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hello i just need a little help with something,i just had a beautiful,handsome little boy a week ago.i am blessed,but my quetions is i will see my doctor next week to check me and i want to start on birth control but i dont know which one i am breast feeding and dont want to stop so i need a mild one but one that will still protect me from getting prego ,i do have a three year old but forgot what the pill was called the one i took after her,so anyway if anyone knows of a good birth control pill that they took and it didnt affect your milk flow please let me know thanks

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My doctor told me that he could give me a "mini pill" that was progesterone only that would be safe while I was breast feeding. He also said that it wasn't as effective as "traditional" pills. Us, we opted for the old cover-up method. Working for us so far...waiting to wean so we can get back on the real deal!

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Don't take any kind of medication until you talk to your doctor. Most doctors tell you not to have intercourse for 6 weeks as your body needs time to heal.

I have a friend who says she would do a "mini pill" - a lower dose of hormones while she was breast feeding - and she and hubby would use a condom as well. Then, after the baby weaned, they would continue using condoms while the "full pill" took effect, generally about a month. I used the patch myself before my first baby, but couldn't do that while nursing. We ended up not using b.c. because the IUD caused lots of bleeding and migraines, and I'm not consistent enough to make the pill worth the expense. Now we have TWO kids - but I wouldn't trade our second for anything. :)

If you are breastfeeding on demand, and your baby gets no other food (no expressed milk, formula, cereal, etc), and your period hasn't come back, then you don't need to worry about birth control until 6 months postpartum. This is call the lactational amenorrhea method (LAM) and is as effective as the pill (98-99.5%).


your doctor will know different brand names, but it is called a "mini-pill" which means it has progestin only...I took it until I stopped breastfeeding when my son was 10 months and then I switched back to my regular birth control that has progestin and estrogen.

I am also breastfeeding and I am on Micronoir (not sure how to spell it). It is a progestrone only pill. My dd is 18 months and I've been on it since she was born.

ask your doctor about a something like the mereina there is one that has no hormones on it and the mereina only has a little.


My doctor prescribed Camila for me, which is a Progesterone only Pill, or the 'mini-pill'. It is safe to take while breastfeeding.

I know when I had my youngest, my obgyn tried like hell to get me started on the depro shot, and I was still trying to nurse at the time. I'm pretty sure that one's okay, but I don't know about pills sorry. You might ask about that one. S.

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