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Help or Advice Needed for Mom to Be with No Insurance!

HI LADIES! I am 30 and just found out last night I am going to have a baby! Although I am excited it was a complete accident! My husband and I do not insurance and are at our wits end in worry about how we are going to pay for this pregnancy. Does anyone have any advice or know any services that covers women that do not qualify for the goverment programs?

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THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INPUT AND ADVICE!! It is MUCH needed and appreciated!!! I am scheduled to go to the health department to see if they can help next week, however I think I am over their income scale. :( I am hoping for the best though. You mommies are the greatest..THANK YOU!

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I would think going to a goverment funded hospital like jackson Memorial would be a good idea. But now that you are pregnant you may qualify for Medicaid.

Midwives! If you are low risk a midwife is the way to go. Much cheaper than the hospital and MUCH more friendly. I had my son at Labor of Love in Lutz (there are several others in the area as well). Laborluv.com

Apply for medicaid. Any pregnant woman won't be refused. Labor of Luv is another option (birthing center). I think total cost for care and birthing is around $4k.

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First, Congratulations!!
Second, there are many ways around this. You can apply for pregnancy medicaid. Go to the county that you live in health dept & apply. You can do it online too. I dont know the website, but I'm sure somebody else will post it.
Or, you can ask your OB what their cash paying rate is for a pregnancy & birth. And do the same at the hospital. If you can do a birthing center, that means no epidural, I think, they are much cheaper than a hospital. I just had a baby 5 wks ago & we thought we were going to have to pay cash for him, turns out, we didnt. But for the pregnancy, c-section & hospital stay, it was under $7,000. Which isnt that much considering some insurance companies have co-pays that high. Don't panic, where there's a will, there's a way!!!

Go to ehealthinsurance.com. They will let you compare policies and you may find one cheaper than you think. You may also be able to get a "maternity" policy. My friend was in the same boat as you - surprise pregnancy - and she got covered very cheaply.
Good Luck and Congratulations to you and your family!

Hi R. and congrats!

I haven't read the other responses but here's mine:

If you are not high risk, you can go to a midwife who will charge you less out of pocket than an o.b, plus you're likely to have a fantastic experience-- I did with both of mine. Here's some more info on midwives:


Also, this won't help you now, but if you'd like to see maternity care available for women and a break from our current healthcare system, which is not focused on health (not even the health of pregnant women and newborns since you have to pay exhorbitant amounts of money to get any coverage for pregnancy), then make your opinions known by getting involved with Health Care for America now. Here's their site: http://www.healthcareforamericanow.org/page/s/revolution

Good luck and congrats again! :)

Most health insurance plans that you can buy privately have a waiting period for you to use maternity coverage. (sometimes up to a year!) The only exception I've found is student health insurance plans offered through colleges. It may be worth investigating signing up for an on-line college program and buying a health insurance plan (either through a student loan, etc...) USF in Tampa has several on-line programs and their health insurance plan (through Blue Cross/Blue Shields) has great maternity coverage for $1539 from 8/19/09-8/17/10. There are options to add your spouse and child, but it's a little more money... If you already have a bachelors degree, they have tons of master's degree programs and certificates... (many offered on-line)
It's a crazy idea... but you'd probably spend more directly to a doctor without insurance... You'll have to act fast on applying, etc... If you write directly to the program you're interested in, they can probably squeeze you in.

Congratulations on the baby!! I wish I had more specific information, but my friend was in the same position. She cried for months about it. But then she researched on the computer diiffernt opportunities for pregnancy without insurance. She found so many things that she was able to chose a hospital and care that didn't cost her anything!!
God Provides!!

You can go to the health dept. I just gave birth to my son and had no insurance. The health dept will do a pregnancy test and give you a proof of pregnancy. After that they will set you up an appoinment to speak to the intake person where they help you get set up for medicaid. They do all of the appointments there and are really nice.

dont know what county you are in but in Palm Beach you can go to the health dept and apply for SOBRA-it is 45 days of coverage to get you into prenatal care while your application for medicaid for pregnant women is being processed. The income eligibility is higher for pregnant women so it is easier to get. SOBRA is a federal program so it is available to everyone. I just know that the office is at the health depts in Palm Beach. If you do not qualify you still have the 45 days of care to get into prenatal care early. Also if you have a Healthy Moathers/Healthy Babies in your county you can call them to get you linked to prenatal care. They can do the SOBRA applications as well and they also work with doctors office for sliding fee scales. You best bet is Healthy Mothers/ Healthy Babies. Linking to prenatal care is what they do.
Good luch and Congratulations.

First of all, CONGRATS on your good news! Most states carry health programs just for preganant women. Go to your local health department for a pregnancy test, if it's positive, the test is free. They will be able to give you more info.

Go talk to the people at Spring, there is one in Plant City, not sure where the others are. You can pretty much forget the welfare office helping you. I was a single Mom under the limit and just asked for a loan to purchase a hearing aid for my daughter years ago. I had insurance but it had to be paid first and then get a refund. They would not hear of it. Told me to quit my job and they would help me. I told them to stick it. I then called Johnnie Byrd's office and he found a place to take our insurance. The great thing is with hospital bills is as long as you pay them a little each month they can't send it to the collection agency....I paid for four years on my husbands hospital bill. $100.00 each month. Of course I had to make a big down payment first and then payments. But really, talk to the people at the Spring. I know of them because I worked at the Rainbow Center next door to them. They helped a lot of people with a lot of things. Even if you don't quailfy for welfare you should still be able to start getting WIC right away....

Hi, I really don't have any advice for you but I did want to comment about something. Babies are not accidents. They are beautiful gifts from God that ought to be treasured for the miracles they are. Instead of thinking of your unborn child as an accident, think of this child as a surprise blessing. Many blessings to you and your growing family. God has a plan for you and it will all work out.

Hi R.,
Congrats on your pregnancy. My suggestion is to consider a midwife. They have been assisting in birth since the beginning of time. They allow for a natural, peaceful and healthy environment for a birth. They are also much less expensive, less invasive and willing to work with your wants and needs. Just as important they have emergency plans if need be and are able to handle situations and even take you to the hospital, if the situation arises. Usually because there is no intervention and machines and un natural lighting, medicines etc there is less opportunity for an emergency to arise.
I had a wonderful home birth by Connie Mullen:
My mother hated the idea of a home birth but when she watched the delivery she then became an advocate. Connie came and was extremely professional and even had an oxygen tank. She and her assistant (doula) had the place cleaned up after the birth and you would never guess what had happened 30 mins earlier. What a beautiful experience to have your child at home with all your conveniences and comfort around you.
If you are on the fence, go speak to her or another midwife, there is no cost in inquiring. I believe you'll be happy you did.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

In Peace,

Are you sure u don't qualify for giv assistance, most of that changes if youre pregnant.

If still not elligable, go to a midwide! MUCH Cheaper than a hospital, less chance of a Csection with can cost like $30,000! And it's better for you and the baby anyway!

Labor of Luv, they are FANTASTIC! I have been there for myself and MANY friends with EXCELLENT results!

Good Luck and Congratulations!

the cheapest place in town is The Baby Love Birth Center. I loved my birth there (I was also uninsured and "surprised") and it was just under 5000 (we prepaid) for the whole thing (prenatal care, birth and post care included) while hospitals will cost you 25000 for the whole thing. You will have to be low risk because midwives won't take high risk.

I know someone who also did not have insurance and got pregnant and her prenatal appointments and her birth was covered by medicaid/medicare (I don't know which) and then her son was covered afterward for his check ups etc. - you don't have any control over what you get since it is covered by the government but you do have coverage. This is assuming you are low enough income to be covered by said program. If you have a decent income though I imagine you will want to shop around for someone who is a good price. Prenatal appointments are not "necessary" so you can cut out all but a couple such as the U.S at 18-20 weeks and the gestational diabetes testing (I can't recall when that one is) and a few near the end. For the birth, it will be cheaper if you do not get an epidural.

call your doctor- actually GO to your doctor and ask...

If you live in Hillsborough County, you can apply DCF, Department of Children and Families. Depending on your income, you can get coverage for you, your daughter and the one that is on the way and your husband.

Are you sure you don't qualify for a gov't program? The qualifications for pregnant women and children are much different. If your income is high enough that you don't qualify for gov't programs, but you still don't feel you can afford traditional insurance, you might check into Health Savings Accounts. If you have to pay out of pocket, then at least the cost is tax-deductable, saving you over $1,000 in income tax.

Apply for medicaid. Any pregnant woman won't be refused. Labor of Luv is another option (birthing center). I think total cost for care and birthing is around $4k.

the rules are different for pregnant moms.. apply on line.


There is something called PEPW? which is pregnancy medicaid. Report to your local health office and ask if they provide this service or where you can go. Request a pregnancy test and it usually goes from there. It works for 45 days while the full medicaid is in the approval/denial process. Try your best not to apply online it will slow down the process. email me if any questions.


I had 2 babies (8 and 10 years ago now - so things may have changed a little). I had no maternity insurance and did not qualify for state or county aid programs, but I saved money a couple of ways. With the first child, I negotiated payments with my ob/gyn so it was broken down over the 9 months. I prepaid at the hospital and got a "cash" discount. I passed on the epidural during delivery and instead used a doula to help me with my comfort - she was totally worth the small fee I paid her. I also took prenatal yoga and that helped. I also passed on amnio testing (I was over 35) because the results would not have changed my decision to have the baby. That pregnancy and delivery cost me $7,000 (again, 10yrs ago). On my second I knew more how it probably would go for me, so I went with a midwife/birth center option and saved $3000.00. It was a totally wonderful experience and I felt that I was in the very best of care at all times. I would highly recommend the midwife/birth center option. It helps to remember that having a baby is a normal and natural occurance - not a medical problem. Of course, everyone is different and their pregnancies are all not that easy.

Double check as you might qualify because you are pregnant. The income limits and such are generally higher for a pregnant woman because they want to ensure that mom and baby get good prenatal care. You can check on-line thru:
They have a prescreening tool that you can check to see what, if anything, you might qualify for.
But if you still don't qualify you might be able to get prenatal care thru the health department or find a doctor that will work with you on a sliding fee scale. I would start with the prescreening on-line, then call the health department and they might be able to direct you.

Everyone that said DCF is right! You can also goto the health dept ( which I strongly suggest!) There they will give you a letter (that you will need) stating you are pregnant and the projected due date and you will have to give the letter to WIC as well as DCF. WIC is a free nutrional program that is WONDERFUL. In my area they even give vouchers for the farmers market! Yum! Good luck !

Apply through the state. They cover all pregnancies. Your coverage will stop about a month or 2 after the baby is born. The baby gets covered from birth to 1 yr of age. The state is slow at approvals. I was almost 8 months along when I got my approval with 1st pregnancy. Was not covered during 2nd pregnancy threough the state, but the job I had at the time, and was 4 months along before approved by the state with my 3rd. Good luck!

I would think going to a goverment funded hospital like jackson Memorial would be a good idea. But now that you are pregnant you may qualify for Medicaid.

Try Healthy Start. when you go to your obgyn they should give you paperwork asking if you have insurance and you should be able to qualify just based on the fact that you're pregnant without insurance. If not talk with your obgyn about not having insurance and ask if they will give you the medicaid rate. You'll have to pay out of pocket but the rate will be greatly reduced. Congratulations and don't stress, it will all work out! :)

For the actual labor, Plant City hospital will cover EVERYTHING! Labor of Love and actually most providers will work out a deal with you and work on payments. If I remember correctly, they were only about $2,000.00 for everything including the birth at a birthing center. Since most providers deal with insurance they raise their rates so that when insurance cuts the amount, they don't take as big of a hit. the women's center at Tampa General works with low income and high income women on a payment plan. It can be hard but I know if I didn't have insurance when I was pregnant I would have spent less money due to Plant city paying for it. Good luck!

Look into maybe the county you live in has an insurance program. For instant, in my county, Alachua, they have a program called CHOICES for workers who cant get insurance through their job. Also, try medicaid cuz being pregnant makes your chances better of being accepted on it.

Midwives! If you are low risk a midwife is the way to go. Much cheaper than the hospital and MUCH more friendly. I had my son at Labor of Love in Lutz (there are several others in the area as well). Laborluv.com

Hi R.,
There are so many mamasource questions today,
that I'm not reading the responses, just offering my own thoughts where I have something to say.

If you're healthy,
remember birthing is a HEALTHY happening.
I used a wonderful team of midwives
to deliver my son at home
and the expense was MUCH lower
than the hospital birth I had with my daughter
(six years prior to son's birth).
It was also MUCH NICER to have my son at home,
in absolutely EVERY way (including my prenatal care)
I could give you a litany of reasons!

I dont know much about insurance stuff,
so I'm not able to suggest anything there.

Just like your child found a way to be conceived,
you will find a way to give birth.
Have faith.
Stress is not going to help you or the baby.

CELEBRATE your pregnancy
and asap, find your path for care and birthing.
Eat well.
Sleep well.
Be well
and know you are blessed.

I highly recommend midwives! The care is better and the cost is less, and they work with you in every way. Some midwives even do hospital births.

Also, my friend told me about a great discount card she used. She said you buy the card and you get discounts on labs, etc. I can't remember the name, unfortunately. Maybe you can find it online. It's kind of like a Sams Club for maternity care, the way she descripbed it.

Good luck, and enjoy your new blessing!

From what I understand, ALL pregnant women in the state of FL qualify for Medicaid - until your 6 week post pregnancy check up. Saved our lives - because I was going to go to a midwife in Lakeland that was fairly affordable and accepts "payments". That didn't work out so well as I was kicked out more or less because it ended up that I had a high risk pregnancy - and midwives (or at least Labor of Love) doesn't take high risk patients. With everything that I had going on - we would have been in financial ruins forever if someone hadn't mentioned to me about the pregnancy medicaid. AND - at the time, we were shopping for insurance when I found out that I was pregnant. The thing that had kept us from selecting one was that I was a 39 year old newlywed - and NONE of the insurances that were offered to us (5 years ago) included maternity coverage - the very thing that I was most likely to need! I ended up at the BEST Dr.s in Florida - @ Arnold Palmer clinic & hospital on West Miller Street in Orlando. I had a "team" - and thankfully everything worked out great. I still go to my Doc there for annual exams.
Good luck.
PS: now that I've read all of the other responses - I wanted to mention that you can also get a pregnancy test from Planned Parenthood. My Dr.'s office in Orlando also held any bills - pending the pregnancy medicaid approval. I'm pretty sure there is no income limit for pregnancy medicaid - and NO DEDUCTABLE! Again, good luck, and congratulations!

Be sure to get several http://iwantinsurance.com/info/health_insurance online and compare what is covered versus the out of pocket expense.

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