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Help, Sinus Infection While Pregnant.

I am five months pregnant and think I have a sinus infection. I've had cold symptoms, and my cheeks and even my teeth/gums have been aching so much. I haven't taken anything since I'm pregnant. Any advice on how to relieve the pressure/pain? How long should I let this take its course? It has been about a week. Thanks.

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I had the same thing when i was prego, my dr. told me sudafed was ok. but it has to be the "plain" kind not for allergies etc. Also use a saline nasal spray for congestion and you can take Tylenol for pain. Hope this helps!

I had my first (and so far only) sinus infection while pregnant. I had read over and over that pregnant women are likely to get them. The first day I had pain in my cheek/teeth area I went to the doctor. I then cleared it with my OB on the safety of any drugs my other doctor gave me. It helped me get over it quickly. I wouldn't wait for an infection to go away. It may only get worse if you do.

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I can definitely relate to you on this one. I am now 37 weeks and recently went through a sinus infection that turned into bronchitis. Definitly talk with your dr in case there are things you may be allergic to but my dr had me taking Claritan for the allergy portion, Robitussin for the cough, Tylenol when I got a head ache or body aches. When it didn't work and turned worse I went back to the doctor and they put me on the Z-Pac which finally knocked it out. The first day or so it made me nauseas but after that I was fine. I would take it right before bed so it had time to start working before I got sick. Good Luck because that is definitely no fun. Good Luck

Had one when I was preggy, call your doctor and get some antibiotics, you will feel so much better, I took tylenol n suddafed on occasion, ask your doctor what you can take for relief.

I used to get sinus infections all the time, because of allergies. With the following, I was able to stop all medication, including antihistamines.

Buy two things: a saline nose spray, and a bottle of tincture of bayberry (found at the specialty sections at HEB and Whole Foods). Put 7 drops of bayberry into the saline, and inhale into nasal cavities in the morning and the evening. It works wonders!

K. L

I am pregnant also and had a sinus infection not long ago that took about two months to run its course. I called my OB and she told me over and over to take Mucinex. Unfortunately taking it at night gave me insomnia, but it worked pretty well during the day. I finally resorted to benadryl later on to help me get some sleep. I also saw my family practice doctor, who put me on antibiotics, but they really did nothing for me. I tried the saline sprays and all that, but really found I just had to wait it out. I hope yours clears up soon because I remember how awful I felt. Good luck!

Have you talked to OB/GYN. Any time I have a problem.....I always call her office. One of my good friends said....when you are pregnant your OB/GYN is your doctor....for everything. I hope you find a solution.....I am sure it is not fun being in so much pain

I would definitely try the Neti Pot and the vaporizer at night near bed. I am also pregnant and what works for me is the putting Tei Fu Oil (www.mynsp.com/tdonaldson) right under my nostrils and sniffing it as needed to open the sinuses. You can use it topically on your temprals or the sight of your headache. Works miracles. The natural remedies are the best in our situation. If it doesn't get better soon, definitely see the advice of your OB.
Get well soon!
Live well, bee well!

I personally would not take anything but an antibiotic prescribed by my physician. Some antibiotics are completely safe for mom and baby. As far as antihistamines, I took one when I was pregnant because it was supposed to be safe, but now they are saying it causes depression for babies. The best way to treat the symptoms would be to flush your sinuses. I was afraid to try it because I thought I would drown, but was ok. There are videos on YouTube on how to mix the solution and step by step instructions on how the process goes.

If it's a true infection, you need to go to the doctor. It is better right now for you to get healthy. Your OB can help you. But, hot showers will help relieve pressure. Humid air, Vicks, Nettie Pot, hot soup, hot tea or lemonade, etc.

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