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i have a 4 month old who has really bad colic. i am looking for a way to help calm him down and at what age does it go away?

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My son had it for about 7 or 8 weeks, only way I could calm him down was music. I played REO Speedwagon & it seemed to calm him down. to this day he loves to fall asleep to it. (I took him to a concert when I was about 5 mos preg. with him though so think that's something to do with it.)

put a peppermint candis in warm water in him bottle. this will settle his stomach. Just put it in warm water and let it melt. you dont have to let the whole thing melt just some of it. and give it to him in her bottle. peppermint is also good for car sickness or motion sickness. I used to have them in the car. My son when he was small always got car sick and that helped. It will also help with the colic. good luck. K.

Have you tried Mylicon? It was a life saver to me as well as a swing that can change from the front to back motion to the side to side.

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Looks like you have your hands full with 2 children so close. Colic is hard, you may want to ask your doctor-many times thye reason can be gas. I'm not sure if you bottle feed or nurse, but if you bottle feed, you may look at changing bottles to ones that promote less gas. In addition, gas drops can help sometimes too. However; remember the colic does end.

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When my daughter had it. I switched her formula to Enfamil Nutramigin, or Similac has a similar type as well called Allaium or something like that..It did seem to help some & her colic went away around 6 months or so...Good luck..

This brings back so many memories. Our daughter at 9 weeks was diagnosed with reflux. She was put on Prilosec also. What they did not tell me and that I learned from reading the recommendations for adults was to take the Rx and wait 30 minutes before eating. Once we did this, plus put at tablespoon or two of baby cereal in her bottle it helped tremendously.

We did run into problems as she put on weight. The Rx dose is based on the weight of the child. If you have not been recently, that could also need adjusting.

I have been a daycare provider for 12+ years and several children have had reflux. Has your pediatrician referred you to a G.I. doctor to have them check your little one out? If not, I would put the bug in his/her ear to do so.

My daughter is now 2 and still on Rx and doing wonderfully. 3 of the 6 children that I have had at the daycare are totally off the Rx. At our last check up with our G.I. specialist said that he will keep Samantha on her Rx at the same dose and only increase it if need be. But, if there is no need then as she grows she will gradually wean herself off. I sure hope that all this helps. If you need someone to talk to feel free to contact me. I wish you all the best. K. S.

Have you tried Mylicon? It was a life saver to me as well as a swing that can change from the front to back motion to the side to side.

My son had "colic" until he was 6 mos old! We often put him in a "Moses basket" and set it on the dryer. The heat and vibration seemed to calm him. You have to be extremely careful that the basket is secure (won't fall off or move with the vibration of the dryer), and careful NOT to overheat the baby too. I am not "recommending" this, but simply stating this is what we did. Other things we did were to carry him in a front-pack carrier, you'd be amazed at what you can get done with one of these on. Kyle also loved "Baby Einstein" movies. Baby Mozart and Language Nursery are good for this age. I could put him in the bouncy seat and count on 30 minutes of Mommy time! I also saw that nobody recommended Mylicon drops. These help with gas, if that is the cause. I also recently saw Dr. Sears on Oprah, who recommended feeding smaller amounts more frequently. Good luck, and this too shall pass.

This takes me back to the first 3 weeks of my little girls life. She is now 6 months old and is a very happy little girl. She had colic bad. She would start crying right after she ate and would go for hours. The doc said acid reflux, we put her on medication but it didn't stop. Then we tried the gentle ease formula. It helped but didn't stop it. Being a person that won't rest until I have fixed the problem I kept trying to find the answer. Then it hit me. She was alergic to the lactose in the formula. She would turn very red and look like she was trying to go to the bathroom. But her little tummy would be as tight as a drum. Her little system could not handle it. We went to soy formula and within two days she was a totally different little girl. Happy and calm. Even after she ate. I did see that someone suggested the Dr Kalms method of swadling and calming. The book and video are called the Happiest Baby on the Block. His methods work. I didn't believe it until I tried it. Good luck and hang in there. All of us that have been through it are pulling for you.

All 3 of my kids had colic, they would scream for about 3 hours every night, this went on for months and magically disappeard as fast as it has appeared! (I always say that was the reason I didn't have 4 children LOL)...the first one was just a fussy, intense baby, she had "colic" for a long time, like 6 months. I think it was just baby "stress" just being overly sensitive to outside stimulus. My 2nd and 3rd children had the classic colic which was clearly caused by an immature digestive track with plenty of gas pains. I could tell their tummies hurt. I gave them those infant gas drops (Mylicon?) before every meal and that helped some but the colic went away in both cases by the time they were almost 4 months old. If you are nursing, I would eliminate the cows milk from your diet. My son ended up having a cow's milk sensitivity/allergy and that may have made his colic worse. If you are bottle feeding, try soy formula or an alternative that isn't made from cow's milk. Has the doctor checked your son out for this problem? I would definitely start with a check up! My youngest daughter was the "spit up queen" she had GERD, gastric reflux which wasn't diagnosed until she was 8 years old! I knew someone whose child had horrible colic until he was almost a year old and it turned out to be a severe stomach problem that was corrected once they found out what it was! I have read that up to 30% of infants are colicky but it clears up by the time they are 4 months old. One other thing I would definitely try....make chamomile or fennel tea bought from a health food store, feed it cooled, one or two oz. at a time, no more than 3 or 4 oz. a day....this tip I wish I had known about when my kids were little, it calms the stomach. I take it now as an adult when I have a stomach ache and it works immediately! I am starting to find that natural remedies are sometimes the best. One resource is dr.weil.com also swaddling and rocking/soothing the baby. Good Luck!!!!

Hey I know how you feel my baby had colic too. So it will help if you go to the pharmacy and ask for cat nip to make tea and give the baby about 1 or 2 ounces. All it will do is make her calm down and sleep for a little while. And they can get colic up intil they r a year old.

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