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HELP. SOS Getting Rid of Cat Urine and Feral Cats.

I need help. We have feral cats peeing on our porch and they urinated on our toddlers car seat. I need help in how to remove the smell. They urinated on my sneakers last week and after washing them in the washing machine they still smelled and I tossed them in the bin. I can't throw out a car seat however. Enough is enough. I would love some solutions to treat the smell and also any animal people out there how to get rid of these cats!

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I feel for you. Cat piss is awful! I used to have a cat that would pee in my house, but I couldn't find exactly where. Now I don't have that cat anymore but I was able to get rid of the smell.
Here's a recipe for a liquid that you pour on the entire area--just douse it.
If you are making in a 8oz. (1 cup) container.
Add 8 oz. of 3% hydrogen peroxide into a container.
Add 1 level teaspoon of baking soda.
Add 1 small (drop) of liquid hand soap.
Mix using a plastic spoon for fifteen seconds.
Let it dry, then wash the car seat cover if the smell is gone. If not, repeat.
It works.
Good luck.

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There are products specifically for that, i think its called urine b gone? White vinegar works on almost anything. Call an animal rescue group. Animal friends probably will give you a number of someone to help you. There are groups that catch & release ferral cats, they clip their ear after they are spayed or neutered. They can relocate them to farms & such. I don't have time at this moment to look, let me know & I will find out tomorrow. I am involved in a lot of animal groups & have contacts that might help. Please just don't hurt them, they don't know any better.

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To get rid of the cat urine smell, try "Nature's Miracle". You can get it at any pet store and it is specially formulated to remove offensive pet odors. It also neutralizes the odor so the cats won't want to pee on the same area again. As far as getting rid of the cats, I probably don't have a good answer for you on that one. I'm a cat lover, so I tend to just adopt stray cats that show up on my doorstep! You might be able to try giving them a litter box or something so they the a good spot to pee that is not on your things. Also, cats don't usually like loud noises, so if you catch them in the act of peeing on your stuff, you can try clapping loudy or shaking a can full of coins or squirting them with water. A few times with these negative experiences and all of a sudden your sneakers won't look so tempting.

Feral cats are usually afraid of people. Is there some way they are getting food at your house? Do you have a dog and they are eating his food? Normally they shy away from places unless they are getting food or shelter there. Make sure they don't have any access to you trash either. They should go away on their own if none of these things are present.

As for the odor if is urine, it should wash out. It may be males marking their territory. That smell is almost impossible to get rid of. Try calling a local vet or pet store and see what kind of products they offer for this problem. And good luck

Try taking the cover off of the car seat if possible, put it in the wash with about a half a bottle of fabreeze and your normal detergent, shut off your washer after it agitates a few minutes, let it sit there in the washer full of water for about 30 minutes. Restart your washer. This should do the trick. This has worked for me.

Try vinegar. It should help get rid of the smell as well as the cats. Put about 1 cup in your wash water for the seat; or, depending on how bad it is, you may want to treat the car seat with straight vinegar until the smell is gone and then wash it. Put straight vinegar in a spray bottle for your porch.

Good Luck

Fellow cat hater

Try this stuff called Odoban. I found it in a gallon jug at Sam's club and it is for serious odors. It is safe to use around kids and pets. A friend recommended to me for the same reason. I had feral cats hanging around our house and peeing on our deck and it reeked!! I sprayed that stuff around everywhere and haven't had the problem since. I even use it in the house for other stuff like a smelly basement, or diaper pail.
Good luck

Hi. If you go to Petsmart or a pet store buy a product called Nature's Miracle. It's reasonably priced and wil take out that potent smell. You can use it on any type of fabric, carpet etc.

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