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HELP. SOS Getting Rid of Cat Urine and Feral Cats.

I need help. We have feral cats peeing on our porch and they urinated on our toddlers car seat. I need help in how to remove the smell. They urinated on my sneakers last week and after washing them in the washing machine they still smelled and I tossed them in the bin. I can't throw out a car seat however. Enough is enough. I would love some solutions to treat the smell and also any animal people out there how to get rid of these cats!

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I feel for you. Cat piss is awful! I used to have a cat that would pee in my house, but I couldn't find exactly where. Now I don't have that cat anymore but I was able to get rid of the smell.
Here's a recipe for a liquid that you pour on the entire area--just douse it.
If you are making in a 8oz. (1 cup) container.
Add 8 oz. of 3% hydrogen peroxide into a container.
Add 1 level teaspoon of baking soda.
Add 1 small (drop) of liquid hand soap.
Mix using a plastic spoon for fifteen seconds.
Let it dry, then wash the car seat cover if the smell is gone. If not, repeat.
It works.
Good luck.

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There are products specifically for that, i think its called urine b gone? White vinegar works on almost anything. Call an animal rescue group. Animal friends probably will give you a number of someone to help you. There are groups that catch & release ferral cats, they clip their ear after they are spayed or neutered. They can relocate them to farms & such. I don't have time at this moment to look, let me know & I will find out tomorrow. I am involved in a lot of animal groups & have contacts that might help. Please just don't hurt them, they don't know any better.

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To get rid of the cat urine smell, try "Nature's Miracle". You can get it at any pet store and it is specially formulated to remove offensive pet odors. It also neutralizes the odor so the cats won't want to pee on the same area again. As far as getting rid of the cats, I probably don't have a good answer for you on that one. I'm a cat lover, so I tend to just adopt stray cats that show up on my doorstep! You might be able to try giving them a litter box or something so they the a good spot to pee that is not on your things. Also, cats don't usually like loud noises, so if you catch them in the act of peeing on your stuff, you can try clapping loudy or shaking a can full of coins or squirting them with water. A few times with these negative experiences and all of a sudden your sneakers won't look so tempting.

Feral cats are usually afraid of people. Is there some way they are getting food at your house? Do you have a dog and they are eating his food? Normally they shy away from places unless they are getting food or shelter there. Make sure they don't have any access to you trash either. They should go away on their own if none of these things are present.

As for the odor if is urine, it should wash out. It may be males marking their territory. That smell is almost impossible to get rid of. Try calling a local vet or pet store and see what kind of products they offer for this problem. And good luck

Try taking the cover off of the car seat if possible, put it in the wash with about a half a bottle of fabreeze and your normal detergent, shut off your washer after it agitates a few minutes, let it sit there in the washer full of water for about 30 minutes. Restart your washer. This should do the trick. This has worked for me.

Try vinegar. It should help get rid of the smell as well as the cats. Put about 1 cup in your wash water for the seat; or, depending on how bad it is, you may want to treat the car seat with straight vinegar until the smell is gone and then wash it. Put straight vinegar in a spray bottle for your porch.

Good Luck

Fellow cat hater

Try this stuff called Odoban. I found it in a gallon jug at Sam's club and it is for serious odors. It is safe to use around kids and pets. A friend recommended to me for the same reason. I had feral cats hanging around our house and peeing on our deck and it reeked!! I sprayed that stuff around everywhere and haven't had the problem since. I even use it in the house for other stuff like a smelly basement, or diaper pail.
Good luck

Hi. If you go to Petsmart or a pet store buy a product called Nature's Miracle. It's reasonably priced and wil take out that potent smell. You can use it on any type of fabric, carpet etc.

contact a trap spay return agency. They will be able to help. If you can't seem to get rid of the cats you have at least there won't be any more. when I discover that one of my cats has been bad and peed on something I use equal parts water and vinegar and I soak the item. The vinegar will help to take the smell out. Do not use any cleaning products that contain ammonia because that just attracts them to the same spot again.
Good luck

I agree that Nature's Miracle is the best product for removing urine smell. My husband is a veterinarian, and he swears by this product, because it removes the smell/stain with enzymes instead of covering up.
As far as the cats are concened, when feral cats congregate, there is a food source nearby. Is someone feeding them? Perhaps a neighbor? They may be eating a pet's food that is left outside. If they are spraying on your porch, they consider it their territory. You should definitely research how to humanely deal with this problem. A quick web search brought up a lot of responses. Here's one: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_humanely_get_rid_of_...
I would try to avoid leaving any personal items on your front porch overnight, ever. At least if you never get rid of the cats, they won't destroy your stuff. It might not be a viable solution for you, but a dog might be the answer to your problems! Our dog is very friendly to our INSIDE ONLY cat, but HATES the roaming outdoor ones. We have never had a problem, yet I outside cats (or strays) all over the neighborhood. They steer clear of our property. I also hate outside cats, but moreso the PEOPLE who let them out. Domestic cats are NOT meant to be let outside.

Best wishes!

Hi S.,
The best thing to use is called Urine Gone you can get it up at any pet store. I used it and it worked for me we also had the same problem with the cats being around. They are marking there terriotry. Well I hoped that I helped.

Put vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spritz the area - this will neutralize the urine. Then wash anything that is removeable. I would also use clorox wipes to wipe down the straps and plastic areas just to be sure.

go to petsmart. they have soluion that can be used for getting rid of cat urine smell. also try vinegar and water that i heard will neutralize it also. spray it around the porch area. try some of the solution on your sneakers if it happens to another pair. if you catch the cats peeing i would squirt them with a watergun or spray bottle with water.

I'm not real sure how to get rid of the urine smell but I do know that if you put moth balls around outside the cats will not come around and will not urinate around the area.

Hi S.,
We just had a problem with a cat urinating on our front door. I read online to lay a sheet of wire (they say chicken wire is best but we used a finer weave mesh because that's what we had) across the area you want to keep thm out of, because they don't like to walk on wire - and it worked great! He has not been back so far, and we pray that will continue, because he was driving our own pet crazy!!! Our vet also told us to try the lawn and garden section for cat repellent, but I am glad this worked - much easier!!! Good luck!!

Airring out forever helps- but the best solution I have found is a spray on product called "Nature's Miracle" I think my husband bought it at a hardware store. It is an enzyme product. And all natural. It's safe to use around kids and pets. Our cat got into our canvas ceiling! Our ceiling in our bedroom is like a tented canvas- sort of like you are in a gypsy caravan! But a cat got into it and urinated. YUCK! Our whole house smelled horrible! I sprayed it with the Nature's Miracle and within 24 hrs the smell has totally gone.

Now- to keep those cats away, I recommend going to a lawn and garden store- get a bottle of Mountain Lion urine- Cougar Urine- something like this. Spread it around the perimeter of your porch- or your whole yard! Those pesky ferral cats won't be back- they'll think big papa cat is king at your house! The product is actually to keep deer and rabbits from eatting your veggie garden- but it'll keep other animals out as well!

Go to the local big box store and ask for an enzyme based cleaner for the car seat. Call the local animal protection shelter and ask for humane traps for the feral cats and after they are captured have them spayed or neutered (or euthanizized if you hate cats that much).

Oh boy!

I would try soaking in vinegar and water, or maybe a whole gallon of just vinegar. Or... like they say with skunks... try tomato juice? See what other folks offer. I've never dealt with this. Whatever you use, let it soak overnight the first time. Give it time to work.

Maybe you can begin spraying down your front porch in the evenings to discourage the cats?

Good luck.


www.justrite.com - this is where you need to go. I can swear this stuff works. Mom-in-law had a very bad cat who loved to pee on the rug and she used this stuff and no more smell. I have since ordered and used it and really love it. Get the 1-2-3 kit and when you talk to the little old man who sells it he will give you very explicit directions on how to use it - he is very helpful. AS far as getting rid of the cats, try putting moth balls out around your property or call the SPCA to come out an capture them. Or get a dog ;)

I read in the Lancaster Farmer the other week about someone who had a dog sprayed by a skunk. they used peroxide and baking soda. I do not remember the ratio but I bet if it gets out skunk it will get out cat urine.

I am sorry to tell you that getting rid of the smell from cat urine is impossible. I think your best bet is to get a new seat.
As far as the cats go, do not feed them! In addition, try to scare, yell at them when you see them coming around. If they feel threatened and "not fed", they will quit coming around. The other option is to catch them all and take them to the humane society. There is a cat-friendly, no-kill shelter in Moon.

Orange cleaners with natural orange oil in them take the smell right out. They sell a new product in petsmart that should work the best, I can't remember the name, but you can also find orange cleaners like orange 409 that will take the smell out.
Don't leave food outside if you don't want them coming around. We have some cats outside that don't cause any problems. I always put food out for them when it gets cold, and they keep the rodent population under control in my area, so its actually nice having them around. Esp. in the summer when we have our gardens. They are really supposed to be part of our wild natural ecosystem. Consider trying to live with them there, instead of getting rid of them. Good luck.

Nature's Miracle. They sell it at all the usual pet stores (petco etc). You saturate the offending area in it and let it air dry. Has worked like magic around the house for "presents" left by my dog and cats.

I agree the nature's miracle works well.. I had the same problem and after awhile it started to get costly. I used Hydrogen Peroxide and it worked just as well and was cheaper. There has to be an animal shelter or some kind of cat rescue in the area that would be happy to help.

Don't have pets myself just annoying neighbors who let theirs run free to use my property as a bathroom. Another neighbor told me to sprinkle moth balls on the lawn. The animals do not like the smell and will avoid it.

Also, call animal control about the cats. They are a health hazard. Being free like that without owners, they do not have their shots and could contract and spread rabies.

As for getting rid of the odor... I know they make several different products. Odoban is one that I would try. Also check the pet aisle for something more specific to the problem. I know my sister has found a few. Also make sure you take the cover off the carseat and launder it as well. I would try arm and hammer detergent for that. It has the baking soda in it which should help with the odor.

There is a product called "Nature's Miracle" that is great at getting out smells and stains (it's great to use when the kids have accidents in the house too). It is usually sold in pet stores.

Try washing the car seat with white vingar and water. (after you use soap of course!) There is something in vingar that gets rid of the cat smell most of the time. The vingar smell goes away rather quickly. To get rid of stray cats, make sure there's no food (or trash) where they can get to it, make sure there are no warm, soft places to sleep, try using a shaker can to scare them away (any pop can with pennies, nuts, or bolts in it to make nasty noise). If you make it unpleasent for them they will look for someplace else to be. And don't leave the car seat outside anymore! :-) Good luck

Hydrogen peroxide should do the trick. You have to soak it throughly and let it dry. It works wonders on vomit smell and is recommended for urine and poo. And you don't have to rinse it out either. Light changes peroxide back into water. It may take two applications to totally get rid of the smell. It just depends on how bad the material got soaked and how long it has sat. As for the cats, call animal control and have them trap them. Good luck!

Spca for the cats..The pet stores have what is called urine be gone or something like that. I think that there was a mixture of vinger and water? I have used that baby degerant the one that is in the pink bottle. I would use the spray one and spray the carseat cover and put it into the wash. I like cats, but not when the cats do t here thing every where.

I don't envy you.

I would definitely try Natures Miracle. You can buy it at Pet Smart and it really works!

I would definitely plan to set some humane traps and get rid of them once and for all to a shelter, etc.

I would also suggest doing some searches online for this issue. There have to be some clever solutions you can put down to keep them away. Sort of like cayenne pepper keeps the animals from eating garden produce.

Good luck.

I have read that one good way to get rid of feral anything in your territory is to pour your own urine around the place and mark it 'yours.' This also works for deer in the garden. You could try that.

As for your shoes, Odo Ban, I got it at walmart in the laundry/windex section, is amazing!

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