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Help with Baby Girl Name!

I am about 2 wks away from my due date with our third child. We do not know the sex of the baby. We do have a few boys names we like but absolutely cannot agree on a girls name! Please, I need suggestions! Our first two kiddos names are Tristan and Avery. I feel like I want a unique name, not one that is too popular.
Thanks for your help!

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Thank you so much to everyone who responded! We loved many of your suggestions and were ready with names for boy or girl. I had a beautiful baby boy last Sun. on my b-day! His name is Layke Noah. I will save the baby girl name suggestions for the next baby! Thanks again!

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I just wanted to say I completely know where you are coming from. We have not found out either and I am due in seven weeks. We have a boy name but no where close to a girl.

Girl names
love the Shay names, my daughter's name is Shayleen Elizabeth, also like Shaylynn, Shay, Shayla, Shaylee, Kaitlyn Renee, Kaylyn, Karly/Carly,
April Renee, Tressy, Tressa, Jadyn, Jayden, Stasha, Sierra, Shelby, Cheyenne, Shyanne, Kiara, Kristen,

Boy names

Kolton Michael, Kaydon, Cadyn, Braye, Brayson, Bradon, Bryson, Tanner, Brendon, Brent, Jamison, Jackson,

Mostly girl names with a few boys thrown in, just in case!
Lucy, Emerson, Eloise, Addison, Elliot, Elijah, Gus (August or Augustine), Will Hugh, Tiago, Owen, Gabrielle, Tally, Mamie, Healy, Dinah, Sadie

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It is difficult for the child as well as for those meeting/dealing w/ them (as a child and more importantly as an adult) when you can't discern the sex of the person right off the bat so I would definitely go with a name that you know what the sex is ( I've seen avery as both male and female so I'm not sure if your child is a boy or a girl). Nothing like...Cameron, Presley, etc.. It is so frustrating to be writing an introduction business letter, e-mail and not know if you should be putting Mr. or Ms. , or volunteering for something/ meeting someone and not knowing if you should be looking for a man or a woman in the crowd. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to get letters, e-mails, etc. calling you a Mr. when you're a Ms.

Just a personal opinion but I always think that as a parent we need to be aware of what a name will look like (on a resume for example) and sound like when the child is an adult. A name that is ADORABLE for a child may not be so wonderful as an adult. Good luck!

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I wanted a unique name for my daughter (now 3) and was succesful! Her name is Emmaleine (pronounced Emma-line) which is the German spelling of an old 17/1800's name...her middle name is Jo, which is simply a family name carried down from my mom to me to her...we call her Emmaleine most of the time, but her nickname is Emmie or Emm, NOT Emma. Perhaps that will help, we've gotten many compliments on her name being unique but not weird. : )

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how about sophie....its classic:)

Well, my boyfriend liked maria if we had a girl (we have a boy named Gilbert Anthony). But I like the name Daemera. I don't know why I came up with the name, but it sounds pretty. Other ways to spell it are Damera, Demerah, Demorrah. But I like Daemera best.


With both of my children, we could never come up with a girls name. Ended up we did not need a girls name (LOL) we had two boys.
Aurea pronounced R E ah (I believe it is spanish for gold under the sea or something like that) Good Luck! & Congradulations

You've got such great suggestions! I loved "Neve, Hope, Piper and Ava." But my husband and I agreed on Elvalis (Pronounced Elva leese)
for our daughter. It's a combination of his and my mothers' middle names. Her middle name is Nanette (which is also my middle name, and my grandmother's name) So she has a rich maternal history in her name. Good luck!

I have 2 boys, so didn't get to use the girl names I had picked out - Hayley, Chloe, Shelby, Savannah

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