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Help with Daughters Static Hair.

My 3 year old has the worst static, trying to get her hair to look ok for school is hard lol. I usually wet the brush then spray hair sray on the brush. Any suggestions?

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Thank you everyone for all your advice. So far I have put a small bit of conditioner on my hands and have run it through her hair, seems to be working good for now. Her hair is short so cutting won't be an option. I have wrote the other products down so I can get them.

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We have the same prob - dry Indiana winters - we use Sunsilk / Hydra TLC - in a pink bottle - Target or CVS i think - Cheap and works better that water or hair spray - Or I have also considered moving to Fla in in winter - ha ha -

I keep a dryer sheet in my daughter's backpack and when she gets static hair, she just rubbs her hair with the dryer sheet and the static is gone.

When i was younger my mom used to run a fabric softner sheet through my hair. I know it sounds weird but it worked

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Hi B.! Try using a hair conditioner after washing her hair. If you use a 2-in-1 shampoo try switching to each individual. I use tangle tamers by loreal. It seems to help. good luck!

hi B.! i have twin girls that are 8 now, but when they were little, their hair was horribly "staticy". especially at the indoor playlands we would go to weekly. i always kept a small can of Static Guard in my purse and one in the bathroom at home. that worked wonders! smells funky, but they got used to it. though i try to be eco conscious, using chemical free products, i haven't found a natural product that worked!

Hi...I use the Suave kids detangler. It actually says on the back that it can be used for flyaways. It works great on my 3 year old daughter's hair. Her hair is so fine and always has terrible static. I spray it on, then brush it and it looks great. Her teachers have even commented on how much it works. I try to leave it in her bag with a brush for later in the day for them to use.

I use conditioner on her hair, which helps a great deal. I also started using just a touch of a mousse that's made for kids that I bought at Kid Snips.

Johnsons no more tangles spray works well and seems to last all day.

I use dryer sheets on my daughter's hair. They smell good and reduce static cling.

I too use to have very frizzy hair.
My sister in law who is a hair stylist told me to STOP using brush and to only use a wide tooth comb on my hair. Especially when it was wet!!
This has made a major difference!
Also you could spritz so liquid fabric softene on the hair or the hair brush!

My hair dresser told me to use a dryer sheet on the hair to reduce static. It really works and you can re-use it day after day.

Bounce! You know, the dryer sheets! Sounds crazy but it works. My 2 year old has the finest thinnest hair in the worl and it's always full of static and sticking straight out. I just swipe a dryer sheet over her head and smooth down the hair - and it stays down.

I usually put a little body lotion on my hands and then on my girls' hair. Hope this helps!

As absurd as it sounds running a fabric softener sheet over her hair should do the trick.
It's worked like a charm for me in the past!
Good luck!


This is going to sound a little strange but my mom used to put static guard clothing spray in my hair when I was little. (I think it would be in the laundry aisle) Just a little spritz worked well and kept the static away until the next day. A dryer sheet (get non-scented) will work just the same. Good luck!


I have noticed,that our daughter's hair has a lot of static during winter.
So, we now have a humidifier that we run during the day and it seems to help. Also good for dry skin.
But, sometimes, I also do the water on the brush thing.

Hi B.,
Maybe you could try regular hand lotion that is what I use on my hair and my daughters. I have also heard that dryer sheets work as well. Hope this helps. Have a great day G.

Try rubbing a dryer sheet over her hair or through clothes once you have them on...wierd but works! I still do it before I walk out the door!

I use a dab of lotion in my hands and then put it on my hair. Not a lot, just enough to remoisturize. At home I use this redken creme for blow drying, or a hair gloss. You might try a moisturizing conditioner through winter time, or a leave in cond.

There was a product listed in Parenting magazine, for frizz. Here's that snippet:

You're having a major frizz attack

Fix: To smooth things down, hydrate your hair; otherwise, dry hair will act like a sponge, soaking up moisture in the humid air and then expanding far and wide.

• At home, smooth through a nickel-size amount of leave-in conditioner. (Regular, daily conditioner is an adequate alternative.)

• On the go, apply a few drops of hand lotion (from the tube that's been rolling around in your bag) to your locks. For thicker hair, use lip balm. Rub a bit onto your fingertips and run through your ends, where frizz hits hardest. Then gently pull downward to coax straight or wavy hair back to its formerly fabulous, smooth self.

• Want to restore curls? Instead of tugging your ends down, try lightly scrunching your mane like a piece of paper.

Our pick: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Lightweight Leave-In Conditioning Glaze, $4
Source: Parenting, July 2007: Quick Fixes for Summer Beauty Hassles

Don't worry so much about what your daughter's hair looks like, she'll start to think its really important. Tell her she has beautiful hair and a wonderful smile and that's what she'll tell other people.
Children learn what they live. Have a great day. Mom of 4

My 2 year old has out of control-curly-frizzy hair. I have alwasy had stick straight hair so this was new to me. But I found a secret weapon, literally. It is John Frieda secret weapon finishing cream. I thought it was a bit nuch to use product on a 2 year old, but it really works so well. I spray her hair with water in the morning, comb it out and just run my hands over it with a bit of the cream.The whole precess takes less than 2 minutes. This way she doesn't look like a freak at daycare :)

Hi, I had the same problem with my daughter--not only static but horribly messy hair after she woke up. I looked into it and bought satin pillowcases. It solved the problem for me. Good Luck!!
J. H.

Lots of responses and the dryer sheets sound like a great idea. Just wanted to add that it may be a sign that the house air is a little on the dry side and her young fine hair sees the effect of it most, since the static is produced in dry air. You may want to run a humidifier during the night on these winter days, particularly if her skin is on the dry side as well. Just another thought. :)

Try a detangler or a leave in conditioner. Her hair is to clean, lol.

When i was younger my mom used to run a fabric softner sheet through my hair. I know it sounds weird but it worked

I've used Static guard sprayed on my hairbrush for myself. Seems to work well. Good luck.

I've used dryer sheets at time; usually that will take the static out..just take one (non scented preferablly) and use like a comb...

Mix water and conditioner in a bottle and spray that on when you brush. It will add both moisture and some weight to it. Dry winter weather reaks havok on the hair :(

I have that problem too. A light leave-in Conditioner works for me!!

try rubbing on her hair a dryer/fabric-softener sheet. - also use them when drying her clothes. good luck! winter is awful with the static!

Have you tried running a fabric softener sheet over your daughter's head when you are trying to fix it?
This might help.
If there is a time element involved, I would cut her hair into an easier-to-care-for style to save myself and her the daily frustration!

I keep a dryer sheet in my daughter's backpack and when she gets static hair, she just rubbs her hair with the dryer sheet and the static is gone.

If you spray some static guard in her hair that should help. I do that and it works for me. Either that or a cling free sheet or something along those lines. Good luck!

HI B.,

One of my daughters has more hair than the other six kids put together. I know how you feel. I use Static Guard. I spray it into the brush, then brush away. It will usually last all day!

S. E.

I have the same problem with my 4 yr old daughter's hair. I just spray her brush with Statis Guard then brush her hair. It works every time. You can also spray the inside of hoods and hats to help keep the static down.

static guard your brushes and make sure her clothes aren't static when they come out of the dryer

Try a spray gel or even better , leave in conditioner. The hair spray actually will make it worse....alchol. Its very dry out and fine hair does not stand a chance! Is your house dry? try boiling water to add some moisture to your place. Hope that helps!! I have a couple of great leave in conditioners at my salon, if you would like a recommnendation feel free to call me @ ###-###-####

i myself have to apply a light coat of hair spray to my hair everymorning or i look rediculous ..i spray..let it sitjust a few moments.. and then brush through..spraying it on a brush was not good enough for my hair...good luck

Arbonne ABC shampoo. It has no artifical ingredients, no dyes, perfumes so it is safe for your daughter and will take care of any static issues. contact me if you need more info.

I use dryer sheets. This helps a great deal! Any kind will do Bounce, Downy... you name it even the no name brands will work fine. Plus, it leaves hair smelling nice. You rub it throughout the hair and on the brush before brushing the hair.
Oh I always carry one with me when we leave home too for those just in case moments. I use this trick for myself too!

I have the same problem and I use static guard on my brush and hair.

hello, i am a hairstylist for 16 years & besides SHAMPOOING her brush(not just wetting it--in a fix, just spray the brush with hairspray)the best, quick thing i've found is to wipe down here hair with a DRYER SHEET! not to mention the inside of her coat (primarily the neck area) and keep the dryer sheets EVERYWHERE. like, in each of her pockets, your pockets & purse-then they are always available. not to mention -carrying dryer sheets on yourself ward off mosquitos! how about that?


i have the same prob w/ my hair. i use a teeny bit of Nexxus Humectress conditioner -- put a pea to dime-sized bit in my hands, coat my hands with it, and gently rub/dab it around my hair as a coating. it helps a TON. I've been doing this for years and it works so well. plus leaves a nice look to it, too.

We have the same prob - dry Indiana winters - we use Sunsilk / Hydra TLC - in a pink bottle - Target or CVS i think - Cheap and works better that water or hair spray - Or I have also considered moving to Fla in in winter - ha ha -

Static Guard! It's a lifesaver for long hair. You can spray it on your brush and then on her coat, sweater...whatever she's wearing. I put the girls' hair up in a ponytail a lot during the winter and so this helps keep it under control. But, be sure to spray her winter coat often. I also go through and spray all their hairbrushes and combs often too.

Good luck!

My daughter also has fine, tangle-prone, static-y hair.... I use the Suave detangler spray and it seems to help on all accounts. I also use conditioner in her hair after washing (the same rinse-out kind that I would use, though you can get kids' version), which helps, too--as it does with my hair and taming the dryness that causes the static! Hope this helps! Good luck!

If you want to try a more natural product (not sure I'd rub a dryer sheet on my kid's head) Aveda makes liquid and cream pomades. It only takes less than a pea size amount on long hair, so a very tiny bit rubbed on your hands and smoothed over her hair would work great. Plus she'll smell fantastic! : )

My daughter and I both have the same problem. I have tried all of the stuff listed so far and lotion is the thing that works the best - but not that great. Basically during the winter my daughter and I wear braids everyday.

You could try using a conditioner in her hair when you wash it. Or I have had luck with a mousse, and also using a dryer sheet on her hair. Just run the dryer sheet over her hair like you are smoothing it down with your hands. HTH


Rub a dryer sheet on your child's hair and hair brush. That seems to work for me.

My step mother whom is a hair stylist told us it is due to the cold. She told use to make sure we use conditioner every night and to use dryer sheets. We do and it works for use. There is also some stuff that is sold at Sally's that you can get but it is pretty high priced. Both my daughter go through this almost every day in the winter so I understand. Good luck!

Brushing adds to static, and so does hair spray because it is very drying. Put a little conditioner or lotion on your hands, just a little, and work it through the hair with your fingers before combing with a wide-tooth comb.

My hairdresser recommended Static Guard. Yes, the stuff in the orange and blue can. Spray it on the brush/comb and then comb in to hair. Do not spray directly on hair!

I have only done it a couple of times so far and it seems to work!

I'm thinking a travel size would be nice to keep in my purse too for emergencies!

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