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Help with 2Nd Grade Valentine Party

I need to come up with a Valentine game for my son's 2nd grade class. We are doing 4 different stations but I'm having trouble coming up with a game for one of the stations. It will only be 5 or 6 kids at a time. And we are already doing snacks and crafts at the other stations so I need a fun game. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If the kids' space to be physically active is limited, you could have them assemble valentine puzzles.

Cut out one construction-paper heart shape for each child in the class. Cut each heart into random shapes and put it in an envelope for a child to assemble. When a group arrives at the station, give an envelope to each & explain what they are to do.

The 5 or 6 members of each group could compete against each other, or the satisfaction of assembling the heart might be enough.

when i was still teaching i did a great math homework assignment for valentines day that would work really well for this. i made a computerized grid with all of the colors that the Nesco heart candies come in at the top and empty boxes beneath them. each child got a box of the candies and had to chart the number of each color in their box (they could either put and "x" or a heart in each box to chart). clearly they were thrilled to get to eat them when they were done with the work and we posted them in the room to show the different break-downs in the boxes of candy. it was fun and educational!!

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I made a bean bag game for Valentines day. I took a large rectangular box, cut three different sized hearts on the front and 1 large square hole in the back of the box for easy retrieval of bean bags. I then wrapped the box in red valentines day gift paper, and made (3) bean bags out of material and pinto beans. It didn't take long to make and the kids loved it. I had a group of 6 kids and each child took turns lining up to play the game. It was a hit. (For winter I made up one that was a snowman and the holes were his buttons.) Have fun at the party!

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I'm in charge of my son's Valentines party & also had a hard time finding a game. What I ended up deciding on is "Pin The Heart on Cupid". I'll purchase a cupid window cling & tape it to the wall. Each child will get a cut out heart to "pin" (tape) to the cupid. My son's class is in kindergarten, so I will label each heart shape with numbers 1-21. I will let each child pick a heart out of a bag & they will then go in that order. Upon mounting the heart, he/she will then get to pick a prize. I chose this game so that each child gets a chance to get a prize, since they are younger. In your class, you could always let the "winner" receive a prize, that all varies on your individual preference. Good luck!! I know first hand how hard it was finding a valentines game!
Hope this helps!

We are having a jello-slurping contest on Friday for my daughter's v-day party at school. I purchased the larger size paper bathroom cups (5 oz. I believe) and some straws and different kinds of jello. Thursday night I will make the jello and pour it into the individual cups, put them on trays and refrigerate them. Friday during the party each child gets to pick a cup and a straw. When I say "go" they start slurping and the first one done "wins". I am using the straws that are smaller than regular ones, but bigger than coffee straws. It takes a bit longer than you think and the kids have a blast; it's also very cheap and easy and no clean up! Good Luck!

anything with candy heart yet? How about Bozo buckets with the hearts? How about a relay race with the candy hearts on a plastic spoon...they have to bring it to a point where there is a container (plastic milk jug) to pour the candy in. I have done this with them using their hands OR also to make it harder using their mouth. (spoon in mouth, no hands allowed!) For the mouth one each child has to have their own spoon of course. the hand one they can share and pass off to each other.

Heart-shaped beanbag game.

Have each child write one "nice" word about every classmate. Sheets already prepared with the childrens' names on them are passed out to each child. (no copying answers!)

Give out heart shaped paper to have each child then transfer all their "nices" on!

You could play Bingo with the candy hearts as the cover. Or my other favorite is a relay race with the candy hearts balancing on a spoon! Get two big bowls and each team has a big bowl at one end and as they take turns in the relay race they scoop up a spoonful of hearts and bring it back to another container. It's simple but the kids like it!! Good luck and have fun! Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey K.,

I have the perfect solution! This game (see link below) you make yourself (re: inexpensive) and is heart healthy (re: you're not feeding the kids yet more junk). Best of all, make it and leave it with the teacher to use as a non-edible reward for her students: they do something right, she rewards them with a turn at the board. Studies show that students test scores improve dramatically with 1) good nutrition in school and 2) increased physical activity levels in school. We have implemented Gen H (generation healthy) programming in my son's school (he's also in 2nd grade) and have received tremendous positive feedback from the teachers and parents.

Hope you like it! Good luck.



My daughter had a bowling station at her Christmas party with milk bottles and a ball...it was the most popular game!

Look on-line for valentine bingo. You can find free printables and my girl scouts love it. also depending on space yu can play the heart game I found on-line too. You make several hearts of different colors. Only the red ones keep you in the game. Place the hearts around the room. (or space)Like musical chairs you play music and when the music stops the kids try to find a red heart to put their hand on it. Anyone without their hand on a red heart is out. We played this at our Girl Scout meetig today and it was alot of fun!

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