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Help with Baby Girl Name!

I am about 2 wks away from my due date with our third child. We do not know the sex of the baby. We do have a few boys names we like but absolutely cannot agree on a girls name! Please, I need suggestions! Our first two kiddos names are Tristan and Avery. I feel like I want a unique name, not one that is too popular.
Thanks for your help!

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Thank you so much to everyone who responded! We loved many of your suggestions and were ready with names for boy or girl. I had a beautiful baby boy last Sun. on my b-day! His name is Layke Noah. I will save the baby girl name suggestions for the next baby! Thanks again!

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I just wanted to say I completely know where you are coming from. We have not found out either and I am due in seven weeks. We have a boy name but no where close to a girl.

Girl names
love the Shay names, my daughter's name is Shayleen Elizabeth, also like Shaylynn, Shay, Shayla, Shaylee, Kaitlyn Renee, Kaylyn, Karly/Carly,
April Renee, Tressy, Tressa, Jadyn, Jayden, Stasha, Sierra, Shelby, Cheyenne, Shyanne, Kiara, Kristen,

Boy names

Kolton Michael, Kaydon, Cadyn, Braye, Brayson, Bradon, Bryson, Tanner, Brendon, Brent, Jamison, Jackson,

Mostly girl names with a few boys thrown in, just in case!
Lucy, Emerson, Eloise, Addison, Elliot, Elijah, Gus (August or Augustine), Will Hugh, Tiago, Owen, Gabrielle, Tally, Mamie, Healy, Dinah, Sadie

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It is difficult for the child as well as for those meeting/dealing w/ them (as a child and more importantly as an adult) when you can't discern the sex of the person right off the bat so I would definitely go with a name that you know what the sex is ( I've seen avery as both male and female so I'm not sure if your child is a boy or a girl). Nothing like...Cameron, Presley, etc.. It is so frustrating to be writing an introduction business letter, e-mail and not know if you should be putting Mr. or Ms. , or volunteering for something/ meeting someone and not knowing if you should be looking for a man or a woman in the crowd. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to get letters, e-mails, etc. calling you a Mr. when you're a Ms.

Just a personal opinion but I always think that as a parent we need to be aware of what a name will look like (on a resume for example) and sound like when the child is an adult. A name that is ADORABLE for a child may not be so wonderful as an adult. Good luck!

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I wanted a unique name for my daughter (now 3) and was succesful! Her name is Emmaleine (pronounced Emma-line) which is the German spelling of an old 17/1800's name...her middle name is Jo, which is simply a family name carried down from my mom to me to her...we call her Emmaleine most of the time, but her nickname is Emmie or Emm, NOT Emma. Perhaps that will help, we've gotten many compliments on her name being unique but not weird. : )

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how about sophie....its classic:)

Well, my boyfriend liked maria if we had a girl (we have a boy named Gilbert Anthony). But I like the name Daemera. I don't know why I came up with the name, but it sounds pretty. Other ways to spell it are Damera, Demerah, Demorrah. But I like Daemera best.


With both of my children, we could never come up with a girls name. Ended up we did not need a girls name (LOL) we had two boys.
Aurea pronounced R E ah (I believe it is spanish for gold under the sea or something like that) Good Luck! & Congradulations

You've got such great suggestions! I loved "Neve, Hope, Piper and Ava." But my husband and I agreed on Elvalis (Pronounced Elva leese)
for our daughter. It's a combination of his and my mothers' middle names. Her middle name is Nanette (which is also my middle name, and my grandmother's name) So she has a rich maternal history in her name. Good luck!

I have 2 boys, so didn't get to use the girl names I had picked out - Hayley, Chloe, Shelby, Savannah

My kid's names:
Kenneth Spencer
Cassidy LeAnn
Abigail Claire

babynames.com will give you the names and their meaning. You can google search other websites with the same resources. I love Tristan and Avery by the way.

Jenna, Natalie, Gwen, Norah, Lily, Meadow, Sophia (aka Sophie), Presley, Eden..............The possiblities are just endless!!! =0)

1st thing to remember is that it's not your name its the childs and they are going to have to grow up and live with whatever you name them. I would look to your ancestors maybe fiind a good name on the family tree, or maybe pick a good name from where your ancestors originated, just for an example, Shannon or Kelly would be good Irish names. I'm sure that every country or place of family origin has some good names to offer.

We went somewhat gender nuetral. Our first was an Aidan (okay, I would never use that for a girl!), BUT we chose Avery for our second (turned out to be a boy) and picked out Ashton for our third due in April (which we did find out is also a boy). I don't know about how unique these are, but I have always wanted a McKenna, a McKenzie, a Mickayla (there's a hundred ways to spell it) and an Anastasia. Unfortunatly, girls were not in my cards!!

We have always liked, rebbeca, elizabeth,alexis,noel,shaunna,lacie,addison. Hope that gives you a few choices!! Good luck and congrats

Jaden, Mariska, Hayden, Makenna, Joelle, Olivia

Maelle, pronounced My-elle. I saw this name while watching TV last night and both my husband and I really liked it. Also Aria is one I fell in love with lately.
Good luck!

Here are some of my favorites :)
Possible names (meaning of name):

Brooklyn (water, small stream)
Memphis (means estabilshed adn beautiful),
Aurora (dawn)
Audra/Audrey (noble, strength)
Athena (wise)
Chloe ("blooming)

http://www.thinkbabynames.com/list/0/A (website that gives meanings of names)

good luck!

Wow! You've gotten a lot of names! Here are a few more:


Just saw "The Time Travelers Wife" and heard the name Alba! So pretty.

I like the name Marta. I do hear it some but not often. It sounds right with Tristan and Avery.

you could always go to a baby name site like i did, they usally have charts of what names are popular now and what havent been in the last forty years.

Girl: Chloe
Boy: Nathan (Nate)

Change letters of boys names. Trista...averia. Though I like adriana. Desirray

My daughters name is Delaney- it's not unheard of unusual so everyone knows how to pronounce it but we've only run into one other child named Delaney at a library function- also there is a beautiful Jimmy Buffett father/daughter song named Delaney that my husband and daughter sing/dance to together.

I love the name Selene. Others I like are Paige, Leighton, Jacyn (Jacy), Olivia, Sloan, Brynne, Elyse, Karidee...just to name a few.
Good luck and congrats on the new bundle of joy!!

I'll give you a few of the kid's names in my family.
My little girl cousin is Spencer-Kate and her sister is Ryan-Elisabeth
My new baby girl is Lennon Piper (she's named after John Lennon and "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" Pink Floyd album).

Good Luck!

PLEASE don't name her something traditional and boring like a billion other people!

Hi there!
My husband and I always disagreed on names as well. Each time I was pregnant, we got into bed, opened a baby name book and then made seperate lists of the names we liked. We weren't able to make comments on the other's list and were supposed to only pay attention to our own. Then, once we got through the book and each had 20 or so names we liked, we started whittling down from there. Worked like a charm and I highly recommend it! Plus, it branches out the names you are considering because some you find in the book are ones that are really pretty but really rare and you wouldn't normally think of them. Good luck! D.
Ps. My kids names are Miles Blue and Ivy Noire :)

I have three kids. One girl, Aubree and two boys Gavin and Griffin.
A friend came up with Knox for a girl. Different for a girl, but I thought it sounded cute.
You could give a girl a name where first initial and middle initial make C.J. (for a nickname), same friend had that idea. I think that's a cute idea, too.
I like the names of your other two. :)
Extra boy's names - Hunter, Noah, Kale (I like that one) and Brawn (lol - just made that up/thought of it at this moment, I like it. :)) I'm sure it's not an original so I'm not taking credit. Just credit in my own head since I haven't heard of it, yet.
Good luck - I'm curious as to what you end up with. Keep us posted.

Aurelle (pronounced Or-El)...it's Hebrew. :)

Off the top of my head
Amelia, Maura, Abigail, Brynne, Peyton, Delani, Indra, Beatrice, Lisle, Alexa, Lydia, Ashton, Lila, Marlena,

I'm loving Pepper lately. Of course, maybe that is just silly . . .


Good luck,

My daughters name is Elise Kendra. I wanted to name her Kendra, but I got to pick the name for our son, so my husband got the final say. :) Hope you can find the perfect name!


Good luck with your name picking.

From all the suggestions you've received, my favorites are Jade and Brooklyn. But I did not see the names Corral, Sable, Theona, Nasreen, Jaden, Auralia (probably too close to Aubry), Saphina (Saphie), Haley, Jewel, Mercedes, Raina, Talieh, or Sharine (Sherine).

Keep in mind that it is important for the first, middle and last names to flow together and that the initials don't spell something terrible. For example, although one of my favorite choices is Jade or Jaden, I would not name a girl Jade Jones or Jade Stone or Jade Green, at least not if I wanted anyone to take her seriously. I know someone who Named her little girl Hannah with the middle name Lee. It was only a few weeks before someone said, "Oh, like in Puff the Magic Dragon." They had never even considered that. I also have a cousin who gave her child two middle names and the initials spelled SLOP. Also consider how the name will be shortened, as in Gabrielle becoming Gabby, which can be heard in a negative way. I always take time to look up the meanings of the names as well and notice how that the meanings of the names blend together. My son is Nathan, meaning gift, with a middle name of Gabriel, meaning devoted to God. Talieh means 'fist light of dawn' and Sherine means 'sweetness' (good combo if she is a morning person).

Good Luck!

I always thought Adelaide was really pretty and you could call her Addy. Do you have any family names you could choose from. My grandmothers were Armella and Maeme - not very common. Not too sure about Armella, but always like Maeme (Mae for short). Maybe you if you look back on your ancestry you have some unique names you could use.

My daughters name is Raven. If we had a son we were going to name him Triston. Both go with our ethnic back grounds though, we are both half Irish and I am half Native American. You might do something along those lines.

Well A.V. my sister and her husband could not agree on a name either right away...she was a few weeks away from her due date and they finally agreed...and it was one of the very first names my sister had mentioned...so go over the first few names you or your husband had mentioned, maybe they will sound better now.:)

paisley, sadie, janie, lucy, millie

Girl names
love the Shay names, my daughter's name is Shayleen Elizabeth, also like Shaylynn, Shay, Shayla, Shaylee, Kaitlyn Renee, Kaylyn, Karly/Carly,
April Renee, Tressy, Tressa, Jadyn, Jayden, Stasha, Sierra, Shelby, Cheyenne, Shyanne, Kiara, Kristen,

Boy names

Kolton Michael, Kaydon, Cadyn, Braye, Brayson, Bradon, Bryson, Tanner, Brendon, Brent, Jamison, Jackson,

I have two girls and their names are Sydnee Jade and Carly Elise. I have always loved the name Avery and if I have any more kids and its a girl thats what is going to be.

Not sure about the spelling

Kennedy Grace, Trinity Rose, Destiny Lynne, Heaven Leigh, Angel Ador`e I hope these help. Good Luck

We named our children after famous characters. My son is Finnian (for Finn Mc Cool, the Irish folk hero).

We named our daughter Kalli (the sea nymph who capture the hero Odysseus in Homer's Odyessy).

We also liked Sawyer (boy name from Tom Sawyer), Arwen (girl name from Lord of the Rings).

We also liked Isis for a girl (greek mythology) and West for a boy.

Tristan, Avery and Aubrey! Good luck! I am actually due w/ my little girl (found out today) and also don't have many picked out. Love Aubrey but can't use it because it is already in the family but still unique!!!

I just heard the name Sloan for a girl and really liked it.

My son has a girl in his class named Grayson and I loved it from the first time I heard it.

Good luck,

Amelia is a ggod girls name that is recognizable but not overused

I just wanted to say I completely know where you are coming from. We have not found out either and I am due in seven weeks. We have a boy name but no where close to a girl.

I've always loved my name - Gillian (pronounced Jillian). It is English, and yes, I do get Mr. sometimes, but I still love my name.

I love the names of your first two children. I really like names that are not the norm. We chose ours based on my husbands Irish heritage, and the fact that I really didn't have any good family names to use.

My suggestions are:

Meaghan Riley and Riley Olivia (these are my daughter's names)

Claire, Keegan, Jamie, Leighton, Jane, Finley

Best of luck!

My daughters' names are Keaton and Dara (pronounced like Sara). I also love the names Ruby and Grace. But I didn't have enough kids. lol

I love the name Avery, but we have a friend who's last name is that so we just couldn't name my daughter that. I have always loved the name Quinn but my husband couldn't get Quinn Snyder (Old Missouri bball coach) out of his head. So we named my daughter Brynn. I still love the name! If we have another girl I want to name her Breckyn and if we have a boy I want to name him Asher.

I still like my name as well, not too many D.'s out there! Good luck :)

Emily and Emma are very popular right now.

I love the name Kenadie for a girl. Good luck!

we named our little one Shelby and I am told alot that its not common anymore. We also have a Katrina but that was before the storm, its not used anymore either.

I like Brooklyn, McKinley, Berkley, Brileigh, Baylor, and Layne

I know one Coral (my neice).
I know one Sienna (my other neice).
I've always liked the name Evelyn and Kendall (Kendall for a boy or a girl).
I know one Payton (a girl) too.

Good luck. Great suggestions below.

We have friends with names T. (yes after the Captain & Tennile but it is unique) and Tanza for girls.

Girl: Anniston, Berea, Britian (spelled different maybe), Chloe, Nina, Sunny
Boy: Easten, Weston, Cort, Sawyer

Some unique and pretty girl names I have heard recently are:


Or, you could go with something very beautifully traditional, like Victoria or Caroline or Grace. Those are classy names that never go out of style and will allow her to grow into a beautiful woman to match her name!

Pair a first name with a family middle name. That is something special you can carry on for generation to generation.

I LOVE Avery.....what a great choice!

Good luck to you! What a fun time!

Hi :) Actually a delightful problem! The computer should give you tons of ideas! Like google / girl names and/or boy names. And think also of your Moms and sisters / Dads and brothers - it is such an honor to have a child named after you. Even a part of their name. And we have Jonathan, David, Joshua, Daniel, Benjamin, Jacob, Susanna, Priscilla (and love their names and of course them). And I also like Brooke and Kaitlyn. And two middle names is also really nice.

I loooove baby names!
I think these names go well with Tristan and Avery, and they do not start with T or A so you aren't repeating first letters.

Holland nickname Holly
Emerson nickname Emma
Eliana nickname Ella

Evelyn (Evie)

Mostly girl names with a few boys thrown in, just in case!
Lucy, Emerson, Eloise, Addison, Elliot, Elijah, Gus (August or Augustine), Will Hugh, Tiago, Owen, Gabrielle, Tally, Mamie, Healy, Dinah, Sadie

What about Allegra? It's italian and means "happy". I also like Gaia, Giada, Lavinia (lah-vee-nee-ah), S. and Virginia...all Italian names I am fond of. There are so many!

Eve, Clare(Claire), Alyssa(Alissa), Heather, (Avery and Alyssa would be cute??)

I like the name Tegan. It can be pronounced like "Megan", but I prefer the "Vegan" sound of it. Just about any girls name can be put with it for a middle name and it would sound good. If I were having another child, this would be the name I think. Good luck on whatever you choose!

well you certainly have gotten alot of ideas, but once you see that little baby you will know what is right, I like Aspen, Ali, Chloe, Tori, Faith, Bly, Leah.

Audrey Rose
Aubrey Lynn

Grace or Gracey or Gracie
Rose or Rosie

Please what ever you and your family deciede, please dont give her a name that most people will mistaken her for a boy by paper or by phone because of her name. The children in school will make fun of her if she has a boys name.

Like for example:
Billi Jo and etc.

I have a boys name and it has been a rough road because of it.

I wish you the best and congrats.
= )

I really like Rose.

I have 2 girls called Holly & Amy , I know not very unusual!....some names that I liked that my husband did not agree on.....Madeline , Daisy , Evelyn , Poppy , Lily (can you guess I like flowery names) LOL!!!

well my girls names have already been mentioned, but ill say them again!

sydney and aubrey. everyone always is telling me how they love their names and its that "im not just saying it" response, kwim. both names were in the top 100 as i didnt want something strange, but at the same time stayed away of the top 20 names even though i like some. right now they are both actually in the top 40s, which i think is perfect. when i picked aubrey, i also liked addison, but it go too popular too fast.

no other kids in my daughters preschool are named those either.

i also like reagan, brielle(i think this sounds really good with the other 2 names), fallon, cadence, anya.

have you looked on the social security name site http://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/popularnames.cgi

its the best, you could type in any name to see its rank for birth during any year, or you could just look up the top 1000 names. its great because you can see exactly where that name sits with US births each year. just dont pick anything too off the charts. good luck

If you like different names, older ones maybe, here are a few.
Priscilla, Payton, Kimber, Kayleen, Fiona, Annette, Juliet, Camille, Darla, Tabatha, Gracelyn, Heidi, Brooke, Brylee, Brynn, Hazel, Bronte, Samantha, Sarina, Abigail, Addison, Adriana, Crystal, Cassandra, Savannah. So many older names out there and they're so pretty. Our girls have Anastasia, Victoria, Alexandra and Elizabeth as middle names. My cousin's name is Jerilyn and she has a sister named Drena. Maybe it will be another boy but have fun picking a little girl name in case!!!

I didn't read all of the responses but when we were awaiting the arrival of our daughter we thought long and hard about names.

I didn't want a super popular name (3+ in her class) and I didn't want one so unique that 1. her resume when she is older would look weird, 2. unisex name and you don't know how to address correspondence to someone ..Courtney, Pat, Alex, etc

We thought about how a name would fit her at birth and sound pretty but also sound nice for an 40, 50, 60, etc old mature woman.

We ended up going with Erin and it was a toss up between Erin and Leah.

Good luck

How about Kaylani?

My two cents:

My two girls are Nina & Carly-- not too popular, even with that iCarly show on Disney:)


My twin girls have more traditional, old fashioned names, but I love these names:


Good luck!


I've known some cute little girls by those names:)

We like unusual names also. We named my daughter Briley. Others we liked: Hayden, Delaney, Ainslea.

Ava, Isolda, Anastasia

We named our baby girl Hadleigh. You can also spell it Hadley. We just liked the "leigh" version. It's not very popular at all. You can check the popularity of pretty much any name on babycenter.com. One of my friends named her little girl Aubryn. I think it is such a pretty, yet unique name.

Well congrats to you!!! I too am due in 2 wks! One of the girl's name I had picked out was Miranda. So many different nicknames that go with it. We decided on Kimberlee instead just so she'd be named after her uncles Kim and Lee. I don't recall seeing Quin/Quinn (can be boy or girl...and their are more female variations of it too). My mother LOVES Hannah, but I personally couldn't get "hannah montanta" out of my head! :-) I also like the name Kylie(kylee,kyleigh,kylei,) or just Kye. Jaeda and Jetta are a couple more that come to mind that I don't think anyone else has mentioned. Whatever name you decide on I am sure will be perfect! You may just have in your mind a few possible choices and then once you see your new little one, it will come to you! Congrats again on your bundle of joy! ~H.

My daughters names are: Destiny and Amirah. You pronounce it like (A-mer-a) I think its different. My sons name is Izik. The spelling is really different thats what people tell me all the time. I have a neice named Aulani. Its pronounced (Ow-lawn-e) Its Hawiian thats where her mother is from.

I love the name Brooklyn and my two girls are Kelsey and Julie

I love baby names!






Niamh (Ne-iv)


There are also a couple more common names I like....
Jenelle, Seana (Shawna), Sarah, Grace and Faith.
Good luck and congratulations!

P.S. One friend has a daughter named Leighna and another has a daughter named Annaliese, both very pretty names

My daughters name is Tori but other names I considered were:

Sidney, Courtney, Natalie, Mia and Celina.

Good luck and Congratulations.

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