products to work for you...YOU HAVE TO SWITCH OUT ALL THE PRODUCTS IN YOUR HOME!! YOU HAVE TO RID YOUR HOME OF ALL THE TOXIC PRODUCTS YOU USE IN ORDER FOR THE NON-TOXIC PRODUCTS TO WORK RIGHT. YOU CAN'T EXPECT THAT NON-TOXIC PRODUCTS WILL WORK IF YOU STILL HAVE TOXIC PRODUCTS AS WELL IN YOUR HOME. Trust me on this...I am living/walking proof. It took me a few months to realize this, and I did...I switched them out, and I HAVE SEEN RESULTS!!!

Yes...before someone sends you a msg or something about it...there is a $29 membership fee, just like with a SAMS or COSTCO club card. I will spend that over and over again to keep our Eczema and asthma under control! NOTHING...NO PRICE...can take the place of my FAMILY'S HEALTH!!

good luck, and if you just want to contact me, you can email me at ____@____.com


My daughter has suffered with eczema for 2 years and I've tried everything! We've used cortisone, triamcinolone, elidel, herbal creams, eucerin, special soaps, etc. The product I finally found that has almost cleared up her eczema is Avon wintersoft rich body cream. I don't know how it works, but the results are amazing! I don't even sale Avon, I just read about it on a forum once and tried it out of desperation. She also takes zyrtec everyday but your 5 month old is too young for that.

Aquaphor is great for baby eczema, and I believe that Aveeno now makes an eczema lotion. My eldest daughter has similar issues at that age . . . and as awful as it may look, yes they do grow out of it!

When my youngest was a baby she had the same problem. My pedi at that time told me to give her oatmeal baths. It doesn't cure, but brings relief to the baby. She is 40 now and still has a problem with excema. I just put about a cup of Old Fashioned oatmeal in a soft sock, tied the top, and washed her with that. Don't rinse it off and pat her dry with a soft towel. Hope this is of some help. They now make oatmeal soap, but I don't know how that works as back then we didn't have that option.

My son had eczema, too when he was younger. We found out it was from the new carpet we bought. So I did this on impulse at the time, I put diaper rash ointment on his back, face, etc where the eczema was. Within a few hours, the eczema flaked off. It was the weirdest thing. Then I put on Aquaphor or Eucerin cream. I switched to fragrant free dye free detergent. Bathed him only with Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo. He eventually grew out of it. Be diligent on using hypoallergenic stuff for a while. Good luck!!

baby aveeno, Euceren,and cetaphil are good lotions. They help my kids with rashes.

I am the proud mom of three 13,6,3. My third child was born with excema and the Dr. gave me 4 little samples of Elidel. You only use the tiniest amount. He had it mostly in winter, and they were just random spots. He would scratch and claw them sometimes til they would bleed. So, just because your baby can't or doesn't scratch doesn't mean they don't wish they could. It is very uncomfortable and remember they can't verbalize there discomfort yet. So...I say please reconsider. My son out grew it for the most part. I think it took us a little over two years to use those 4 sample tubes. This past Winter he had one spot and it didn't come back after treating it. I know every case is different but at least try it and see if you get good results. If it isn't clearing up in a couple of days and returns every few days, then you may want to find another treatment. I am hopeful that you will find you are not using it nearly as much as you thoought you might.
Make sure and ask the Dr. about how much to use. It is really a tiny amount.

Goodluck and my God lead you

hi - i don't have any personal experience with this with my children but i have seen many before and after photos and read many testimonials from people who have used an all natural organic product called arbonne to heal the excema - i am an arbonne consultant and would be happy to mail you a sample pack of their baby line to see if it helps her - i know that from what i have seen, excema can be very irritating and especially on babies because it itches sometimes and they can't scratch it which in turn makes them cranky - i use their baby line on my 3 year old son and love it - all their products are very healthy and made WITHOUT any animal by products, petroleum based products, chemicals, dyes, fragrances, etc. which are found in almost all over the counter baby, skin, face and body care products - you an e-mail me your address at ____@____.com if you would like for me to send you a sample pack to try - thanks - peg

My family has a history of eczema and my dermatologist told us to use theraplex clear lotion and it works great. My niece is 2 and she has been using it for a year now. Walgreens will order it for you. Some specialty pharmacies keep it in stock. For some reason my husband's name comes up but I am a stay at home mom of a 20 month old little girl.

Hi B.,

I have two daughters that have had excema and I found a wonderful natural product that helped with their excema and my psorisis....I'm an Arbonne Independent Consultant for this product line because of the great success that I've had with it. I would suggest using our ABC baby line of products and our Skin Conditioning Oil on the areas that are affected. I'm not sure where you are located but if you are close to me I'd love to come by and bring you the product to try. Here's my phone # ###-###-####.
Would love to help you out!

My 21 mos. has excema since he was born. We used 1% hydrocordizone until he was about 18 mos and just recently changed to i think a 2% which works really well. If you dont want to use cream then change her bath soap. We use nothing but Aveeno everything! Bath wash, shampoo and lotion. It is fragrance free. And for her detergent we use All, (the white bottle, also fragrance free) wash all her sheets, clothes anything that touches her little skin with that detergent b/c she may be alergic to the brand new material. Thats what we have to do for my son and it has worked, otherwise he will break out pretty bad. Excema does itch them so i would lather her up w/ the aveeno lotion. Aveeno is what our doctor recommended. Hope this helped.

hi B.
i use a product that is all natural called RENEW from www.melaleuca.com . Let me know if you're interested, i can get some to you!! It works WONDERS, you'd be amazed!!!!

Arbonne Baby Care products. My daughter and I both have excema and do not like steroids and several people have been able to quit using steroids with these products. Use the lotion and wash all over and spot treat the actual outbreak with the diaper cream. The products are botanically-based without any chemicals, mineral oil, animal by-products, and are also nut-oil free. Let me know if you would like to sample some to see if it works for you. I can send you links of photo testimonials as well if you are interested. Good luck with your sweet angel! I know that is hard to see!

A. Wheeler
Independent Consultant
Regional Vice President

Hi B.,

I bet you have gotten some great suggestions by now. In fact, you may have already had someone tell you about the same thing I will. I deal with LOTS of moms who battle eczema in my line of work. Yes, environmental is a KEYfactor, but you CAN address that. I am not sure what he means by "he will grow out of it" because the environment is all around is indefinitely. I would strongly suggest you consider converting your home environment to safer, less toxic products. Many of the harsh ingredients in our everyday things cause or irritate this condition. But most people do not know what is in what they are using (example: most forms of baby shampoo contain a formaldehyde releasing agent as a preservative), and they think it will cost a fortune to use safer stuff. I thought that too, but I found better options. I did find a great store for safer stuff, that is actually NO more expensive than the Wal-Mart brands, and it works great on eczema, psoriasis and other skin and respiratory conditions. In fact, just by switching laundry products and body washes, most of the moms I deal with see an improvement and often complete remission. It does not have to be hard. Example: I use a clinically proven lotion that has been shown to be better on eczema than even the #1 doctor recommended product. I love it and use it everyday. But I will not push products on you. I am NOT a distributor of these products but I can easily show you how to get them for yourself and save some money (and help your kiddo). And congrats on choosing not to use a steroid creme. Several have been black listed by the FDA for causing skin cancer. There are easier, cheaper and safer ways of dealing with this. IF you would like to simply find out what I use, or hear from some other moms who have done this, feel free to call or email me back. But for many moms, the solution is as easy as switching their stores and products for safer, more natural ones that you can actually afford. Again, I am not a distributor, but I could not keep quiet when I know of an option for you, if you truly are looking for alternatives. I have had my home converted for almost 5 years and would never go back, and I see eczema dealt with successfully all the time. Good luck to you in your search. Blessings!

Mom of 2 beautiful girls, McKynna and DeLaney

My oldest who is 10 has always had this problem since she has been little. We have tried everything from the doctor, be careful of some lotions. The scented ones especially seem to make her skin burn even more. The one thing that I have found that really works the best I got from Wal Mart. It is in the pharmacy department near the lotions. It is in a white tube or jar with a dark navy blue lid. It's called Aquaphor Healing Ointment. It is kinda like petrolium jelly, really thick, just keep rubbing it in and it wont feel as greasy. This is the only thing I have been able to find that will take away the pain and help to heal the outbreaks. Good luck

Hi Brook,
I used homeopathic solutions for so many of my children's outbreaks. Warts, where docs said we needed to burn them off, plugged eye ducts where the docs said we need to use silver nitrate to burn them, crazy. The link below is a site for homeopathic symptoms and solutions. If you are near a Sprouts, they are super helpful. Make sure you tell them it's for a baby for dosing. Less is better. They also have books there for reference. Homeopaths are super safe because they are diluted to such a degree that western medicine says it can't possibly work. In my experience (4 kids) babies don't need such strong medicine that peds seem to think is appropriate.
Good luck!
Peace & Light


B. -

My niece has this problem and couple of things work for her. She can't stay in the bath water for long at all - it really aggravates it. She uses only hypoallergenic soaps. The Eucerin creams are great - Also, the Aquaphor dry skin ointment is very good. Hope this helps some!

My son has Excema and it isn't any fun!

We bathe him in warm but not overly hot water and he doesn't stay in the tub very long at all -- in fact he does better with showers now (he's 4).

We use Cetaphil cleanser on him and either Cetaphil or Eucerin (sp?) lotion.

When he was smaller like that, we could also only bathe every other day when he was at it's worst, but now that he's older it more difficult to do that.

Also running a cool mist humidifer helps ease the symptoms of it.

As far as the Rx creams -- we used Elidel and it didn't do anything the above wouldn't do, but I don't know what's on the market for babies now.

Good Luck!

My daughter is 12 and we have been dealin with excema for years!!!! And have tried everythin including some of the steriod creams. Here is what i found that has worked for her. I used Emu Oil you can purchase from a local health food store. And I also use dead sea salt rub to remove the dead skin, charcohol soap and a moisturizer precipitation lotion that I purchase from origins has helped tremendously. They are all natural products and out of all the things I've tried this has been the best. You can call Origins near you and see if their products are gentle enough for a baby or if they have a baby line. Hope this helps. Also play close attention to his/her diet I have found that diet has alot to do with her outbreaks as well as whats oin on in the atmosphere, we went to an allergist and we found out she was alleric to everything!!!! Hope this helps.
L. H

You need to get tea tree oil from melalueca. Contact Tracy Tesauro on Mamasource. It is a natural healing product, and Tracy is awesome. She will give you great info. ###-###-#### or email ____@____.com

D. G.

I would have your daughter checked for allergies. I am a testing specialist with a large national lab. One of the tests that I go around discussing to physicians is a test called Immunocap. It is a blood test that can be done as early as 3 months old and can be a true miracle worker. The test is great becuase with just ONE blood draw you can find out what she is allergic to, remove it from her diet/ environment and eczema can be cleared up in weeks. Depending on if she is breastfeeding she could be allergic to something you are eating (i.e. milk, wheat, soy)or if on formula the same goes for milk and soy. Also, if you don't find out what she is allergic to early on, she could go on to have ear infections (which 79% of the time are caused by food allergies), GI distress and even lead to asthma. I really have seen this test work miracles. It is covered by all insurances; it could just possibly go toward your deductible if you have a high one (but is only a few hundred dollars compared to thousands with other allergy testing). Either way, it is worth it!!! I have seen pediatrician offices order 30 and 40 tests a month. I really hope this helps. The test is called Immunocap and can be ordered through Quest Diagnostics. The Childhood Panel is what you will want and includes both environmental and food allergies. If your doctor doesn't want to run the test b/c he/ she thinks it won't tell them anything, I personally, would demand it. I think you will find what you are looking for and will be able to relieve her discomfort in no time!!! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. Shanna

Two months old is a tough age to treat a baby with harsh drugs, as most of the eczema Rx that I use tend to thin the skin eventually, depending on which Rx I use where. Maybe google a holistic source instead, or check with a Dermatologist? Be sure to keep lots of moisture on her.
Sorry I can't be more helpful. Doctors say Eczema is stress related, but being 2 months old tends to eliminate that theory, I'd think.
S. H

Ask your doctor about Elidel.


Hey! My name is F. and my son is two and when he was about two months we went through the same thing! His head, face and arms were awful!i used the lotion you can get just about anywhere called cetaphil (sp) it took about a week but slowly went away also i changed his soap and shampoo to dove! Sometimes excema is just an irritant of products that we use so it was worth a try for me!! Hope this may help you!! He still has a breakout every now and then and i just go back to using that lotion again!!

hi my name is A. i have a 2 yr old son that has excema not real bad though my pedi gave me this cream called triamcinolo there is more to the word but i am sure your pedi wpold know it and i have also put aveeno on it and put him in the tub with the body wash that aveeno has with oatmeal try that to c if that works skin types r diiferent so

Sorbelene Cream by Blue Lizard is a good one. (I might have misspelled sorbelen...sorry)

I had never even heard of Excema until I had kids. My first son had little patches all over, including his face. We lived in Maine and the cold air and furnace made it worse. I used Elidel with him and it cleared it up. When we moved back to TX is improved a ton and eventually he outgrew it before he was 2. His TX pediatrician told me to use Cetaphil lotion. It worked great and I quit using Elidel. My other son had a patch of Excema on his leg almost since the day he was born. It looked so much different. It would spread in that one area and get bigger and it was real scabby. The doctor insisted it was Excema. We started with Elidel and that didn't clear it up. We went on a Steroid cream - can't remember the name now - and it cleared up. It still returns to that one spot. He will also get little patches on his other leg and his elbows, but I can usually treat those with Cetaphil lotion. It is getting better, but he is almost 3 and hasn't outgrown it yet. To my knowledge, he doesn't have any food allergies. Everything I read ties Excema to allergies. Good luck! Look at Sam's for Cetaphil. It is expensive, so if you can buy it in bulk that helps on the cost.

My 6 month old had excema on his shoulders. I tried many different things and then finally his doctor said to put hydrocortisone cream on it. I got the cortisone 10 and it was gone in a matter of days! I also make sure to use everything "dye and perfume free", like laundry detergent, soap etc.

Our pedi had us use 1% hydrocortisone and then cover it with vaseline. Once it didn't appear to be itchy anymore I just used vaseline and it was gone in 2 days. Now we just use vaseline when it flairs up on our 14 month old. My husband has severe outbreaks and he uses "Triple Cream" (a cream just for eczema) made by the makers of 'Triple Paste' diaper cream.

Oh, by the way, before you spend a lot of money on Aquaphor or anything else like that I will tell you that Aquaphor is basically expensive vaseline. I know that some people swear by it, but as a scientist, I know that its maine ingredient is vaseline.

I read in the newspaper the other day that you could use the inside peel of the banana on excema. East the banana and use the peel. Good use for the whole thing. A guy at work said it was working for him.

Aveeno Overnight Cream works better than any cream I have ever used on my little ones excema.

My middle daughter has excema and we seem to battle it most during high allergy season. Yes environment plays a big part. Also food can have something to do with it as well. It can aggravate the symptoms. We went to an Asthma/Allergy specialist as well as a Determatolgist. Many will tell you a steroid creme is true last resort. Keep in mind that the skin is your largest organ. You don't want to put anything on the skin that will clog it. Baby oil does not help. Put a saltine cracker in baby oil overnight and it will still be crispy. It blocks air. Anything with oil, alcohol or perfume is bad. Use a cleanser (cetephil) not a soap. On another post somone mentioned Arbonne. I used to sell it and still enjoy the products. The baby line is very gentle and gave some relief to my daughter. Also in the Arbonne line try the Nutriman C body lotion. I'm sure that you know someone that sell Arbonne and/or you can get it on line.

Good luck

I use the Aveeno products. I have excema, and so do all three of my kids. The new cream works wonders. I use it on my 6 month old baby. I wanted to say that I don't think it is caused by environmental factors. It can be genetic, and usually in children who have allergy problems.

Our son gets excema periodically and has had it since he was a baby off and on. He is now 11 years old and what does the absolute best for him and it may sound crazy but it works and you will see results overnight. Get a Crisco shortening stick and rub it on the area and you will hopefully see results from it the next morning. It may be messy but man it works. Hope this helps.

I promote Melaleuca products they all contain tea tree oil which has so many healing qualities. Plus the cleaning products also contain tea tree oil so they have no toxic ingredients.

when your doc said enviornmental, detoxing your home (including laundry! no bleach) and using the lotions etc should help especially and young child. For adults the supplements are additional help. if you have an email address i can send you some information. or if you would like to set up a meeting i can do that to share more with you. my email is ____@____.com to reply. have a great day

My friend's husband is a dermatologist. They have twin boys with eczema. They use cetaphil cream (in the jar). Don't bathe your infant more than twice a week also. Put the cream on right after drying them off to increase moisture in the skin. Steroid creams are not to be used regularly so avoid them as much as possible. I hope this helps! hd

You need to use something on her even if it is steroid cream because it can get infected. If it is red it may already be infected. Also, it is painful and itchy. Both my kids had it as babies and I used Eladel(persription) on my first, but with my second I was told by my ped to use hydrocortisone cream and then put Eucerin cream by Aquaphor on top of that. You can put both on the face(avoid eyes) and it works like a charm. You can find the cream which is almost like Vasaline at any drug store or Walmart. My nurse friend told me to use fragrance free detergent and bath soap to prevent reoccurences. Good luck!

The best thing for my daughters excema was a cream called cetaphil. Most stores like walgreens, walmart, CVS carry it. It comes in a white jar with a green and white lable. After each bath at night I would rub her down with it and every morning all over her body. The cream is not greasy or shiney. It cost about $11-14, but well worth it WE use it everyday.

I have a tween with those problems. My best friend sells Arbonne, and she turned us on to their baby products. They are gentle enough and have done wonders for her face, arms and legs.

My DD7 still struggles with eczema, so they don't *always* grow out of it. I think sometimes that's a "quick and easy" answer for the docs, because they honestly don't know - eczema is such a mystery. Meanwhile, the child (and family) suffers.

Melaleuca didn't work for us. If you ask about Elidel, make sure to ask your doctor about the FDA black box warning, research it yourself, and then make your decision. We chose NOT to use Elidel or Protopic.

Something I've found recently that helps my DD7 is Baby Eczema Cream - you can find it in many stores in the baby section - it has pooh/piglet on it.

I have LOTS more tips (nails, clothes, sheets, etc.), if you'd like to e-mail me directly - PM me and we can exchange e-mails. If it's an issue that your daughter ends up having a while, I can also recommend a GREAT parent support group.

My son has a whole host of skin problems, including eczema. Every day after his bath, I cover him head to toe in Cetaphil cream. Be sure you get the cream (comes in a round jar) and not the lotion. The cream is much better. It keeps his skin from getting too dry. More of a preventive measure than anything else.

M. M.

My youngest had it pretty bad. We had tried everything except the prescription steroids. What worked for her was a product called Free Derm we bought online. When it came in I took it to my pedi to see if it was ok and he said it was safe. It worked great on her legs and arms. On her face, we used creamy petroleum jelly from walmart. I still use that on any flare-ups. Good luck- I have been there and it is no fun for baby or mommy!

It looks like you have plenty of advice; however, I'll tell you what worked for us. Our 2nd child had eczema terribly. My husband is a physician so we had access to all kinds of creams, ointments, steriods, etc. I have sensitive skin so we already avoid anything with fragrances, etc. in it. I knew that I didn't want to put anything on her with steriods, mineral oil, chemicals, etc. Some it works in the short term; however, in the long term, it is TERRIBLE for your skin. We tried everything we could get our hands on and we still had horrible outbreaks (bleeding, itchy, etc.) After a year of doctors, dermatologists, etc. and no help, I had given up. My sister-in-law and mom had started a home based business with Arbonne and gave me a sample. I just about didn't try but decided why not since we'd tried everything else. I could have killed them for not giving it to me sooner!!! Within a couple days her eczema was just small spots and within a week was GONE! We have been outbreak free for over a year! We use the baby wash and lotion everyday. When her skin starts to get noticably dry I use the baby oil and then the lotion. If she has an outbreak, I use the diaper rash cream on it. The stuff is great. It is all botanically-based so there are no mineral oils, chemicals, fragrances, animal products or by-products, etc. I was so impressed with the results that I have now started my own business with Arbonne. I would be happy to send a sample and give you my 35% discount on your order. You can feel free to check it all out on my website www.foravibrantlife.myarbonne.com and you can email me from there as well. I hope you find something that works great for you! Best wishes. Feel free to email me with any questions!

My little girl has it too, I would recommend Eucerin Aquaphore, it does not make it go away but it helps with the itch.

you might want to look into possible food allergies. milk, soy, and egg allergies can sometimes manifest as bad eczema in infants, and if you are breast feeding, the baby could still be getting the allergenic proteins from your breastmilk. nuts too.

Hi B.,

Sorry to hear that you are struggling with eczema. My daughter too has it. I have found that goat's milk lotion is wonderful. You may have to order it off the internet because it is hard to find in regular stores, but it is well worth it. She went from having open soars to having smooth, beautiful skin. Everything else I tried, including steroid creams, burned her and made her cry.

Hope this helps.

Arbonne Baby Care products work great on eczema. There are some great before after pictures I could email you. If interested visit www.betsycampbell.myarbonne.com to place an order or call me and I will help you. My number is ###-###-#### home or ###-###-#### cell. I also have samples I can send you, I really think you would be pleased with the results. Arbonne Baby Care (ABC line) are all pure, safe and beneficial. Let me know if I can help you out.

When my son had that problem the doctor prescribed Dermatop for the eczema on his face. They wouldn't give me anything with a steroid in it for the patches on his face. We had Elocon for the eczema everywhere else. My son is almost 12 now and he doesn't have many breakouts anymore. None on his face in years, so it does get better.

It really depends how bad the ecxema is. In my experience when it gets on the face, it is pretty bad!!! Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do yourself to get it to go away. I would recommend seeing a pediatric dermatologist and get your child on some meds, then once it is under control, you can do a lot to keep it under control. Does your child have any breathing problems? Some times, kids with a pretty bad case of ecxema have a tendency to have breathing problems as well.... such as weazing, the cause is unkown but there is definately a link between the two. Once the ecxema is under control, try to be very careful about what you put on your childs skin....... No soap!!! Plain white dove bar to bathe is the best, moisturize immediately after drying off..... cetaphil cream, something with no dyes, fragrances, etc... Also wash clothes in "free & clear" detergent. My daughter who is now 2, has had ecxema since a few months old and it is a constant battle. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, etc.... ____@____.com

I used the cream on my baby. There were no issues. She is probably miserable, the itch and dry skin. We did not have to use it continually and it helped.

I greased my baby head to toe with Aquafor and it did wonders. Also - we washed everything we wore with Dreft and it helped. Good luck!

Warm epsom salt baths can help. Also, many natural physicians treat eczema with diet. Some people consider the skin as the final cry for help for the digestive system. If you are nursing her, then they will look at your diet.

You may want to consider eliminating some things and see if it helps--they may begin with dairy and gluten, these are pretty common allergens, especially in infants.

I would have to disagree with your pediatrician that she'll grow out of it. Many, many adults still battle eczema and have their entire lives. But I would agree with him about the "environmental" part---and what she is eating is part of her environment.

Hope this helps! Love that on that precious little one---these days go very quickly.

I'm a distributor for a company called Shaklee, they were on Oprah's Earth Day show in 2007, as well as in Time magazine, Parents, Shape and many more... They have all natural, nutritional suppliments, and cleaning products for the home. Their products are concentrated, so they last longer and are much more affordable than anything you would find at Target or Wal-Mart. They have absolutly no toxic chemicals in them what so ever and Shaklee does exstensive reasearch and testing to assure the purity of their products and back this statement up. I have received lots of testimony on using, especially our laundry care products to help improve the condition of excema. My website is: www.shaklee.net/christina_raines for more info. These products are the only cleaning solutions, that I feel confident in using around my daughter and for my family. They are truly life changing!

Best of Luck,
C. Raines

Bathe her every day with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and immediately use Cetaphil cream all over her face and body. This worked wonders for my son. He had a horrible case of eczema, and now barely has a trace of it. I will tell you, I had to use the steroid creams to get it under control at first, but now I just use the bathing/cream and it keeps it under control. I also put the cream on his face every morning.

Also, do not use baby wipes to wipe her face. It causes the eczema to flare up.

I tried everything..eczema creams, oatmeal bath/creams, Eucerine cream, but I found the Cetaphil works the best...and bathing him every day with the Cetaphil cleanser. Equate (Wal-Mart brand) makes a version of both that is much cheaper and works just as well.

Good luck!

My son has a history of terrible eczema and had his first severe flare at 11 weeks of age. He was treated with a steroid ointment very briefly (along with antibiotics as the skin was secondarily infected) and cleared remarkably.

The mainstay of eczema therapy I feel is prevention. My son's skin is clear and has remained so (he's 10 months old) because of our maintenance skin care regimen.

First, I do not bathe him daily as that dries out the skin. Moisturizers are key to keeping eczema at bay. Cetaphil, Eucerin and Aquaphor are great over the counter moisturizers. I have had the best results with plain old Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Now, I moisturize his skin twice a day but that is the bare minimum! It's best to target problem areas frequently. I would moisturize at diaper changes, that would ensure a regular routine.

For flares, short doses of steroid creams work well. These are low dose and are used sparingly for very short periods of time and therefore do not have long lasting effects on the child.

For difficult to treat eczema (or if you're not convinced it's eczema at all as seborrhea be a mimic), I would recommend seeing a Pediatric Dermatologist or a Dermatologist that is well versed and comfortable treating children. The 2 Pediatric Dermatologists in North Texas are Dr. Robin Carder in Dallas and Dr. Fred Ghali in Grapevine. For those that live north, Dr. Weisberg of Dermatology Consultants of Frisco (corner of Eldorado and Legacy) trained at UTSW and Children's Medical Center Dallas and is very competent and comfortable treating children.

You can go to a homeopath and they can help you. Try not to use a steroid cream. There are natural ways to do this.

Hi B.!!

My now 4 1/2 yr. old daughter has been fighting eczema since she was less than 6 months. It comes and goes, I have talked to her doctor about it, but since she is so young, they won't give her an RX because they are all steroids...when she was tiny I found "Baby Eczema Cream" from the Gentle Naturals line. They also have an Eczema Body Wash from the same company. I have found it at Target, Wal-Mart and Walgreens as well as online. I HIGHLY recommend this cream!! Not only does it help them to stop itching and is very soothing, it helps to minimize and alleviate the stuff! It can be used as often as needed too. My daughter goes through phases of having breakouts...and has recently began to scratch the places she has a breakout when she is upset, but when I apply this cream she receives immediate relief. I am looking at the tube now and it has a website for the company www.gentlenaturals.com. I certainly hope this helps!! I wish you the best as well.

L. Flohr

Hi B.,

My little one has/had eczema on her face, her Pedi. told me to use Cataphyll. It worked for her partially over night!!!!!

Hope it works for you too.

M. C

My twin girls had no excema. My twin boys have terrible excema. It flares up a lot after baths, even though we use the Aveeno very mild soap. The only thing that really works is the steroid cream, and it works wonders. As the other post said, you can only use it 2 to 3 times then you have to skip several days. At that age, I limited baths to one per week unless something happened to make them really dirty - keeping them clean in between with wipes etc. At some point she will start scratching and that can cause infections so you may need to bite the bullet and use the cream. I don't know that it is all environmental; we use everything the same with the boys as we did with the girls; some babies just have more propensity for excema than others. It is getting better as they get older. FWIW.

I use the Aveno baby soap and lotion for itcy skin and we havent had to use the steroid cream in along time. You should try it!

My 5 yo girl had it and her Dr said that they do not use perscriptions on it... but if you use an over the counter like neosporin that it will help! Her sopt was tiny but it cleared up in about 4 days.

My son has a few areas on his body that might be excema, according to his pediatrician. The key word is "might." My point is, when it comes to skin issues, pediatricians are not the people to go to for medical advice. You need to take your baby to a pediatric dermatologist (I am taking my son to one tomorrow morning). Good luck!

My son had ezcema really bad when he was younger and we used a facial cream on him. We used Revlon Eterna '27' and it worked great. The doctor had prescribed some medicated cream but my son screamed when we used it. We started using the Revlon and my son would bring the container to us to use it on him. Give it a try.

I use the Cerve cream on my boy. He has it but this seems to keepit under control...if I use is EVERY DAY! I have used aquaphor and it seemed ok but I didn't like it. The Cerave works great. You can find it at CVS. However, when has really bad flare ups, the only thing that calms them down is the steroid cream, which I only use 2-3x during a flare up. I just try to avoid flare ups by keeping a humidifier in his room (it's worse when the air is dry) and keeping the Cerave Cream on it. Hope that helps!

I have been through this myself with my son. The worst thing I would ever hear is he will out grow it, that did not help me NOW with sleepless nights and my poor baby being miserable. What worked for us may sound strange but I was told to give him a cool bath then rub vaseline on him and then put him in wet/damp pj's then cover with dry pj's. This actually worked.
He is 5 now and has pretty much out grown it like they said, but just the other night he had an out break and we did this by morning he was cleared up. We also did take him off any thing with red or orange food coloring and gave him zyrtec once he was 2. He is now off all meds and doing good.
Good Luck
H. C.

Hi all 3 of my little ones had eczema @ one time it's true they do grow out of it but in the mean time. If your little one is on baby food they may be allergic. I know it's a pain but start all over with one @ a time. Thats what I had to do with my daughter-it was sweet potatoes. With my oldest son it was anything with corn meal/flour ect.If on cereal some are allergic to rice/or corn flour. The best non steroid cream I found was Eczema Care by Pure Baby. It comes in a white jar w/green label. I hope that this helps:

Mom to 3 beautiful little ones 5/3/1
Christy C

My son has had excema, I use Arbonne Baby Care and it is wonderful. I know many who have used it and it clears the excema right up. Don't know if you have heard of Arbonne or not. You can check it out at www.arbonne.com. All of their products are pure, safe, and beneficial. I have excema as well and Arbonne has been the only thing that I can use, and I love it! Let me know if you want more information ____@____.com

ARBONNE!!! My daughter is very yeasty and had horrible blistery diaper rashes as a baby that no diaper rash cream would clear up, and my son has excema. Arbonne baby wash and lotion are about the only things that has worked for both of them. Aveeno has done okay, but I can not use Johnson's or anything else on my son. Aveeno is pushing it...
The website is http://arbonne.com so you can go check it out and look around. If you'd like to actually order anything (or even get some samples) just let me know.
Also, dairy products often contribute to excema outbreaks. I don't know if your daughter has a lot of cheeses,yogurt, etc, or if you do and you breastfeed, but you might try limiting those for a while and see if it makes a difference. My son has to drink soy milk b/c of his excema...
Good luck!! Let me know if there's anything else I can help with!

I know that alot of excema problems come from chemicals and toxins. Switching your products that you use can help. Along with that, Renew Lotion will help! I don't have experience with excema myself, but know a few people that do and this has worked. And it's safe for little ones! (well, everyone actually!!) Give me a call if you'd like to know more!!

Good luck!!


If you can stand any more advice on the subject, here's my share. I found that fighting it from the outside AND inside helped the most. When my daughter started a flare-up, I'd give her a little benadryl for three nights and give her claritin during the day for a week. The benadryl gave her immediate relief and calmed averything down fast. The claritin evened it out for a longer time. I also used all free and clear detergent, no fabric softener, stayed away from nylon and polyester fabrics (cotton only for the kid) and used cetaphil cleanser to bathe her with. Eucerine for moisture. I used the steroid creams as well if she had a really bad patch. Vaseline and Aquaphor seemed to make my daughter's worse. Be patient, it may take a while to find a combo that works for you. My daughter is about to turn five and gets only occasionally mild flares now (during the hight of allergy season.) Good luck.

Hi B.,
I can only imagine your frustration with excema.
I use and sell Arbonne products. I know that a lot of people who have excema and dermatitis use it with good benefits. They also have a baby line especially for the fragile skin of little ones.
If you are interested, check out www.arbonne.com or get back with me.
I hope this helps!

My son had the same thing, he is almost 4 now. The best thing over the counter was the Eucerin Calming Creme. It helped better than anything else I tried. Good luck, I know how frustrating it is.

Try a Homeopathic Doctor. They use remedies with natural ingredients. I work for a Chiropractor who practices Homeopathy.

Good Morning B....
I have a 3 yr. old girl that has had excema when she was a few months old. I too did not want to use steroid cream on her. At that time, my sister introduced me to Arbonne. She gave me an "ABC Baby Care Set" by Arbonne. I was very skeptical at first, and WOW. It did take a week or so of consistant use, but it cleared it up. I also was hesistant because of the cost, but with Arbonne, you use a little, and it last a LONG time. I now use Arbonne for the whole family and can't imagine switching back to anything else! My daughter has very fair, sensitive skin and even the Arbonne ABC sunscreen has protected her skin. I'm sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch...but I do really love the product! I am signed on as a consultant, but only so I can get the discount. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you want a sample of the ABC products. Have a great day!
From the Heart - C.

Hi B.
My son was born with eczema, I noticed it when he was just a few weeks old…little dime sized patches on his legs that gradually spread, covering his arms and legs. His pediatrician told us to try OTC creams, which did nothing for him as his condition progressively got worse. The Dr. prescribed a steroid cream, however this was going to be my last resort, as I didn’t want to use a steroid on my baby boy. So first I tried everything anyone recommended, from oatmeal baths to bull nettle and primrose soaks to lotions/creams/oils from the health food stores. I only gave him organic foods from the start and tried taking foods out of his diet to see if he was having a food allergy…my heart was breaking for him especially when he was old enough to start scratching, we’d come to get him out of his crib after a nap and his bedding would be saturated with blood. I did resort to the steroid cream, but that only irritated his skin and the eczema worsened! All I could do was pray and God answered, I was introduced to a botanical, a natural organic fruit from Southeast Asia. This stuff worked miraculously for my son, in 10 days his eczema healed 50%, the best I had ever seen anything do and as he used it, 3 months later he was 80-90% clear with just a few rough patches. Today I’m happy to say he doesn’t have any eczema on his skin and he feels as smooth and soft as his baby brother. Maybe it could help your baby girl with her eczema before it gets worse, here’s the web link if you wish to check into it further www.TasteOfGod.com
God bless!

My 2 yr old son had it as well and I was told antihistamines and steroid cream was the only solution. I found an amazing doctor in Southlake, Dr. James Mahoney, that treated my son and it has cleared up. He treated it from the inside first...some medicine with an external ointment. He is doing so miraculously better that I cant even believe it. I would highly recommend him.

my granddaughter has the same problem and I use the aveeno cream also we have used aquaphor all over the counter. Just make sure you don't use too warm of water when bathing and just keep her lotioned down. but I would stay away from anything that contains perfums or scents. Also I had heard that the winter months are worse then the summer months. In my granddaughters case that was very true. I also use a mixture of eurcerin cream with a tube of cortisone cream and that also helped. I hope this is useful for you good luck and God Bless.

Hi B.,
Arbonne has an amazing herbal rash cream that is proven to treat Excema naturally. In fact, my pediatrician even reps this line in her practice just for this product specifically b/c of how well it treats Exema. Here is the link to the product:

It's worth every bit of 14.00!
Let me know if you'd like to purchase it and I will have it sent directly to you.
Good luck!
M. D

Hi B.,

My name is K. and not only am I the mother of two, but I also run a successful home learning center. My son had eczema as a child and some very mild outbreaks from time to time in his teen years due to allergies. I share this with a lot of parents as they were not aware that vaseline is a very good healer. When my son had outbreaks, I would take a soft non-irritating luke warm cloth,to wipe the area, and apply an over the counter cream called Eucerin calming itch cream and them I would apply vaseline over that. Not only did the itching get better, but the vaseline acted as a healer to the skin. Try that and let me know how it works for you. Best wishes and I pray that your daughter gets better.

Hi B.!
Sorry to hear about the excema. I use Arbonne for my excema when it arises. It's a baby line that is specifically made for baby and for anyone with sensitive skin.
If you want more info; you can email me anytime

My 4 year old has had eczema since day one practically. Unfortunately, there is no "cure" it will surface over and over through out your childs life, but it is treatable and it surely isn't the end of the world. I have discovered that prescription Eladil works well. I am like you; i have always refused to use steroids and still won't, but Eladil does work and it isn't a steroid. I have found that pure aloe vera gel (no extras......just aloe) works well too. Good luck and I hope your baby gets over the worst of it soon.

Exzema usually has triggers, such as laundry soap, food allergy, pet dander. Using cortizone cream on her is just a band-aid, you need to treat her like she is allergic to everything and then intriduce things back in, one at a time, until you find the culprit. My brother is allergic to apples, to this day, he will break out if he eats apples, and he is in his thirties! My hubby has to have all things washed in color free, scent free products (All clear and free) and Unscented dryer shets or Downy free. Hope this helps!

When an outbreak happens, we use Aquaphor twice a day. My daughter still gets occasional excema at 4yrs. The key is prevention. Limit baths, use mild soap (we still use Johnson's Head to toe), mosisturize with unscented lotion (we use Eucerine). Also try loose clothing washed in fragrence free detergent. I hope this helps.

My baby gets it too, and I didn't want to use a steroid cream either. I've found that Aquaphor Healing Ointment really does a great job of controlling it. I think i've heard of a cream called Acid Mantel (non-prescription but in the pharmacy) that also might be helpful. I've never used that one, but you might want ot check it out. Good luck!

My neighbors son had excema really bad. They installed a water softener unit and almost all of his excema cleared up. It's worth researching.

My son, 4 now, has exzema and he had it pretty good when he was little. our doctor recommended steroid cream as well and we only used it when it would flare up, usually when the weather was changing, and ony for about a week. you can use it up to 2 weeks in a row.... i would only give him a bath about every 2 days when he was that age and now, as long as he is not outside getting sweaty, i give him a bath every other day and put lotion on him every day. eucerin cream is supposedly the best. right now he is bad around his shoulders, behind the ears, belly/back. we try to just keep him really lotioned up and usually in the summer he gets better! good luck :)

Hi B.,

My son is now 5 and has had excema since he was a baby as well. We tried everything, even the steriod creams. Finally my friend told me about Bag Balm. It's at Wal-Mart in the pet section and it's about $6 a tin, it's lats all year and then some! It was initially made for chapped cow utters, but it works wonders on all chapped skin! It also has antibiotics in it to keep any open sores from geting infected. My son's excema is mostly on his legs and feet, so I'm not sure if you want to use Bag Balm on your baby's face and head, it's thick like neosporin. I would put it on after a bath and just rub it in. my hands were the softest ever! Recently I have been using "Aveeno excema care body wash" and "Aveeno excema care lotion". The body wash doesn't smell plesent but it's helpful. In addition to the Aveeno lotion I mix in a bit of "Cera Ve". My mother found it for me, said it was $20 for a GINORMOUS tub of it, looks like it's last a while. It has been worth it! My sons legs look great! And the patches have all but disappeared. The good news is that the excema seems to go away in the summer, as it's not so dry. I haven't been using the Bag Balm as much as I really only use it when he's scratched his legs raw.

Hope this helps!


My five month old son began to exhibit exzema at 3 months old (he is formula fed). My pediatrician is Frisco is Deborah Bain, and she suggested that he had a food allergy. We later found out that he is allergic to corn, switched formulas and he is now exzema FREE! Everyone told me that my son would out grow the exzema, but why let him suffer (scratching his face and head at night, etc...)? Please look into food allergies as a cause.

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