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Help Soothe Infant Bronchitis

My son was discharged from the hospital today with acute bronchitis. He is 18 months and is having a hard time breathing. He is also refusing to eat anything. Any suggestions on how I can help him get comfortable and return to eating?

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Thank you to everyone who has responded. The Zithromax antibiotic that the dr. gave has worked awesome. Today is the first day he's eaten a bowl of cereal, and 2 pieces of pizza for lunch. You all have given me such good advise but I have to say that the best that I received is to just cuddle with him because even if I can't make anything else feel better, he at least feels comfy in his mama's arms. Thanks to you all.

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Bronchitis is a difficult one, my son has never had it but he has had colds and I know they were bad I can't imagine it being any worse. We are firm believers in humidifiers and those Sudafed Plug ins that realease menthol vapors it really works and also raise his mattress up a little if you haven't done so yet, that helps too. As for the eating that will come, don't force it, his throat might me sore, or he might have a stomach ache from some drainiage of the bronchitis. I always, ask myself when I am feeling like they are do I feel like eating, and usually its the right answer. My mom told me to remember they are people just like you and me. Good Luck and I hope he feels better soon. K.

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Try the pedialite popsicles if he isn't eating much-- they will help him stay hydrated. I would also NOT give him juice-- it actually dehydrates kids. Stay away from dairy until the mucus breaks up-- dairy products make it thicker. Cantelope (although it is almost out of season) and peaches are great sources of vitamins for your little guy. Pedialite makes fruit flavors-- use that instead. The humidifer is key-- just make sure to change the filter often. Also, when my son had bad colds/coughs we used to keep him propped up in bed. At 18 mos your son is probably too big to comfortably sleep in his car seat-- but try placing a towel under his mattress. We also used the vapo bath stuff. If anything the smell helped clear his nostrils for a while and it seemed to help him relax.

I hope he feels better soon. You are in my thoughts!

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I wouldn't worry about it He will eat when he's hungary I don't feel like eating when I'm sick Just keep plenty of clear fluids in him. Hope he feels better soon!

My son had bronchitis and pnemonia about a month ago. He was pretty bad by the time we made it to the hospital. But after his breathing treatment and the antibiotics he was already wanting to nurse (even before we left the hospital).
Hmmm...first only a mom knows her child so if you think your son is in serious trouble go back to the hospital. Otherwise keep offering him whatever he like to eat (that the doctor said it was okay to give) for instance my doctor said keep giving him fluids so I gave him water, jell-o, juice and baby oatmeal. Be encouraged when he is hungry he will eat. But follow your instincts if something is telling you that he has gone to long without food/fluid (like more than 3 days or so) get help.

Try to take him onto a bathroom and leave the hot water shower running. Also you can try to sit in a cahir and put your legs straight out, lay him face down and head down on your lap. Gently pat on his back it helps to loosen the mucus out of his lungs. It will help clear things out so that he starts feeling better soon. I also just give my kids popcycles and small amounts of food frequntly even if they take one or two bites.
Hope this helps.

Hi it been awhile since my son was little he is 15yrs old now but i do remember those nights watching him sleep and praying for him i was so scared when he was sick I got little sleep and yes he didnt want to eat i think when there congested things must feel funny in there mouth thats what my says so he is asthmatic now and still there are things he wont eat like pasta he say it feels weird so lots of water he drinks i wish i could help more but i am lost but maybe try different foods and see if that may help please feel free to write me maybe the more we talk i will come up with something but just no i will keep you in my prayers and allso your family S. from gaylord

My youngest (now 18 months) had bronchiolitis a few months ago. He was having similar issues. The doctor put him on a nebulizer with Albuterol for 10 days. That seemed to help him a lot once he got used to having the mask on his face. Other than that, a humidifier can also help. I hope your son feels better soon.

If you have a vaporizer that works really well plus if he gets really cranky you can sit on the bathroom floor and play with him while the hot water is running in the tub. Do not plug the tub just let only the hot water run and the steam will break up any phlem he has. The Doctor told me to do this with my son and it worked plus I think I lost a few pounds. Doing that is just like the Doctors giving him a breathing treatment except it doesn't have any medication in it. I know that his cough sounds bad but don't worry as long as their is no fever, he will feel better in a few days. If you can avoid taking him outside for a few days that would probably be best too.

Hi D.,
I'm sorry your little one is sick. Both of my boys 3 and 9 months get croup every year at least once. It is so hard to watch them and not being able to do anything. I find that my 3 year old never eats while hes sick. I wouldn't worry about that so much. I always make sure he stays hydrated. Plenty of water. My son always likes ice cold water when he is sick. I'm not sure if it helps his throat but he will drink that. Also alot of cuddling together makes my son more comfortable although it is kind of hard when you have two kids. Hopefully in the next couple of days he will be much better. Good luck.

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